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    My husband and I are leasing a house in Florida. Our lease started in May, and is for one year. Our landlord recently tried to open a restaurant. It was open for approximately 3 months, and he just closed it this week. (Not surprising if you had seen it). Long story short, my husband and I had mentioned we might be interested in buying the house sometime in the future, but have not been approved for a loan (or even inquired yet). When I turned it my rent on the 1st, he informed me he was selling the house and the Realtor needed to come in this week to take pictures. He offered to sell it to us, but only gave us one day to decide. We don't know if we are approved for a loan, and don't even know what the house is appraised/listed for. Needless to say, he is sly and greedy. He then proceed to ask if the Realtor could put a lock box on my door and show it when I wasn't home. I told him no. He then proceeded to tell me that if someone bought the house, we would probably need to move out. I have a lease until May and that lease did not mention anything about selling the house. Don't I have certain rights as to what he can or can't do? In addition, I feel uncomfortable having the house I am living in posted on a website, as well as pictures of my personal belongs on the internet. Especially since I'm not home most of the day - anyone could break in (the windows are from the 1950s and are simple, single pane glass). Can I ask that he not advertise the address, or similar something to protect my own safety? Any help or suggestions please!

    The new owner has to honor your lease until it expires. If he wants to move in right away, he might make you a "cash for keys" offer, but there certainly is not guarantee of that, and you do not have to accept the offer. The landlord can show the house when you are not there & he does not need your permission to enter the house. He only has to give you 24 hour notice. You can ask that he not advertise the address of the house, but he does not have to honor your request since it's his property.

    Nope. The owner of the house has every right to sell the house. The adult children have NO say in the matter. HOWEVER, if the children really want to continue living in the house.. they can buy the property. They're all family.. maybe an arrangement can be struck up. If there is a deal.. make sure all agree and papers signed. There is no way to stop a sale legally. BUT... the children know the history and location of the house best. No one can legally stop them from informing potential buyers about how many pedophiles are in the neighborhood, the gang population, the recent break ins, any nearby pest infestations, the water damage in the basement, or any possible thing that could make the property seem like a bad investment. So there is that option. It's dirty trick. Morally.. I don't know. A bit of a grey area. I mean.. if I was buying a house I'd want to know the truth about the property. I think all buyers should know the truth.

    When people have money trouble or their home is in the process of getting foreclosed on then it's up to the bank as to when the house is to be sold if the owners didn't try to sell it on their own. And it needs to be sold pronto because of some new law coming in on January 1 which the owner probably didn't know about until now. When your landlord asks if the realtor could put a lockbox on your door and show it when you aren't home, he's not asking you that, he's telling you that that's what needs to be done and he's merely mentioning it to you since because he's the owner he can go in there any time he wants if it's a necessity and this situation IS a necessity, so your answer should have been "sure, give me a couple of days to straighten it up to be presentable". The rest of the stuff you say is superfluous. And they will show the home and if the prospects determine they want you to stay that information will come down to you (that's why there's nothing being done about your lease). Ok, so you know there will be new owners at some point so you were made aware. You are supposed to have renters insurance on your stuff to keep your personal belongings safe. NO pictures are supposed to be taken of your belongings, remind them of that. Therefore the square footage could be placed on the internet as well as the outside of the home from different directions as well as the back yard and that's it. The address would have to be advertised in some way, like what street it's on at the very least and then they could contract the realtor for a viewing.

    Generally (and I assume this is true for all states, I only know about Montgomery and Montgomery for sure), when the new owner buys the house, the lease comes with it, and the new owner must honor that lease. They cannot force you to move out unless you willingly agree to do so. If you would still like to buy the house, call a few mortgage brokers in the area to see what you could get prequalified for. It doesn't take that long to do, just maybe a 15-20 minute call (they will run your credit, so decide which one you want to use before you give them your SS number). As for the pics in his ad, he can probably post whatever pics he wants, and he will assuredly post the address. You may try to ask nicely that they not take pics of expensive items (TV's, etc.). Also (you'll need to verify this is true in FL), landlords typically have to give written 24 hours notice before entering the premises (such as to show the interior to a buyer), and they typically have to keep showings to reasonable daytime hours (you don't have to permit them in at 11pm just to show the place). You have every right to hold the landlord and his agent to that standard, but remember that once he gives you the notice, he can enter after 24 hours whether you're there or not. It's up to you to take off of work if you want to guard your possessions. It may not seem fair, but it's his house, not yours, and unfortunately that's one of the drawbacks of renting.

    I don't think he can force you to move out or do anything that he did he can go into the house and have people come in if he leaves a 24 hour notice. If he sign a contract with you for a year then by law he has to wait until the contract is up until he can sell the house. Just in case see if he'll sell you the house at a lower price

    Invest renter insurance be sure to document everything You are entitled to however the right of quiet enjoyment and those showings will disturb you I would recommend you negotiate your landlord into letting your break your lease and moving without penalties the agent would agree too because you at the house is too much trouble for showing

    The new owner has to honor your current lease. Read your lease. If your landlord has to give you a 24 to 48 hour notice to enter, that still stands.

    The lease runs with the property, not the owner. So the new owner will need to honor the lease or either the seller or buyer can buy you out of the lease. As for showing the house. You don't have to allow this.

    Your lease is valid, it transfers with the property. He can show it whenever he wants given notice. He needs neither your permission nor your presence. You have no right whatsoever to prevent him from selling the home, or advertising it in any way he sees fit, as he owns it. It;'s his property to do with as he likes.

    Trash the place up? I hope i never do it...but i've seen other peeps do it

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