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    Training: You get to pick your job!!! The Army has over 150 job skills to choose from which can be equivalent to a civilian job. Partnership for Youth Success “PAYS”: This Army initiative will provide enlistees an opportunity to sign up with a specific civilian company when coming into the Army. Businesses that participate in the program will have available to them a skill-trained employee at the end of a soldier’s term of service. The Army offers more than 150 entry- level jobs from which individuals can choose. More than 90 of the jobs provide training and experience that can lead directly to civilian employment through the PaYS program. Education: Programs after Initial Active Duty Training Every Army School is college accredited and has been evaluated by the American Council of Education. All soldiers can receive college credit for what they have learned during Initial Entry Training at any college in the United States. Concurrent Admissions Program “CONAP”: You are guaranteed enrollment, before you leave for basic, into over 1500 colleges nationwide. A “seat” will be reserved for you once you complete your enlistment. Tuition Assistant Program: We pay 100% of your tuition, any college anywhere, while you are on active duty. Up to $250. per credit hour (up to $4,500 per fiscal year). Or you can use financial aid along with tuition assistance and pay nothing. The choice is yours. All you have to do is fill out 1 piece of paper (DA Form 2171) and submit it through your education center. Once it is approved, the Army pays the bill. Army University Access Online: Did you ever hear of distance learning: You can take college courses anywhere that you can plug a computer into a phone line. The Army has an agreement with over 100 colleges nationwide to provide distance learning through the Internet. The Army will pay 100% of tuition for soldiers who desire to participate in distance learning and the Army will provide you with a laptop computer, printer, e-mail account, and free internet access. After completion of 12 semester hours, the technology package becomes your personal property. After You Get Out Of The Army Montgomery GI Bill: During your first year of enlistment you pay $1,200.00 ($100.00 a month for 12 months). After your enlistment with the Army, the Army will pay for you to attend any college of your choosing for 36 academic months (4-year program) as long as you maintain a “C” average. Book and Supply Stipend: You will receive a lump sum payment the first month of each quarter, semester, or term. The payment will help cover the cost of books, supplies, equipment, and other educational fees for that academic term. The payment amount will be equal to either a quarter or half of the annual $1,000 cap for that academic year, depending on how the academic year is divided – quarter or semester terms Housing Allowance: If you are enrolled in a traditional college program as a half-time to full-time student, you will be paid a monthly housing stipend equal to the monthly Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for an E-5 with dependents. The average housing stipend will be approximately $1,100 a month. However, if you attend distance learning programs such as correspondence courses and online you will not qualify for this stipend (2008/ $1,321/Enfield,CT) Student Loan Repayment Program: If you score above a 50 on the ASVAB test, depending upon the job you pick, you can qualify for up to $65,000 towards your loan. The Army will repay your “Federally Backed” college loan directly to the bank while you serve. Adventure: Want the rush of free-fall flight? Join with the Army’s Airborne option. Want to work with the world’s most specialized military force? Join with the Army’s Special Forces option. Challenge your body and your mind with the Army Ranger option. We take care of your food (3 meals/day), your clothing (free uniforms), and your shelter (dormitory style living). What kind of out of pocket expenses do you have? people usually join the Army as an E-1, however you can earn a promotion up to E-3 before Basic Training through a Referral Program or by mastering some Basic Soldier tasks. You may already qualify for an advanced promotion because of college credits or prior participation in some selected organizations (JROTC, SROTC, BSA, GSA, CAP, NSC, boy scouts, girl scouts). Your pay starts while at Basic Training. Enlistment Bonuses: If you score above a 50 on the ASVAB test, depending on the job you pick, you can qualify for up to $40,000 enlistment bonus. Half of the bonus is paid upon completion of AIT. The remainder is given to you in installments; based on how may years you enlist for. Service to Country: Do you want the pride and honor of wearing the Army uniform? Let’s talk. Travel: Once you complete your training; you move out to your first assignment or duty station. This is where you will do your j

    Us Army Benefits

    GI Bill Free Medical Care for the Service Member and their Immediate Family Free Dental For the Service Member & Low Cost Dental For the Family "Free" Housing- you get a housing allowance to cover your housing costs "Free" food- Again you get an allowance to cover this Low Cost Life Insurance for the Service Member and for the Family To the girl who said her friend never got his bonus- BS if it was in their contract then they would have gotten it. If they didn't then they didn't meet the obligations of the contract. They either not finish training or did not finish their time in service. You don't get it until you FINISH training and then you get a PORTION of it at that time. Then you get the rest in increments on the anniversary of your enlistment until you've gotten all of it. The other thing that could have happen is that they didn't file/follow up with the correct paperwork. Also, If it wasn't in WRITING Northport the contract then they didn't get one.

    If you are considering joining talk to your local recruiter, also don't leave out the other branches (Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard). They all have their perks. If I could go back in time I would consider joining another branch instead, I didn't see what the offered and compare them which is a regret now but good luck.

    You should research the GI Bill, it's about free college tuition up to 50 grand per year. Plus insurance, vacation, etc. Gotta figure in enlistment bonuses too

    It depends on whether or not he chose the survivor benefits option when he retired. If he did, you continue to get a retirement check. If he didn't, you get social security only.

    Dude, my friend signed up for the Army because of that signed up bonus, and it's almost 4 years and he have NEVER received that sign on bonus. They don't actually guarantee you that stuff. Not unless you want to throw away your freedom for the rest of you life.

    Become Special Forces and receive $60,000 dollars.

    Money talk$ ?

    Free funeral. oh no never mind they lie about that.

Anyone good at economics? I need help with this one problem.?

  • Loma Kris
    Loma Kris
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