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    So I just moved to Los Angeles from Montgomery for work and my company hired a local real estate agent to help me with my relocation, such as showing me around and helping me find an apartment. I spoke with her several times before I moved to Montgomery and she was very friendly. I took a six month lease on my apartment because I decided I want to buy a house and I've only just been able to start really looking in the past 2 weeks. This realtor offered her services to help me find a home as well. Now I feel like she's not listening to me at all. She constantly shows me houses I don't like, layout-wise and she basically told me I needed to adjust to the types of houses in Montgomery because, in Maricopa, the houses are different and what I want is only a very small percentage of the market, and I will never find anything, at my rate. The thing is, I AM finding the types of houses I like--in LA...she's just not showing them to me! She also recently started pushing me to get approved for financing, just to go look at houses, and cancelled a meeting I had with her last week because she said I was not ready to buy a house yet and in a nutshell, I was taking time away from her clients who already have financing. I explained that I don't want to get any type of financing yet until I figure out the market, because in actuality, no, I don't think I'm ready to buy and I want to just go to open houses and look first. I feel like she's rushing me to buy a house because she was with me when I signed my apartment lease and knows I took one for 6 mos and it's going to be up in June. I know that some homeowners want to see a pre-approval letter before allowing another realtor to show their house, but she is the one who doesn't disclose to me which houses do or do not require that, and I'd have no problem saying, "ok, I won't go view that one." It's almost as if she's basically trying to tell me she will no longer work with me until I get pre-approval. Until recently, I thought she was genuinely trying to be a friend to me, she randomly asked if I wanted to go out to dinner when her husband was on a business trip and stuff, but now I feel like she has her own agenda. She has never once really pointed me in a good direction about different neighborhoods or school systems or anything. I haven't signed any type of contract with her stating I was solely working with her. This past weekend, a guy at work mentioned his brother is a an agent and said his brother offered me 1/3 of his commission if I go with him. I refused, saying I already had an agent....maybe that was a mistake on my part? I also happened to come upon two really nice neighborhoods that I really liked and was kind-of angry that she had never previously mentioned them and why I had to find them while I was driving around looking at houses during the time of the appointment she cancelled. So this is my dilemma. I feel like I'm pulled in two directions, that I want a new agent, but at the same time, she has been like a friend and I will feel really bad to hurt her feelings. Should I switch or try to have a "heart-to heart"?

    To clarify....no, I have not signed any type of paperwork with her and since the relocation, she has only taken me around ONCE to some open houses, then in less than a one week period after that, she emailed me about 10 different emails, each one stating (in different ways) why I needed financing and asking me if I got it yet. She has never really sat down with me to go over a map of the area or explained the different neighborhoods to me, knowing I'm new. She only goes off of her database of MLS's, which are computer-generated based on info I put into her company's website MYSELF, so it's not like she's sitting there for hours looking up houses for me. So then she feels like I'm wasting her time because I don't have approval, but at the same time, I feel like she hasn't really done a lot for me at all which merits getting pre-approval yet, because I don't like anything she's sending my way, which means I won't buy anything anyways, so it&#39

    I have been pre-qualified by a lender. That is usually not far off from the pre-approval, from my experience, when friends bought houses. I wouldn't knowingly look at houses above my pre-qual rate...that's just stupid and a waste of my own time above everyone else's. I have a good job and a good credit score. I'm not worried. I will have 5%+ cash to put down on any house I am currently looking at and she knows this. I don't think I should have to have pre-approval to go look at open houses....because this is the only thing she's done with me.

    A realtor has to earn money. They don't have time to basically do a tour of the town without getting paid, and unfortunately lots of people think that's what a realtor should do. On the other hand if she is routing you into certain houses this is actually illegal if California has real estate laws anything like Arizona (and usually they do since Arizona seems to follow California real estate laws). If you are not paying this realtor, and you have not signed a contract that says she is a buyer's agent for a house for you, then you are under no obligation to keep her around. Frankly you should never sign a buyer's agent contract unless you are counting on them to find you a home in a place you can't travel to yourself. For instance if you are an investor looking for homes to buy & sell in another city or state. Look around yourself. If you find a house you like then contact the agent who lists the house. They will show you the house happily. They will ask if you are qualified for a loan. If you aren't, then almost every real estate agent in the US will think you are just wasting their time sight-seeing for free. Some home-owners may stipulate that they don't want their homes shown to people who are not already qualified for a loan. This is so they don't have to deal with constant time wasters entering their homes. If you did sign a buyer's agent contract, and she found a house that you did like, but you did not buy, then technically you owe her a fee for her services if the contract is written in the usual way (agents have all the advantages, clients have all of the disadvantages). Usually buyer's agents don't pursue this in court, but they are legally justified doing so. By the way, it is an age-old sales tactic to make 'friends' with clients. Make no mistake, this 'friendship' does not mean you will get a discount for services, nor does it mean you won't get sued for even the slightest perceived breach of contract. It means you may give her future business with your friends and relatives, and she can continue to hound you every 5 or 10 years to sell your house and buy another.

    If you have a signed buyers agreement then you are bound under contract for the duration of that contract. Before you decide to hire a new agent make sure you are not violating a previously made contract. Otherwise if you are not comfortable with your agent find a new one. Explain your situation and what your looking for. There are exclusive right to represent buyer agreements that can only last for a day so you can get a good feel for your agent and that you can see if you will both be focused on the same goal. As for getting pre-approved I would just get pre-qualified (there is a difference) until you find a home that you like. The pre-approval will show up on your credit where as a pre-qual will not. When you are buying a home you are making a significant investment worth thousands of dollars and you are choosing a place that you will be living for probably a long time. It is a choice that should not handled loosely and if your agent isn't taking your desires seriously you need a new agent. As for the 1/3 commission deal you probably should get an agent that will provide you with a better service than one that is cheap. Coming from a professional stand point this isn't a choice that you should take lightly. JD Hopkins Realtor Long & Foster Realty

    If you don't have a signed contract, you are free to go with any agent you want. DO be aware that most of them will not work with you if you do not have a pre approval letter at least. Why should they bother taking you out to see houses, only to find out that you are only approved for half of what they cost? Figuring out how much you can afford to spend is the FIRST step of home buying. Finding those "two really nice neighborhoods" on your own is meaningless if there is no way you can afford to live there. So if you are serious about buying, get the preapproval so that your agent can narrow in on the areas that you should look at. If you aren't serious at this time, you can find the Open House section of the newspaper and cruise around to get a feel for different neighborhoods on your own.

    I am AMAZED at all the BAD advice given here. People shoulod NOT give advice on things they know nothing about. First of all, there is NOTHING wrong with writing multiple offers and I personnally have seen it done. A SMART real estate agent CAN do this correctly. The process is that you submit your 5 offers Montgomery WRITING and depending on the state the property is in you may need to include a deposit check for a small amount, say $500 per property. Then you wait for responses from the sellers. Once you get the FIRST acceptted offer abck; your agent faxs a letter to all others sayig "Offer withdrawn". THat gives you the legal right to cancel the offer PRIOR to acceptance by any or all the sellers. This is usually done while making lowball offers; 20 to 50% BELOW list prices. It IS a good way to negotiate with multiple sellers in a slow declining market and to get a house in a short period of time. IF you were to follow the advice others have given here you would be spending 5 times the amount of time trying to negotiate one house at a time. So you are giving up time and the ONLY risk you have is that if more then one offer comes back accepted at the same time or before you can send the Offer Withdrawn fax, but even if this happens the ONLY risk you have is losing the $500 deposit per house and that should be more then justified by getting an accepted offer at your lower offer price. IF the WORST possible case happens then plan in advance for that risk; worst case is ALL 5 accepting your offers and you lose $2,000 in deposit money; so lower your offer price on ALL the houses by that same $2,000 and your net cost is the same with NO additional risk.

    Do not confuse business with friendship. If you were buying a pair of shoes you would not go to only 1 shop. A house is a far more important purchase so why limit your options to 1 agent. A house is like anything else you go to as many real estate agents as you can to see as many properties as possible.

    Legally u are under a contract IF she brings stuff to u that u like. IF u find stuff u like and get it - she gets Zero. check local real estate commission for solid info cause they talk out of both sides of their mouths often.

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