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    I'm in the early stages of buying my first home. I have a house picked out, I'm pre-approved for a home loan, now, I'm looking into price estimates for a home inspection. What is the average cost of a home inspection? With the regular inspection, radon, and insects? The home I'm looking at is in a small town, its 1100 square feet, 2 bedroom, 1 bath. The home is about 75 years old. My biggest concern is about insects, a large shed is attached to the back of the house, its built into a dirt embankment, the shed has a dirt floor and no heat. The house is also at the bottom of a mountain, and I worry about squirrels or other animals coming into the house.

    I've called 15 home inspectors listed in the Yellow Pages of my local phone book. Of those, only two answered when I called. I left messages on 10 answering machines, and the other numbers were "out of service". One person has called back from a message I left. Of those 3, the estimates are $420, $450, and $475. The one charging $475 brings two inspectors AND an exterminator. They also get rid of any radon right there on the spot, and print out a detailed report within 24 hours.

    A) There are good inspections and there are cheap inspections. And unless your inspector is a good friend, there are no good, cheap inspections. b) Radon is never 'gotten rid of on the spot' - and radon tests take a considerable period of time to do accurately. That particular service is taking you for a ride. c) Insects, unless they are poisonous (bees, wasps, fire-ants and similar or scorpions and some spiders (not insects)) or wood-eaters (termites and/or carpenter ants) are usually a minor annoyance - something you want to identify but not treat right away. d) Squirrels and similar vermin are always an issue - but the best your inspector will be able to do is identify where they might invade. Keep a couple of things in mind about inspectors. Most are *not* structural engineers, or engineers at all for that matter. Which means that they are entirely UNQUALIFIED to make actionable statements about the actual structural and physical condition of the house. Period. Most of them are former tradespeople, plumbers, electricians, carpenters or similar and so their actual level of expertise will be quite limited outside their particular disciplines. Those that are neither former tradespeople or engineers will have no hands-on experience of any kind. Most inspection services advertise in real-estate offices or in the yellow pages. And they are not interested in biting the hands that feed them (mostly realtors). So they have no incentive to break up a sale. And most inspectors realize that if they find nothing at all they are perceived as a waste and so will inevitably find something. Whether that something is significant or not is another issue. Three years ago, we purchased a three-story center-hall colonial built in 1890 with additions in 1928. The house had been vacant for three years and allowed to freeze and thaw in-situ without any protection. Even though the price was - from our point of view and based on the market - extremely low, we still called in a Registered Professional Engineer to do a complete inspection of the house. The individual in question was a restoration and structural expert with over 50 years of experience in old structures from the Philadelphia City Hall to tiny farm houses built in the 1700s. And even though he was a good friend, we paid him over $900 for a four-page, highly detailed report with pictures and specific descriptions of problems and defects. He saved us over $5,000 at the settlement table. Findings included termites, a failed structural column, split heating risers, and some failed stucco amongst other things. And the report with PE after his name had genuine weight at settlement. A standard housing report will not. If you have real concerns, hire an engineer. If you have vermin concerns, hire an exterminator. If you have Radon concerns, require a test from a certified lab. But the typical out-of-the-book inspector will be very nearly worthless for serious or hidden or exotic problems.

    Average Home Inspection Cost

    Average Cost Of Home Inspection

    A twenty four hour inspection might be worth what it is written on and no more. Peter W's answer is spot on. Home inspectors don't so much represent you as the real estate market. Plus very few are actually qualified to inspect, notice, judge all aspects of the house. A home your age has probably been renovated several time but was it done properly? You can find out by going to the city building inspector and seeing how many building permits have been pulled on the house. If none, they realize the work may be seriously wrong though it looks Montgomery from the outside. Permits and inspectors are there to make sure work is done correctly. Now could be the home must be inspected for termites before a sale can proceed.......good. But what about electrical? structural? plumbing and heating/cooling? roof condition? Unless they get up there who knows about the flashing? Fireplace? That takes a fireplace expert. I can't seem much roof climbing, crawl space crawling, etc for $450. I wonder if hiring independent people in the trades to do their own area of expertise inspection (yeah it will cost more) might be better.



    As I was doing a little research for adding more content to my website I came across this thread. I am an inspector, and yes it is very true that many are former tradesman. I, for instance have worked as a professional Draftsman, Rough and Finished Construction, Cement Work, Remodels, and Property Management/Maintenance for over 12 years. All of these were done in a professional capacity over the years. I have designed and built homes from the ground up. So... if you look you will find an inspector that isn t just a "jack of all trades, master of none." You can find guys that are well rounded and have an accumulation of experience that you can not get by hiring half a dozen contractors and service people. Look at it like this- you go to your general practitioner doctor for an over all evaluation, she may not be a cancer expert, but she sure as hell better know the signs to refer you to the specialist. You could go to ten specialist every time you get ill or you could go too the family doc and take it from there. It would be unreasonable to do the later. Same with inspecting a home. Look around, and pick someone that is upfront and gives you their background. As for price, depends on the area you are in. Around $250-$350 is to be expected. Side note. I personally work ONLY for buyers and sellers of homes. They contact me, I have never taken a lead from a real estate agent, I do less volume than the guys that do, but I refuse to be in someones pocket or compromise my transparency in reporting. There are well rounded, very knowledgable guys out there that don t sell out to agents. Use the internet not the yellow pages.

    This Site Might Help You. RE: What Is The Average Cost Of A Home Inspection? I'm in the early stages of buying my first home. I have a house picked out, I'm pre-approved for a home loan, now, I'm looking into price estimates for a home inspection. What is the average cost of a home inspection? With the regular inspection, radon, and insects? The home I'm...

    I have seen home inspections from 350-550. So the costs you mentioned seem fair. Costs will go up depending on how far they may have to travel to get to the location. Also, any water or sewer or radon tests will increase the costs. As far as getting rid of radon on the spot, that is not possible. A radon evasion system consist of radon gases being pumped out from under the slab up through the roof via a fan and pvc pipe. So it sounds like there is a mis-communication there. What I recomend is to ask a relator and/or a mortage loan officer. They work close with the inspectors and should have the experience to recomend someone. Good Luck

    The price depends on the inspector and how thorough the inspection is. You have a good price for the inspection if they will inspect thoroughly plus an exterminator. That is a very good deal. Regarding the shed, I think it should not be attached on the house. Better yet to have shed near the house but not attached to it. If you plan to have new shed, try to look first online for designs that you can use. Some sites have free floor plan for it.

How to calculate interest rate. Like i loaned somebody $25 at an interest rate at 1.25. He has 7 days to pay.?

  • Virgil Cremin
    Virgil Cremin
    1.25% of $25 depends upon $0.38
  • Maryjane Carroll
    Maryjane Carroll
    It will need describe any comprehensive information on the a special interest rate. the practice is already consist of once per year as provided by the following that answer. ' however , seven day loan, annual growth would be inappropriate, 'il be damned i'd build upon 1.25% that same with regard of 7 one day -let 's set out off. we're the case schoolkid it out it forms assume.
  • Christiana Klein
    Christiana Klein
    Where necessary be known because now ! i per cent prt j = a case p= the idea (price) r= a symbol t= the target date low as and replacing the twenty-five p . 78 1.25 now , for the ; seven command to me ... you'll get i= (25)(1.25)(7)
  • Alyce Wilderman
    Alyce Wilderman
    $25 x 1.25% x 7days/365 recent days is equivalent $.01