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    I'm planning on applying to the following colleges and I'm going to major in Mechanical Engineering: Cal Poly Pomona USC UC Los Angeles UC Irvine Cal State Long Beach UC Riverside CSU Fullerton Rutgers I would be considered out of state for all of these schools. ( I sort of messed up since I didn't take any honors or AP classes my freshman or sophomore year. I really slacked off my freshman year, but became a lot more serious and became more dedicated to my studies starting my soph. year. 9th Grade (UW GPA: 3.57) Algebra 1 : B+ English 1 : A- Spanish 1 : C+ (Ugh) Digital Interactive Media : A Biology : A World Geography : A- Football: A 10th grade (UW GPA: 3.89) Chemistry: A+ Geometry : A + Algebra 2 : A + Spanish 2 : A - Computer Science ( 1 semester ): B+ Medical Terminology: A + English 2 : A Art: A + World History : A 11th Grade (UW GPA: 3.89 / W GPA: 4.44) Honors Physics : A Honors Precal : B+ AP Environmental Science : A- AP Statistics : A- US History : A Health : A+ Speech: A AP Psychology: A English 3: A 12th grade (have all A's so far) AP Calculus BC AP Physics C English 4 AP Economics Government (Next semester) Web Technologies Video Technologies Computer Maintenance ACT w/Writing : 32 AP Tests: AP Stats: 4 AP Psyc: 4 EC's: Football 9th Grade Computer Science Club: 1 year Church Youth Group: 3 years National Honor Society: 3 years Peer Assistance Learning Program (Help mentor elementary students) : 3 years Awards : Algebra 2 Student of the Year Physics Student of the Year Over 130 volunteer hours. I worked at a restaurant during the summer after my sophomore year. I have currently been running a successful YouTube channel were I have been making reasonable revenue since 2010 (And yes it is appropriate content :P ) I live with my dad, and our income is less than $36k a year (if that means anything)... That's about everything that I can put. So, what are my chances for acceptance for the schools that I've lis

    One problem is that you will be eligible for less financial aid if you apply to out of state colleges, and the cost of attendance (tuition, fees, room & board, books and personal expenses) the UC's for a non-resident (all 4 years, you will not become a resident), is $55,000+ for 9 months. That is a starving student budget, no place to cut, in fact, you'd probably need $2000 a year more just to get by. The Cal States are lower-ranked, and not really worth going into debt for considering future employment. Your cost of attendance would be about $35,000 per 9 months, an additional $2000 likely needed, and you need to check the situation regarding campuses/programs being impacted and the situation regarding non-residents due to that. California residents receive priority whenever admission space is limited. It is very likely that you will need to get loans to be able to pay the expenses, and that is something you really should try to avoid. (They consider income/situation of all parents.) The UC's have very limited merit aid, and you likely wouldn't qualify for anything substantial, the few are for the top 1% of applicants. Look to see if any of the private scholarships through UCLA would be applicable, most are very specific, like for kids of Verizon workers. The UC's like to admit non-resident students who are full pay, that's one reason they are admitting recruiting and admitting more, for that extra $23,000+ a year. Find out what your UC GPA is, ask your school college counselor to calculate it, it's based on 10th and 11th grades with some weighting for approved classes up to a certain number. It's not a straight weighted GPA. Have you taken the required a - g classes? Look on the UC website for info. While the grades don't go into the GPA, 9th grade a - g classes do count to meet requirements. Also, ask for help with your UC personal statement to make sure you're on the right path. Your ACT score is ok for admissions to UCLA, slightly above average, better for the other UC's. UCLA Engineering suggests you take the SAT Math II Subject test. Typically you take it at the end of pre-Calculus, and you do a lot of outside studying for it, because it is quite tough. My son liked Dr. John Chung's prep book, the problems are more difficult than those on the Math II, but he said it helped him to move really fast, he got an 800. The bad news is that 800 is only the 85 percentile (!), because so many top students take the test and get 800. So you really need to study for it outside of class. They also suggest you take a SAT subject test in a science related to your intended major. They admit by major, so it's very competitive. Typically Mechanical Engineering gets around 1500 applications, they admit 300, and about 90 enroll. Your volunteer hours are not very competitive if you're relying on them for a big boost, fine if they're just a small part of your application. Long term community service for one organization is good. Work is good, having a business is good. Your awards are school based, rather than state or national. Your extracurriculars are not especially competitive for the UC's or USC. Because you are a non-resident who will need financial aid, the UC's are likely a reach, rather than a match as they might be if you were a Muscle Shoals student. It is still definitely worth applying, you never know. The rigor of your school curriculum will also come into play. USC gets a lot of applicants from top public and private schools, so their average freshman admitted unweighted GPA is a very strong 3.8. An applicant wants to have stats above the average, unless they bring something really wow to the campus, like nationally recognized athlete. USC is likely also a reach. I don't know about Rutgers. It's a good idea to apply to 3 safeties (your experienced college counselor is about 100% sure you'll be admitted to these), 3 matches (you're qualified to attend), and some reaches (not really likely to be admitted, or not likely to be admitted with enough financial aid). You should definitely apply to some reaches, because it really can be a crapshoot. Good luck!

    For Mechanical Engineering, I would categorize them as follows: Tier 1 UCLA Tier 2 Cal Poly Pomona UCI USC Tier 3 UC Riverside Rutgers Tier 4 CSU Fullerton CSU Long Beach

    There may be a lack of opportunity due to the fact that you're out of state (many schools are making HUGE cuts) so because of that reason alone, you may not make it. In general, it looks like you have a great chance. Just letting you know that if you get accepted in Cal Poly Pomona, go for that one! Cal Poly universities (San Luis Obispo and Pomona) are the BEST schools when it comes to engineering.

    Hey there! I live in California and did the whole college application last year when I was senior! You have great grades and a lot of clubs! You're definitely have high chances for all of these schools. Cal Poly Pomona: Most likely, USC: Good chance UC Los Angeles: IDK! They sometimes don't even accept kids with perfect 4.0. Write a KILLER essay!! UC Irvine: Pretty much 100% lol they accept like everyone, easiest UC to get into. Cal State Long Beach: 85% chance or more UC Riverside: Another extremely easy UC to get into, you'll most likely be accepted CSU Fullerton: Most likely accepted Rutgers: Probably accepted Good Luck!! (: JOIN CAPPEX . COM!!! seriosly, they'll tell you the chances for every college you want to go to.

    Good grades and good test scores, but extracurriculars are nothing special. You should be able to get into most of the schools on your list. Not to worry.

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