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    I've been attending college for several years now, mostly part time because the classes I needed were usually full. Last semester I applied for financial aid for the first time. I thought I didn't qualify so I never applied before. I qualified for the full amount of the Pell Grant ($5,550). I received the first half ($2,775) last semester and I figured I would get the rest (or at least how much they would give me depending on how many units I'm taking) this semester. When I received my financial aid last semester I was taking 3 classes that totaled 12 units. This semester I was late to register and only got 2 classes that I need for a total of 7 units. I renewed my financial aid a couple of weeks ago and just checked it now and it says: Based on your academic transcript, the status of your academic progress is Maximum Units Attempted in Spring 2013 What does this mean? Have I taken too many units to receive any more aid? I've only received it one time and that was just half of what I was awarded. I'm looking at my records and I have 82 attempted hours and 78 passed. Excluding the math class I dropped (which I took again and passed the next semester) I have passed every class I have taken with at least a B. My standing is Good and I don't owe any money.

    It does not matter that you have not received FAFSA generated Fin Aid in the past if you are working towards your associates degree, then the maximum allowed number of credit hours is 150% of your degree program major (usually @ 80).... and they count every credit hour attempted... this means classes you withdrew from, classes you repeated, and classes you failed look at your major, count all the classes specific to your major and the pre-requisites for that major --- take that total & multiply by 1.5 -- so, if your program major requires 60 credits --- 60 x 1.5 = 80... this is the maximum number of credit hours allowed this is why taking random classes & changing majors is a problem for those who rely on financial aid The annual amount of the award is broken into 2 semesters... this is why you got 1/2 of that academic years's Fin Aid your FAFSA application only indicates your need... it does not look at the academic factors of your eligibility, that is for your school to do You can file an appeal... I don't know if it will be approved or not... You would have to ask your school what other fin aid might be applicable in your situation.. maybe the scholarships that the school offers after you get your associates & if you decide to transfer to Uni, then you could get fin aid because the # of units for a bachelors degree is higher... typically 150% = 180 credit hours ... if you decide to do this, then you want to look at the number of credit hours you need for the degree, count in all attempted credit hours from before & see if there is a point you will run out of aid (for the same reason as now) before you complete your degree & get plans in place for something to pay out the rest of your credit hours to complete that degree

    Constructive. in the event that they have carried out the artwork, put in the attempt, are academically qualified and are citizens of the state then they could desire to get the preparation they have earned. Their father and mom pay the sales and components taxes that pay for the ed structures. those youngsters you're asking approximately have been introduced right here as babies and youngsters and, for all intents and purposes, are "from right here". Why not label somebody introduced to California from Minnesota whilst they have been an toddler a non-resident, too? As a member of an prolonged-time Montgomery family contributors, i does not suggestions seeing each and all the out-of-staters taken care of like the foreign places colonists they're. We had a effective state till it crammed up with Mid-Westerners and Southerners. what isn't honest is letting an all-American slacker who spends extra time annoying what's due him that he hasn't earned than examining get the financial help that could desire to obtain in accordance to academic benefit.

    Since you only received financial aid one time, you should be able to get more money for future semesters. if by saying that u took 7 units u mean 7 credits then that might be a problem. also i dont know if it is different if u are going to a community college, which you should state if you are going there so others can help u a bit more... the best advice i can give you is to print what fasfa is telling you and take it to financial aid at your college so that they can pinpoint what went wrong. wish you luck

    Yeah you are max out. Do you attend a community college? I know usually community college does that to students after so many credit hours attempted. But yes to answer the question, you have max out. Try seeking other financia help fast.

Is it possible to graduate from college debt free?

  • Deion Hagenes
    Deion Hagenes
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    Murray Bosco
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    Antonia Collier
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