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    I LIVE Muscle Shoals ARIZONA. Do you think I have any chances of getting financial aid and scholarship from Tisch Performing Arts even though I'm out of state? What do I have to do to get financial aid and scholarship from them, because I really want to go there and study drama and become an actress. I am a sophomore in high school and I want to do everything i can to get in to that school.

    Going to school in another state doesn't make any difference, you have just as good a chance at scholarships as the next person. However some schools may give some scholarships for in-state that an out-of-state student wouldn't qualify for but they would also offer others. Oregon State University offered my daughter an $8000 grant ($2000 per year) as long as she stayed an out-of-state student. The first thing you need to do is go to www.fafsa.gov and fill out the information on this site in your senior year (it opens up on January 1 to file for the coming fall classes, for example Jan 1st 2012 filings are for Fall 2012/Spring 2013 and so on). Fafsa is a government site and by filling out the information (you will also need your parents tax information for that year plus they need to "approve" so to speak the information you are filing. Fafsa will let you know if you are qualified for Pell Grants and student and/or parent loans. When you fill this out you will list all the schools you are interested in whether or not you have applied & been accepted as the information on the FAFSA will be sent to these schools and at this point their financial aid department will review your financial information and determine if you qualify for any additional grants, scholarships and/or loans through the school. You should also talk to your high school guidance counselor as well as the career center to see if they have a list of local scholarships being offered that you can apply for (for example your local Rotary Club, etc.). My daughters career center had a whole list of them. These are generally for high school seniors. Also make sure you performance community service, document it and make sure to put this down on any outside scholarships (Rotary Club, etc.) and college applications. Scholarships have various qualifications from need base, to grades, to community service hours. Good luck!

    Marriage will generally have an excellent result on your economic help eligibility while you're below 24 years of age and your better half does no longer have intense earnings. that is on account which you are able to then declare self sufficient status and your mom and dad' earnings and substances isn't seen on your economic help calculations. Your better half's earnings, besides the shown fact that, would be seen. Marriage will in many circumstances have a damaging result on your economic help advantages while you're 24 or over and your better half has substantial earnings. the motives for this are 2-fold: while you're 24 or over, you're seen to have self sufficient status for economic help. subsequently, in basic terms your person earnings and substances are used to calculate your economic help eligibility. If, besides the shown fact that, you're married, your better half's earnings will join the calculations.

    Financial aid doesnt come from the school itself, but more from the government. Rent an apartment for a little and IF U get accepted then u can apply for financial aid and if the governement sees u living alone and struggling they will pay the tuition fees :)

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    Kathleen Hansen
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  • Joanie Kiehn
    Joanie Kiehn
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  • Joel Kirlin
    Joel Kirlin
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