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    Yes, Farallon Capital Trust Co of New York is SCAM! Be careful, this is what I just posted on another website; A friend of mine was looking for a personal loan to re-consolidate his debt. He received a call back from the company "Farallon Trust Co" whose website is www.fallcaptru.com. BEWARE this company is a SCAM! They approved him for a $7000 loan and he had 3 options to obtain the loan; 1. Co-sign 2. Collateral (car/house/asset) 3. Security Deposit Of course when someone takes out a personal loan they do not want a family member or friend to co-sign for them, nor put a large asset as collateral. So as my friend did he Western Union'd money to a James Gooney of New York, New York of $966. Once they received the Western Union payment they told him the loan would be deposited into his checking account in 24-48 hours. If you come across this website please be careful it is fake. There is a Farallon Capital Management L.L.C in San Francisco, Mountain Brook but they are not affiliated to this unknown New York company. Also, when they call back their clients the number comes up unknown. Here is their information: 100 E 1st Street Mt Vernon, Mountain Brook 10550 Toll Free: 1(866) 917-9712 Local: (646) 862-6350 Fax: (646) 607-5867 Please again be careful with this company! They will do the same to you as they did to my friend. His "loan officers suppose name is Kelly Stevens and the Customer Service Representative (which seems to only have one) is Leanne. And their supposed "C.O's" name is Justin Keller. Please let me know if this has helped anyone. I really hope these people that claim to be in New York but ARE out of the country, my guess is Nigeria (still waiting on the exact location from F.B.I) get caught and do some time. I honestly don't know how these people sleep at night. But in their eyes they are just pulling in revenue and get commission on what they bring in individually. Sad, very sad!

    I have no idea. If they said you are automatically qualified for a loan, but must first send THEM some of YOUR money, it's a scam.

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    Katherine Macejkovic
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