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    To go to school in the US requires you to meet the same academic standards as an American applicant and to have the means to pay for it. You have to pass the SAT (GRE for grad school) and if your native language is not English, the TOEFL exam. Because Universities in Europe have heavy government subsidies, for a European student to consider a US school, they are in for what we call “sticker shock” The cost of attending a US University for an International student in the US is between US$35,000 to US$65,000 per year. As well, you have to prove you have this sort of funding available to you from family, a sponsor or student loans that you got from your home country. You cannot make enough money working in the US while at school there to pay your way either. Your student visa limits you to 20 hours a week of work (40 in the summer). This work must be either an on campus job or an outside job that the school approves as being relevant experience for your degree. For finance, private US schools may give you a partial scholarship but public schools will give you no aid. My Canadian daughter got $9500 a year from her undergrad school towards the $33,000 a year cost. However, in some cases, like for Canadians going to a US school, you may be able to get aid from your native country. In my daughter’s case, the BC and Canadian governments loaned her a total of $10,000 per year. Beyond the scholarship and loans, her grandmother contributed $4800 Canadian a year and I paid the rest, about US$12,000 a year. Graduate students can get a Notasulga after their first semester which will pay their tuition and give them a small living allowance if they have an exceptionally good GPA. My Canadian daughter earned one with her 4.0 GPA and because a US government research institute felt her research is important to the USA. Doctoral students, if they get a decent fellowship during grad school in the USA and if their research is considered important enough can get fully funded PhDs. As for getting your student visa, the school’s international student office takes care of most of the paperwork. And they will guide you through your part. As for a sports scholarship, you cannot merely be decent. You have to be championship level. One of the finest. For a foreign student with an F-1 student visa to become a US permanent resident and eventually a citizen, the process is: Once you are about to get your degree you find an employer willing to hire you when you graduate. You are allowed to work for 1 year under what is called OPT under your visa but the job MUST be related to your degree. During this year, you convince the employer you are worth the $5000 to sponsor you for an H-1B visa. Normally the application must be made on April 1st. If they get you approved for an H-1B, your OPT time will be extended to October 1, which is the normal start date for an H-1B visa. The H-1B is normally good for 3 years and can be renewed for one additional three year term. An H-1B is easier to get if you have a masters or PhD. The catch is that the labor certification rules for an H-1B became tougher last year and if a US citizen with equivalent qualifications can be found you are out of luck. This pretty well means that only people with highly technical degrees can qualify. Anyone with a degree in non technology areas will not likely qualify for an H-1B as there are no shortages of US citizens with non-technology degrees. The reason you need to go through getting the H-1B is because it is a bridge to allow you to remain in the USA while the green card application is processed. If you have a masters or PhD, the green card process takes almost 3 years. Without this step, you will have to leave the USA while the green card is being processed. Once they have obtained an H-1B then you have a while to convince the employer to file for a green card for you. This will cost them about $14,000 so you better be worth it. Depending on your degree this process takes between 3 and 10 years to process. However, your H-1B will be extended for as long as necessary. At any time you can short circuit this process by marrying a US citizen. In that case, the US citizen, who has to be over 21 and making more than 125% of a poverty line income, has to file the paperwork. The best thing is if they hire an immigration consultant to do it.

    Foreign student visas are only temporary, non-immigration class visas, and holders are required to return to their own country immediately upon completion or termination of studies. A condition of obtaining a student visa is agreeing that you will return to your own country. If you do not intend to return home, it is fraud to obtain a student visa. Conviction of visa fraud is a felony with mandatory deportation and permanent bar to reentry. If you want to immigrate, you must have an immediate blood relative who is a US citizen and who has sufficient income to support you petition for your immigration. Depending on country of citizenship, relationship to your sponsor (siblings wait longer), and how long the waiting list from your country, some approved applicants wait a couple decades to actually gain admission to the US. Employers have sharply reduced sponsorship of their foreign workers on employment visas due to the high costs, hassle, time-consumption of sponsoring foreign workers' immigration. They have sharply reduced hiring foreign workers. With over 31 million Americans looking for work, employers find it cheaper to hire Americans than deal with visas for foreign workers.

    An American naturalizing as a Spanish citizen has to make an oath renouncing previous citizenships. Will the U.S. government then revoke this individual’s American citizenship? No. in certainty the guy can and could proceed to apply his/her U.S. passport to circulate to or return to u.s.. it fairly is genuine the U.S. government in basic terms sees you as its very own citizen yet its no longer against the regulation to acquire one greater citizenships whilst last an American citizen. Our government would possibly no longer motivate twin citizenship, notwithstanding it recognizes the existence of twin nationality. study here 2 paragraphs taken from the U.S. State branch's website: The U.S. government recognizes that twin nationality exists yet would not motivate it as a count number of coverage because of the subject concerns it may reason. Claims of different international locations on twin national U.S. electorate would conflict with U.S. regulation, and twin nationality would cut back U.S. government efforts to help electorate overseas. the rustic the place a twin national is placed frequently has a more suitable declare to that individual's allegiance. notwithstanding, twin nationals owe allegiance to the two the US and the foreign places us of a. they're required to obey the guidelines of the two international locations. the two us of a has the final to enforce its rules, particularly if the guy later travels there.maximum U.S. electorate, which includes twin nationals, would desire to apply a U.S. passport to circulate into and leave the US. twin nationals is additionally required via the foreign places us of a to apply its passport to circulate into and leave that us of a. Use of the foreign places passport would not endanger U.S. citizenship.

    You can go to college or Un with a Student visa but that does not lead to citizenship

Can you lose your home after being 1 day late on mortgage?

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    Lee Schaefer
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    Laurianne Goyette
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    Eldred Stoltenberg
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