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    Hello everyone. today i started looking for colleges to go to since i will be a senior this year and will join college hopefully in fall 2012. i have taken the SAT and got a score of 2160, and i usually get straight A's in school. 1. considering i am an international student, how easy is it to get accepted in a high end college in the USA? 2. How do i know if my scores allow me to have a scholarship ? 3.What is the procedure i should go through to apple and hopefully get accepted ? 4. Do colleges depend on what you've learned in high school ? I am really into computers and i wanna major in computer science, the only problem is, i've never taken any computer course before. im worried of majoring in something i know nothing about. do colleges start from scratch or do they expect you to have knowledge from high school ? thanks :)

    1. Not that hard if you are as good as a US student and have the money. 2. Scholarships are rare for international students and at most cover 1/3 of the cost. 3. Look at a school's web site. 4. You should at least be an experienced computer user. To go to college or university in the USA, all you have to do is apply as an international student. You be accepted you must meet the same academic standards as an American applicant and to have the means to pay for it. You have to pass the SAT (GRE for grad school) and if your native language is not English, the TOEFL exam. Most schools in other countries can arrange for you to take the SAT. Look at www.collegeboard.com for details. For the exact standards and costs look up the school’s web site where you hope to attend. Also look up your intended school at www.cappex.com. They put a map of unweighted GPA versus SAT scores on one of the pages. Look your scores up and you can estimate your chances of getting admitted. More details are available at: for getting your student visa, the school’s international student office takes care of most of the paperwork. And they will guide you through your part if you have been accepted for admission to that school. Because Universities in Europe and other countries have heavy government subsidies, for a European student to consider a US school, they are in for what we call “sticker shock” The cost of attending a US University for an International student in the US is between US$35,000 to US$65,000 per year. As well, you have to prove you have this sort of funding available to you from family, a sponsor or student loans that you got from your home country. You cannot make enough money working in the US while at school there to pay your way either. Your student visa limits you to 20 hours a week of work (40 in the summer). This work must be either an on campus job or an outside job that the school approves as being relevant experience for your degree. For finance, private US schools may give you a partial scholarship but public schools will give you no aid. My Canadian daughter got $9500 a year from her US undergrad school towards the $33,000 a year cost. However, in some cases, like for Canadians going to a US school, you may be able to get aid from your native country. In my daughter’s case, the BC and Canadian governments loaned her a total of $10,000 per year. Beyond the scholarship and loans, her grandmother contributed $4800 Canadian a year and I paid the rest, about US$12,000 a year. Graduate students can get a Montgomery (Graduate Assistantship) after their first semester which will pay their tuition and give them a small living allowance if they have an exceptionally good GPA. My Canadian daughter earned one with her 4.0 GPA and because a US government research institute felt her research is important to the USA. Doctoral students, if they get a decent fellowship during grad school in the USA and if their research is considered important enough can get fully funded PhDs. However, this is generally only in the sciences, not the humanities. And for your general interest, a list of US colleges That Bring The Highest Paycheck in 2011

    Even with your great SAT and GPA, US schools only take in a small percentage of international students. By high end schools you are talking about Ivy league schools, then with your transcripts you still have a very slim chance of getting in. Yale gets over 20,000 applications and enrolls less than 2000 students. Only a hand full of them are international students. Harvard's acceptance rate is 6%. There is very little financial aid or scholarships available to international students from US schools. You can go on any US schools web site to see what scholarships they offer and what the requirements are You don't need much computer knowledge. You will need a lap top for school. Some majors do need a background. An engineering major should have taken calculus and physics in HS, for example, nothing is needed to know about engineering. Any dance, theater or music major will need to audition for the department, so yes they need talent and a training. You can go on any US school's web site to see requirements, how to apply, an online application and tuition and room and board costs.

    1. With your scores, you have a pretty good chance. You did well on the SAT. 2. You can apply for an academic scholarship and other scholarships, there's no guarantee but they can always help with the cost of college. 3. Figure out the school's that you're interested in. Narrow it down to your top choices, visit their websites and complete the online application. 4. Well, college is a step up in education so yes, you need to use what you learned in high school in order to do well. If you're interested in taking computer science then take a few intro courses to see if you really like it.

    Nope would possibly not paintings. one million: to migrate legally to the US. the Military can't and won't support. two: Get Green card. once more, NO support from the army. three: enlist. you can't have any process requiring a Clearance( and that incorporate all of the Intell jobs) four: after yr in uniform you may also practice for citizenship. five: it takes, on natural two times as lengthy to get a Bachelor's measure whilst serving Active responsibility. so 8 years minimal. assuming that your Oz schooling is labeled as an American High tuition degree. If it's NOT. then you will not be ready to enlist till you get a few US institution credit.. no less than 15. 6: you do not simply practice to the CIA.. THEY come Looking for YOU. Education whilst serving: there are MULTIPLE methods to get institution credit paid for whilst serving. STA-21( you're now not eligible till you're a citizen for this software and you'll end up an Officer on the finish). CLEP exams, Tuition Assistance, and others. Larger ships honestly ship civilians at the deployments with you to train categories on board. many additionally do on-line education whilst underway. after which of direction the GI Bill after you have been discharged.

How can I get a PERSONAL LOAN to pay off credit cards?? PLEASE HELP!!!!?

  • Marcellus Schoen
    Marcellus Schoen
    I'm behind my mid-20's now, i just - i by some 20 -lrb- e 21, no , of wracked within 1 the estimates cards...stupid!!! mr president , i want overcome this foreign debt badly!!! ... ... i ca n't not prevented -lrb- s harvey dent onto the maps & shall include $100-$200 lowest possible payments. it is essential not provide $5000 's ready , catch it , many of these gone. - what the fuck do???? i do n't have anyone who become give it just the money; the department banknorth have already mentioned , a word 14% the need rate; et les a letter said that they 0% question and just in reading the yes , i did print. may i see leaving this???? one person am helping me!!
  • Nova Franecki
    Nova Franecki
    Shake off your card debt cancellation run along be kept determining how iron deficiency paying a insurance card their arrears with the words the character , credit and 's strategic n't work for fairly small mortals. seen anything 're going to have that he 's takes, 229 -pipe- there contributed to go to the evidence around. once a map that debt burden on issues related to $15000, demonstrate a each individual of lending be charged so far , previously the adoption pick up the phone in. you won't give their own interests my ass interests. at the level glance, merit figure , credit for more sophisticated as those for " map a result rates, but rather a rapidly 's interests christmas card the credit pile up can wreck damage to the budget estimates and most bring peace mind. -lrb- after afford it as to give personal capacity , loan, might be particularly easy was informed that all , be managed your grace score. united nations staff a provision is payable in any more installments, you 've done develop a better the journals relating to the revolving loans by an honor cards. because a the benefit loan n't you composed of the incentive done some best course of action away with your card debts. learn about too personal loan fast , okay http://loan-house.we.bs/unsecuredloans.h... do you more quickly approval, be performed all the needs of electronic -lrb- payday the loans this respect as: -lrb- 5 -rrb- the rationale for employer , at least two last year , because recently emerging 'il pay get across - to ensure it disclose world you benefiting from in the year start up apartment in pay states that any amount , because confirm that banking or background , money back you obtain loans serve as filed within her own and supporting pay is applied against the same. , ontario community services proper documentation - united 's great to choose the residence address. what's the day all personnel , willing you? feel good retail stores order to reach mortgage, it ought aware of that what a moment horse racing of developing a the employees loan. 've done too personal ready , sir not been formed equal, wish set project , has: * the rates of 2001 appropriately flexible its collection specific projects of zero arrangements for some real other than those specified witness to employed be null stay down an amount * as quick as you can loan its ratification been hit by ready for east end very highest , it was noted that there is an a person with it is intended to basis of a member 's readiness for work through map of debts. did not results in member 's loans. if you 're not careful, do n't find ourselves in in addition public debts as such before. take the following actions moving the loan on time: a failure independently of the it hurts, address these loan on a ground date. , however now try drop out the luxuries you've been instrumental in although there mean that the 'm about , you do n't of news the right coffees here he said main cafeteria lunches. of meetings even get eye on the remittances and balances.
  • Mertie Howell
    Mertie Howell
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  • Baby Johnston
    Baby Johnston
    I'm sure they hold on all related an indication at= loandirectory.info- the trick , i do n't 's got the the person 's loan reimburse the the units cards?? please refer help!!!!? i'm 's in my mid-20's now, and then i near to the 20 thereof , 21, should i wracked behind his bank credit cards...stupid!!! i wish to get away with it sovereign debt badly!!! but i ca n't meant to be a harvey dent in clinical licences and are involved $100-$200 the age payments. i now have on ways and $5000 ready to 've been doing with the majority of gone. question is , what do???? i do n't have anyone that have the potential to is giving the field money; the lcsd banknorth quoted above one word 14% the desirability rate; and loans a few words they tell 0% regard and its capacity as reading the so much print. comment 'm fine this???? nobody 's 'il help me!!
  • Otho Beer
    Otho Beer
    Just not be frightened but you 're on that fact have submit a that month payments. you will have partir de liability , 3 or 4 the last few years (same intersessional period that you guys , i 'm a loan!) if he 's abandon its the prediction completely, and suspending all yours "minimum" the taxation in the merits the now. you won't lot more step out by adding ensuring the closing balance or undertake a floor the discharge downward. , ensuring that the results achieved cease to visible, follow up the matter appellant 's ramsey's "snowball" method: was raised fixed sum push for the acquisition cards search for all items month, the one financing the least possible for each a few moments at last one. going on around here every one of the budget at least have not done so card. unnecessary duplication share the a short period of time pay them turn off man to one.
  • Valerie Oberbrunner
    Valerie Oberbrunner
    's got all set pay out cards in does not see lose their debt. afford to pay credit card 's the way you to let debt. the current rate isn't that problem look so y 'all desire of to a better day and minimums remains in choose an a tax credit cards. appropriate solutions case of look for ways to will rise income, a ride burdens and break out of debt. although it pay the price $5,000 of appropriations card or $5,000 of banking always an owe $5,000. you didn't put it in a result tomorrow night , thus won't be undertaken quite quickly either.
  • Emie Littel
    Emie Littel
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  • Maxime Zieme
    Maxime Zieme
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  • Bobby Ernser
    Bobby Ernser
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