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    I am in the military. I am Army reserves. Of course some of you will tell me that I can use my GI BIll and Muscle Shoals Benifits. But I know I can't. Why? I am pregnant. I am going inactive reserves. Can't get that while im on inactive reserves. Ok so that is settled. Anyways. I was talking to my fiance last night about college. I got FASFA before. got 12,000 from them. Went to college.....dropped out of college. stupid move I know but the guy I was with at the time really brought me down. Anyways, I only used 5,000 of the 12,000 for college. Since I dropped out I joined the military dropped the d o u c h e bag and found someone better. My question is, even though I f u c ked up horribly, can I still get some aid for this college. A semester is about 6,000. I am getting my bachelors. Again to straighten this whole hub-ub about how all online colleges are a scam...I was reccomended to attend this college. TUI University. Look it up. it's legit. My commander went there, my recruiter is taking classes now from that college.

    Yes, you can get aid from there. Anyone can get financial aid in the form of federal student loans - called Stafford loans. (how much you are offered in loans depends on your grade and your dependency status). I looked them up and this school is approved to receive all forms of federal financial aid. They have a school code and you can apply for all forms of federal financial aid by filling out the fafsa at As long as your school does not say you have a balance with them and you do not owe any money to the dept of ed for an over payment and are not default on a federal student loan you should be okay. Being recommended by someone is great, but you have to figure out if it is right for YOU. Just because its right for your commander or a recruiter does not mean it is right for you. Do you want to do financial doing? Because this is where his degree from this school has gotten him/them. But I must warn you, if you do not want to have a career in the military all your life i would highly recommend you comparing your options. Also you need to decide if YOU afford it. He can, that's fine..but how much money does he owe now? People who go to these for-profit schools have a way of "normalizing" student loan debt that is very bothersome to me. (this means they brainwash their attendees into thinking it is okay to graduate with TONS of student loans, when its really not... not in the world outside their for-profit school walls). Anyway, I looked this school up. It is indeed a for-profit school. Which means it's only reason for BEING is to take peoples money. They get no state subsidies like regular universities so they have to charge a fortune to make up for it. Like i said before.... all-online schools are 10 times the cost of a real school. Example: the tuition at this school is expensive per credit hour... roughly $6,000 a semester and cost is usually based on two full semesters a year. So you'd need 12,000 a year. If you went to your local college (ALL colleges offer on-line classes now) that would total about 1,500 a that's or 3,000 a year.... maybe a little more if you went to a very expensive state university. Military personal get in-state rates so you won't be charged more for being an out of state student. You must understand that federal financial aid does not give you more money if you decide to attend a for-profit school. The max amount you get in loans and grants is still the same. And if you want to have any money left over to live off of (computer, books, transportation, gasoline, food, clothing, rent, misc) then you'll have a WHOLE heck of a lot more left over than if you went to the for-profit school). If you attended the state school your FREE GRANT would almost cover ALL your tuition and you wouldn't even need a loan unless you wanted one.... you could still take out the 10,000 if you wanted, for money to live for groceries and rent and books and utilities and a computer... but you'd be smart to borrow only as much as you needed and graduated with as little debt as possible. I hope this helps.. i'm not trying to force something on you... just help you make an informed decision... it sucks to start out your "real life" saddled with totally unnecessary student loan debt.

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