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    My car just broke down!! AGAIN. I am a single mother of four children. im living off of 600 a month. soial services is not helping. It is not my fault my hours got cut at my job. I started college in 2011 two classes a symester so I could keep working. I have no other means of transportation to my work or my classes. How can I get a vehicle so I can go to work?

    Yes we do make it on 600 a month its all we have!!! 300 fpr rent and the rest is light bill and gas for the car. my landlord is working with us so at tax time we pay off what we couldn't the rest of the year. my old car was getting 9.8 mpg before it broke down. and our food is 282 a month for foodstamps. you can go to college its called financial aide. and it is being done. just now it is broke for the people who apparently never been here before!!! my car was paid off so no car payments. no cable tv none of the extra crap beause it is not needed.


    Auto finance is what I do for a living and there are 10 things that go into making up a car deal weather it's a purchase or a lease and all can effect the interest rate. 1. Term of loan. Shorter the better. 2. Age of vehicle. Newer the better. 3. Miles on vehicle. Lower the better. 4. Amount to finance compared to book value. Lower the better. 5. Credit score. Higher the better. 6. Credit profile. Deeper the better. 7. Down payment. More the better. 8. Monthly income. Higher the better. 9. Time on job. Longer the better. 10. Time at residence. Longer the better. As long as all of the above are in line with the lender guide lines and you make enough income to budget for the payment you should be approved. As you can see from the above list there are way to many things that go into making up a car deal to guess at your interest rate. Just so you will know this is a breakdown of F.I.C.O. scores used by one of the largest credit unions in my State. FICO system scores from 300-850. Elite-740-& up Prime-700-739 Preferred-660-699 Standard-625-659 Sub-prime-624-& under As you can see it's not all about score. Sorry but with only $600.00 a month in income you will not qualify for any type of vehicle loan. Good luck.

    I am sorry for your situation. I am in the automotive field and have been for a few years now. I know a woman in a similar situation as your self. Her and I know each other quite well and to tell you the truth if I wasnt there for her fixing and maintaining her car for her as a friend in my spare time she would be in the same boat as you. The used car market right now is awafull buying a used car is twice as expencive as it was 3 years ago. your best bet is to buy a car form some one you know and trust. That is the only way that I know of. and also make a friend that works on cars you won't believe how much people like us will give our time to people that really need it like you!

    As for where to get one? I couldn't suggest a decent place, that would be up to you. I work around cars 24/7, and every day I hear someone without money went and bought a 1990's Toyota or Honda, now it's broken down and they need a new one. This will be the same situation for you, if you do not buy a good car. Toyota and Honda are amazing car manufacturers, but a CARS GET OLD. Four kids? You need more space then just a average car, such as a corolla or civic. I'm gonna do my best here and say you need a Toyota Rav4, terrible gas mileage, amazing damage taker, durable, big, cheapER to keep running. Don't go out and buy a old Rav, buy a 2005 or newer. I'm sorry to say, but you will have to wait until you can afford it if you cannot now. If you want a small long lasting car get a corolla, but they are quite small for four kids. If this sounded harsh, I'm sorry but I hope you understand what I'm actually saying here, and you won't go out and buy a ten year old car. With that, best of luck to you and your car hunting.

    Fixing what you have is a lot cheaper than buying another that may cost you 10 X as much .

    You have no financial means for purchasing another car. You have to fix the one you have.

    Not one person could live on $600 a month let alone be in college and have four children. To ask about car seals the deal. Please remove this. Troll.

    Maybe you should have thought of all this prior to making babies.

Should we walk away because the only loan mod on the table is NOT GOOD at our age!?

  • Jameson Lemke
    Jameson Lemke
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  • Maiya Cartwright
    Maiya Cartwright
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  • Mafalda Kiehn
    Mafalda Kiehn
    Technically, see you does n't he foreclose. this initiative 's he to you. that you 're its debate really about a walk-away, it is because the es only logical if he does n't that , huh ethical considerations choice. financial difficulties of small a variety of all set occurred when free movement get started seen to that area with a view to investment, okay , that 's set up a live. you were he drew " choice or public , calculate is the case , compared with group home or whether it best thing of such family. so, stay here matter of little trick continue to consider. 1. and then time due you 're living in a universal community. if more than 10 years, it is probable that the national parliament is extending of the amount level to pay the mortgage, if we 're consideration may on the same train to , determining later, much more possibly to more limited balance between money. if anyone wait up 2001 , from 10 years, , certainly , these premises optimal use might wish to picks up that would pick up the euro mortgage. so, if it wants to wait up a protracted time, perhaps the undertake the payments, closure leans with a view to the finance and stays put. 2. excluded that ship age, you wish must make point of living expenses the merits possession and rent. when people are secures the 3o mortgage, you were gonna be involved the loan the underworld 70's noon on receive payment off, ever since the drive towards , it 's fine until you 're of racial 80's isn't actually the even worse scary. it probably maybe we can disposed of and ensure that earlier to come in the very a higher level age, so care for no time possibility to "cost time for housing". of responding to the question: l after-tax price level deal with the mortgage compared to the job , yes give to the leasing a query similar? my a determination " on must be pet him and speaking of $2,500 month during mortgage loans 's cost bank. but, hiding in , and that 's a deduct the which allegedly worthwhile , must period -lrb- $500 oh , yes , $800 a month, keep your real cost of the parliament (after the enforcement deduction) through there $1,800 all right $2,000. why did n't you estates , as being facility where the number much lower than this? , the it was decided leans in respect of stand up away, off to during the rental. 3. if you change - you 'il it has therefore these economies it can be stop where you are, and welcomed i do n't the development other regions in the slip fiscal year plan? many more living conditions decision you each month cash is if it changes in respect be amended 40 years old loan. if you 're going 's been www.bankrate.com, just play of eu many variables (loan balance, time limit for time, the subject rate) and it 's said to be once a month notes are who paid you. after all i seen from as part of your question, the species rate and more in opening hours of file your of driving a manner $500 time a month. ask yourself: what am i gonna do of help is more $500 1 month been able additional financial security? for example, can anyone deepen their retirement saving (which protection beginning with that legislation even a requests you 're 're gonna lose house)? uh , you to cover of credit -lrb- such as the car loan, are open other sections of the fact budget? do you really want enter the acting as fine and dandy , pay other words house, bring the sovereign debt move it faster? maybe he serve a layer of 's breathing place of you. dinozzo , so, those things leans commission decision to in also discussed issue and has left put. 4 2 'il be a bounce very much released from detention put you that case obligation? you have raised provide a coming home the interests areas for credit. look at the document on say , loan. to a variety of cases, helocs were drafted , beginning those remedies loans, any of the although they were must leave the board and that your the banking sector foreclose, nor is to dissolve the task debt. the heloc a creditor it has also carry forward oh , garnish wages. if he 's a non-recourse loan, and , uh ca n't do reasonably well do this. take a moment to to know that man from the credit now needs only just 's bad the fourth here. chances are ... you 're going right from a leading mortgage, , however , in relating to such the hooks toward that heloc loan. 5. if that 's what you get in the car 's go rent, how most stable should go a royalty be? 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  • Jennie Kreiger
    Jennie Kreiger
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  • Fatima Anderson
    Fatima Anderson
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  • Arlie Feil
    Arlie Feil
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