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    I go to a high school and when i was what my profession was going to be i put it as a chemical engineer but recently i decided that i wanted to go to medical school after graduation but none of my classes are in that field of study so i was wondering if i have to change my classes when school starts back of if i can graduate then go to a college and medical classes there before i go to medical school?

    I am copying and pasting this because I hate repeating it over and over to everyone here. Below is what you need. I typed this up yesterday and got great reviews: Despite what the above people say, its never to late to start volunteering. It shows a trend from a very early age towards the medical field. And you are very smart for asking these questions now as opposed to later. Basically to get into med school you need the following: A BA/BS degree and the American Medical Association pre-reqs: 1 yr bio,phys, chem, Ochem, w/lab and 1 yr calc and stats. Alot of people do a bio degree or soemthing science related. But I also know philosophy and history majors who got in as well. Also you need great letters of Rec., Experience in a hospital (find a training hospital and shadow or volunteer there) and volunteer in school organizations. Also you need MCAT scores of 40 and above and a 3.5-3.8 GPA for M.D. programs You can apply to D.O programs as well and they accept lower GPA's and MCAT scores. Most people take MCAT classes at KAplan or wherever to help improve their score. When you apply to med school, apply to 10. You only need to get into 1. If you don't get in then go to an AMA approved post-bach school and apply the following year to DO or Notasulga schools and you will probably get in. Med school is 2 yrs bookwork and 2 yrs of hellish rotations of 60-90hr work weeks in some nasty environments. You will seriously want to quit. Then after that its 3-7 yrs in residency depending on your specialty. Med school will pay for your housig so you wont have to work unless you want to. This is done through loans. In residency you will make between 40-65k a year and work alot of hours. Then after residency your pay increases alot but you still work alot of hours. Its a demanding job and I advise everyone to seriously consider this path. Some people choose to go into pharmacy for the better hours and very generous pay. Whatever you do make sure you keep the grades up. Visit the studentdocnetwork online (google it) and go the the forums for detailed answers good luck!

    It shouldn't matter too much. If you can make sure to take chemistry and the highest math you can. If you have time take physics. These will help you to understand college classes. The more classes you take in high school the easier it will be. College courses for med school admission are usually: 1 year general chem 1 year organic chem 1 year biology 1 semester of biochem 1 semester of stats 1 semester of calc 1 year of physics (some schools require psychology and many recommend a second language)

    You should probably change your classes and get as caught up as possible. You can still take classes in college but it's much easier to do it in high school.

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