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    This is a question about financial aid academic progress. I am wondering why my Academic progress is suspended. This is my first year as a student at Horry Georgetown Technical College. This is what it says: Your estimated cost of attendance is $14,586.00. You have been awarded financial aid which totals $14,586.00. Based on your academic transcript, the status of your academic progress is Suspended, Hours and Max as of Spring 2011. I started out with 3 courses. I had to withdraw from 2 of them, bringing me down to 1 class, due to childcare issues. On my Term Report I have two W's and a B. My GPA is 3.0- WHY would I be suspended? I thought that I would be put on probation first, and only if my GPA was 2.0 or less! Does anybody know what's going on??? Also, I have already registered for my classes for Spring 2011. Will my suspension effect my financial aid? I have a Grant and two loans. They were already accepted and awarded, but the second half isnt due to be paid until the end of January. PLEASE Help, Im freaking out here. Thank you-

    I am a HGTC student as well. I have heard it is worse to drop a class than it is to fail for financial aid. Isnt that crazy?? All you have to do is go to the appeals session on one of the following dates (see below). (this is on your wavenet account). Make sure you have the form filled out. Turn it in and somebody talks to you and who ever else shows up to the short meeting about fin aid and why it is important to make progress. If this is your first appeal, you will get approved. No worrys! I have a friend that has had to appeal her fin aid three times! She told me she is maxed out on her appeals but wow 3 times! So that should make you feel better! Spring 2011 Financial Aid Appeal Sessions Conway Campus: Monday, January 3rd 10 AM Burroughs & Chapin Auditorium 4 PM Burroughs & Chapin Auditorium Wednesday, January 5th 10 AM Burroughs & Chapin Auditorium 4 PM Burroughs & Chapin Auditorium Thursday, January 6th 10 AM Burroughs & Chapin Auditorium Georgetown Campus: Tuesday, January 4th 9 AM Room 114 Wednesday, January 5th 4 PM Room 114 Students need to arrive on time for these sessions and bring their completed Financial Aid Appeal Forms: Take care, Theresa

    GPA is not the only reason you can get suspended. You can also get suspended for not passing a certain portion of classes started. Dropping the 2 classes puts you in that part because you only passed 1/3rd of your classes that you started last semester. If some of your money has already been awarded for the Spring semester than your suspension may not start until afterwards Mountain Brook all that money may be sent back to the lenders/government. This is really a matter you need to take up with your school and see what they will/can do. Also, yes normally probation comes first so this may be something you need to ask them about as well but every school has different guidelines on when you get probation or suspension.

    "Hours and Max as of Spring 2011" Chronically dropping classes to save your GPA back fires on you.... eventually. Not only do you have to keep a min GPA, you also can only "attempt" a certain of number of hours before they cut your aid off. This is just a guess, but if you think back to how many hours (total in your lifetime) have you enrolled in i'll be it will be quite a lot. (It doesn't matter if you dropped some of them before getting a grade, they still ALL count, grade or not). At a com college, your aid will get cut off at about 90 hours. After that, you are on your own and must pay with your own money. You should have received your associates degree at about 60 hours. THe school is saying you are not making "satisfactory academic progress" and should have graduated already. Now it's on your dime. Yes, your suspension will effect your aid. No grants, no loans, nothing. You must pay for it outright if you want to continue.

    Hgtc Financial Aid

    As quickly as you get word approximately your educational status you're able to desire to record an attraction as quickly as obtainable. tell the appeals committee what you in basic terms instructed us and describe the particular issues you will do next semester to enhance your educational overall performance. in case you may return to training next semester, you may desire to maintain your educational consultant recommended approximately what is going on on your existence. This guy or woman can refer you to workplaces on campus which could assist you once you're suffering. bypass to your campus studying midsection or educational assistance workplace and communicate with between the employees individuals approximately techniques you may enhance your interpreting and the thank you to stability your educational and private existence. Do you survive campus? If no longer, it must be effective to you to go on campus whether that's obtainable. this manner you would be freed from the popular stresses.

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  • Guadalupe Graham
    Guadalupe Graham
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  • Erwin Konopelski
    Erwin Konopelski
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  • Minerva Reinger
    Minerva Reinger
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    Carrie Torp
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    Meda Kuhn
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  • Golden Hilll
    Golden Hilll
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  • Grady Heathcote
    Grady Heathcote
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