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    Hello, I want to start my training, but dont know if I should choose part 141 or part 61. So my friends brother is an instructor at the Part 141 flight school, and I like him, he is really smart. There is only one problem..the instructor costs $45 an hour, and the plane (diamond katana) costs $112 an hour... Then there is the university flight school at the same airport that has good instructors, and its part 61. The price is $37 for instructor, and $95 for the plane. Which one do you recommend? Which one do you THINK would be cheaper in the long run of my PPL. Oh and I am 14, turning 15 in July. Please recommend me for when I should start, either the part 61 or 141 school...Thank you all for your help!

    Forget about the cost difference for a moment. I would suggest you visit both training establishments. Spend some time talking to the students of what they like and don't like. Interview the instructors. Take a look at the training program & syllabus and then pick the one that feels right for you. Consider you are looking at a cost difference of 23.00 per hr for dual and $17.00 for solo. Assume you are expecting to meet the National Average and need 55 hours total time and 25 hours dual you are looking at a cost difference of $ $1,085.00. Not all instructors are for all students. Should you go the cheaper route and find the instructor's teaching style does not quite mesh with your learning style and you are hesitant to 'fire' the instructor and get one better suited to you, you will eat of the savings of a cheaper place in a hurry. I guess I would say it all depends on which place "feels" right for you. 141 v 61 for Private/Instrument: All things considered equal there is one possible benefit of a 141 to a 61 school at the Private level. Some 141 programs have Sallie-Mae loans for flight training. Otherwise there no real benefit between 141 and 61 at the Private Pilot Level. 141 v 61 at the Instrument Level: Again, the issue that some 141 programs have Sallie-Mae Student Loan Programs. Also, if you are a veteran and have GI Bill Benefits Northport will pay up to 60% of the training cost at an approved 141 school. Nothing for a part 61 school. No Sallie-Mae, No VA, there is no training advantage between a well run 141 and a well run 61 program. Certificates/Ratings after Private/Instrument: It is almost a hands down win for 141 Programs.

    Well, on average, Part 141 Schools are more expensive than Part 61 schools. As you probably know from your research, you can get your private pilot certificate in slightly less time under Part 141 regulations, which helps balance out the cost. However, those rules were written long ago and do not account for the more complex rules and ATC system we have now, so it takes the average student about 50-60 hours to be competent enough to pass the flight test. Therefore, any theoretical savings under the Part 141 system is irrelevant. Where it might make a difference to you is if you pursue flying as a profession. Under Part 141 you can receive your Commercial certificate in 190 hours, whereas under Part 61 it is 250 hours. In order to complete your training under Part 141 rules, ALL your training must be done under Part 141. That said, when it comes to getting a job, the more flight time you have the better your chances are of getting hired. However, in an employers eyes, the difference between 190 and 250 hours is negligible except perhaps for insurance purposes where having more flight time is always better. In addition, few employers, except perhaps flight schools, care what type of flight school you went to. Flight time, ratings, and ability are what matter most. Read this:

    The upside to a part 141 school is that you can get your certificates in reduced time with an FAA approved syllabus. This can help to save you money in the long run, especially if you want to go for a commercial pilot cert. For private at part 61 there is a min. of 40 hrs and private at 141 min is 35 hours Instrument at 61 is 40 hours instrument at 141 is 35 hours. And the real money saver is that commercial at part 61 is 250 hours but at 141 is 190 hours. A significant difference.

    Until you are going to objective to get an educating interest at a factor 141 flight college later on, it would not particularly count to an enterprise, different than that under area 61 you opt for extra flight time (250 hours vs a hundred ninety). while it consists of getting a job, extra time on your logbook is often extra suitable than much less. For one factor, you would be extra insurable, and at that low volume of adventure 50- 60 hours of extra air time in all fairness important. i could choose for the main inexpensive flight time you will get so which you will log extra of it for a sequence cost. in case you pass area 61 and only initiate renting to construct time, do no longer forget approximately to sustain for a minimum of 10 hours of complicated a/c time, 3 hours of attempt prep and the flight attempt fee, although. you would be clever to shape your area 61 flying as in case you have been in a factor 141 software, with set initiatives to end. at the same time as you in all likelihood do no longer stay everywhere in the section to apply it, i comprehend the place you are able to hire a C172 for $a hundred/hr and instructor time for $25/hr in case you purchase a hundred hours of block time in his plane, funds. he's an ex-airline pilot with approximately 30 years of flying and coaching adventure. He additionally provides you room and board at his living house for a small fee. you are able to desire to honestly knock out one hundred fifty hours in approximately 6 weeks in case you had the time and the money. you will additionally receive a priceless volume of guidance and suggestion. old buddy of mine i've got usual on account that we've been young ones studying to fly mutually.

    Part 61 if you like i would do 61 anyway

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