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    Become an online friend, since it was like a support group where we had been messaging each other. The website just wants to rub in the fact that they tell people not to do that, but that's not what I need. What can I do about this? I expect this woman is trying to get all my personal info, not to mention running up my long distance. I really need some helpful answers.

    Hi if it's a cell phone, just ignore the calls...i only give my cell out to family and emergency contacts. if it's your house phone, did you call the phone company to see if you can block the calls? seriously, i would assume you see the number she is calling from on your caller id...if you don't have it dial *69 and it will give the last number that called your line. if you can get a number she's calling from, notify the police in her area by looking the police up in her town and tell them you are getting these phone calls from her and you want them to stop. it can be scary. this is what happened to me just back in feb of this year. i was at the pediatrician with my two daughters and left my phone there. went in the exam room and left not knowing i left it behind. went back within five minutes and it was gone. i use my cell for everything. it's my "key" to the outside world. i called back numerous times and no one turned it in. about a month or so later i got a phone call on our home phone for a refernce for a ROGER MILLER Northport POTTSVILLE PA. i had no idea who he was and the place that. i never really thought anything of it. then about a week later my husband got a phone call on his cell phone (which is highly odd-he only uses it to call me and his work sometimes calls him on it--no one else has the number). so he was in bed and i answered it. here it was the same company calling his cell number for a reference as well for ROGER MILLER. that scared me...i was so sick i was ready to vomit. i went to the whitepages.com and could only find out he was 38 and from pottsville, Northport this is what i saw online: had a previous address in concord, NC. it would cost me 39.95 to get more information through "u.s. search" (this is all what i was able to look up online without paying and just knowing his name) didn't know what to do so i called the company back and they would not give me any information to "respect his privacy" so i just assumed it was he was trying to get a loan. i kept calling back one call right after the other that day and was so worked up that i finally got someone to tell me that he HAD gotten approved for a loan and used us as references. so i got online and looked up the pottsville, pa police station. no one was available so i left a message with the receptionist. i thought "great, i'm screwed. they'll never call me back". THEY DID!!! they called me about an hour or two later and since i gave them his name and his age and what else i found out they looked him up in their computer and called him in and talked to him. i didn't care about my phone at that point, i just wanted him to leave me alone. they called me about 9pm that night and he came in said he had no idea who i was and how my numbers got on his application. anyway, to make a long story short i never got a call from that company again asking for a reference for ROGER MILLER in POTTSVILLE PA. be careful who you give your number to and call the police. this is a true story of the "stalker" i was referring to. they knew who they were even though in one of my questions i asked i made them out to be a woman. from my cell phone i also had my email programmed in and i started getting spam out the *** as well as "fake" credit card sites. my credit card numbers were all programmed in my phone. these numbers could have only been gotten from my phone despite him "not knowing me". be careful and NOTIFY THE POLICE!

    Well, if you already gave her a lot of your personal information, I'd be more worried about that than the phone number bit. If you haven't given out personal info, then all you've got is a person who's being a real pain in the @$$, so the quickest solution is the obvious one - change you're number!! Sure, it's a hassle - you gotta give all your friends the new number.... etc., but it'll be worth it in the long run to get rid of this nuisance! Lesson learned - stick to just chatting on line Honey!

    How are they runnin up your phone bill by having your phone number. you just have to contact the phone company and tell them. I know that you need someone to talk to, but if the website you visited said not to give out any info, like sharing numbers and such, then they had a reason to, it means it has happened in the past, and they dont want another lawsuit against them. I mean you have to use common sense in these matters, sorry if I sound mean, but you really do. whatever support group you found online, you can probably find on locally, where you can go and talk, and meet with people.

    Block her and put a long distance block on your phone(or change your phone number). Also if you are in Canada and suspect this a scam report it to Phone busters they also handle internet scams. You can start by calling your local police department and ask them what agency locally deals with this. I was told to block sender and then rip up the check that came. I also reported them to the service provider of the email address they were using as many will cancel their account(might help someone else in the short term who hasn't figured out it was a scam yet.

    I hope you haven't given her any personal information. Just tell her not to call any more. If she continues, either block the number, pick up the phone and hang up on her or change your number as a final option. Hope it's a lesson learned. Good luck.

    Call your phone company and find out of you have call blocking. Also some phone company's will set your line up to not allow long distant calling, incoming or out going. Try to get caller Northport service. If none of this work, call the police, and file a report, harassment chargers will stop her...good luck, and I hope you get through this..Take care.

    Try calling your Cell Phone Company they will have ideas on how to stop the calls. My phone has caller Id so when my ex calls for example his number shows up, and I choose to take the call, or let it go to voice mail.... if I don't want to hear blah blah blah all the time.

    Oh NO Anna!! DID you just come out and tell the lady I decided I do not want to do this it is not what I thought it was and please stop calling my phone or I will turn you in for harassment. Tell her Take me off you calling list I DO NOT WANT CALLS from you ANYMORE!!! Ya gotta get mean and nasty Anna!! Cuz these people are doing their job and they are determined to get what they want. So you be determined too. My sis worked for telemarketing for years hon. It is a mean world!!! Good Luck!! And if they keep calling then call your phone company. They will take care of it for you! God Bless!

    Support groups pay for there own phone Calla's babe their is no reason why you should be paying that phone bill for incoming calls. and thy have no reason to be asking you for things like date of birth, ss# , credit card # , work info anything that can be used against you. If you don't feel comfortable with the things she is asking stop her right away. just remember your on the phone hang up!. If its you that is suppose to be helping her , then way are you letting her turn things around on you by letting her ask personal questions of you ? Your on the phone babe shes not going to reach out over the phone and smack you , hang up after you tell her to stop calling you and then do what I like to do turn the ringer off on the phone.

    Tell her not to call you anymore but just chat online because of your long distance bill if she keeps calling you than change your phone number.

    You need to cancel your call your service carrier and tell them them problem. They can change your number and stop unauthorized call from being made.

I want to go back to school full time but how will we pay our bills?

  • Marilyne Hayes
    Marilyne Hayes
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  • Lamar Hessel
    Lamar Hessel
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