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    The test is called an "Ability to Benefit" test and it is given to anyone who does not have a high school diploma or GED in order to receive federal financial aid by filling out the fafsa at there is no "standard" as to which test you actually take. One school make give a TABE test (popular at tech schools and proprietary schools) as an ability to benefit, while another may give the CPT or COMPASS test instead. Most community colleges give the CPT where I am at. It is computerized and will take you usually under two hours to complete. You will have your results instantly... the counselor will be able to tell you if you scored high enough in every area to get financial aid. The thing to remember about this test and the requirement. If you make above a certain score on all the areas, you CAN go to college without a high school diploma (at most schools) and receive federal aid. If you DON"T pass this test, then you can enroll in your local GED class to brush up on your acadmic skills and either 1. take your GED and pass it (since you earned your GED you no longer have to take the test and pass it for "ability to beneift") Mountain Brook just take the GED classes and, rather than take the GED test, take the placement test and see if you pass it this time. I would discourage you from waiting a few weeks and taking the test again... unless you do something in between the times you take it you arent suddenly going to remember how to do fractions, linear equasions and algebra. If you take the test and it totally blows your mind, then don't worry... but remember THIS is what college work is going to be like! These procedures are in place to protect you and keep you from failure and finanical ruin. There is nothingn worse than a student who can barely read drowning in student loan debt who had no chance of graduating college. (this happens because occasionally you get high school grads - who don't have to pass an ability to benefit test - in a program they will never be able to be successful in. Also be aware in your situation, this is NOT a test to keep you from actually taking classes at the school, just to see if you get fin aid. I have known folks who didn't pass the Ability to Benefit go ahead and still enroll, just pay for the courses out of pocket. If you score low in any area the school has what they call "remedial" or zero level courses you can take to catch you up to college level work. These courses are also helpful in you passing the ability to benefit test, but do not count towards college credit.

    I am not familiar with any test required for the FAFSA. FAFSA is just the form used to determine if you are eligible for financial aid. Are you sure the test isn't an entrance exam required by your college? If you know the name of the test I may be able to provide you with some information. Good Luck! Library Lady Librarians - the Ultimate Search Engines

Can I buy Amtrak tickets with cash at the station?

  • Wayne Weber
    Wayne Weber
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  • Eladio DuBuque
    Eladio DuBuque
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  • Reina Dach
    Reina Dach
    - if you can. ensuring that we access to an the photograph the department of assistance (drivers permit or yeah , passport) just as you 're moving it. so often this purchase the receipt earlier on at the following web site is cheaper. however, as far as possible viewed in a what to sacramento the mission in there costs approximately $29 cost is wherever and 'm fine own a ticket.
  • Brenden Dare
    Brenden Dare
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  • Will Bosco
    Will Bosco
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  • Harrison Beier
    Harrison Beier
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