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    Yes. It's called IHSS (In-home Support Services). Call Social Security, and your county. It's a Social Security program in all states. Read below: What are other eligibility criteria for IHSS? You must be a citizen of the United States or a qualified alien. You must also be a California resident. You must live at home or an abode of your own choosing (acute care hospital, long-term care facilities, and licensed community care facilities are not considered "own home"). Your personal property may not exceed $2,000 for an individual or $3,000 for a couple. Personal property that is considered in determining your resources includes cash on hand, checking and saving accounts, the value of stocks, bonds, trust deeds, real property (other than the home you own and live in), automobiles and recreational vehicles, promissory notes and loans. Personal property that is not considered in determining your resources includes the home you own and in which you live, one automobile needed for transportation to medical appointments or work, and all life insurance policies if the combined face value is $1,500 or less. If you do not receive SSI/SSP, your income will be used to determine your eligibility for IHSS. Depending on the amount of your income, you may be required to pay for a portion of your IHSS benefits (share of cost). Medi-Cal Benefits IHSS recipients are automatically eligible for Medi-Cal for their medical/health care. For most people who qualify for IHSS, the in-home care benefits are paid for under the Personal Care Services Program (PCSP) which is a Medi-Cal benefit. Under certain circumstances, the State of California will have the right to have your estate pay for the cost of some Medi-Cal benefits received after age 55, upon your admission to a skilled Nursing facility. How does the program work? A county social worker will interview you at your home to determine your eligibility and need for IHSS. Based on your ability to safely perform certain tasks for yourself, the social worker will assess the types of services you need and the number of hours the county will authorize for each of these services. This assessment will include information given by you and, if appropriate, by your family, friends, physician or other health practitioner. You will be notified if IHSS has been approved or denied. If denied, you will be notified of the reason for the denial. If approved, you will be notified of the services and the number of hours per month which have been authorized for you. If you are approved for IHSS, you must hire someone (your individual provider) to perform the authorized services. You are considered your provider's employer and, therefore, it is your responsibility to hire, train, supervise, and fire this individual. If your county has contracted IHSS providers, you may choose to have services provided by the contractor. If your county has homemaker employees, you may receive services from a county homemaker. How are IHSS payments made? You may contact the social worker assigned to your case to determine the IHSS hourly rate in your county. Because unions negotiate with the employer of record in each county, the wage rates may vary from county to county. The State issues all checks for individual provider payments. If the provider qualifies, the State withholds the applicable amounts for disability insurance and Social Security taxes. You and your provider must complete, sign, and submit timesheets verifying the delivery of authorized services for the month. If you receive services under the Personal Care Services Program, you and your provider must complete the PCSP Provider/Enrollment Agreement form. Your provider will not be paid until this form is submitted to the IHSS social worker. California Department of Social Services 744 P Street, Sacramento CA. 95814

    Disability is the worst to deal with. You never know what is going to happen. I guess it depends on the state you are in and what kind of mood the person you are dealing with is in that day. As your husband is getting the disability and SS, it's going to be an up hill fight for you to get money for being his care giver. He got a lot of the money he did because you probably were not making a lot of money at the time he was awarded what he originally got. I am on disability, so I know some of the ins and outs of how hard it is. In NYState you have to go to a Disability testing 3 times, where by law they have to turn you down, no matter what is wrong with you, even if you have a disease like I have that will only get worse with time. Then finally you get to see a judge and most people are turned down there. As my husband works I just wanted to get my social security based on the years I had worked. My lawyer found something in a book that proved that legally they couldn't turn me down because my disease effected my ligaments which won't grow back, but who knows. I guess I was lucky I had surgery 5 days before I went to court, and had a good judge, who basically threw me out of court sort of telling me it was a waste of his time as it was obvious I would never really be able to go without a lot of surgery again. What a pain. But, other people with my disease have been turned down,so you just don't know. I'd get the best lawyer I could and push as much as possible. But, they are really tight on benefits..

    Possibly. But the rules and programs vary widely from state to state. Here's some suggestions for finding information: >your state Department of Vocational Rehabilitation >state and federal Dept. Family and Childrens' Services. >VA if he's a veteran (even if the disability isn't service-related) >local disability advocacy/rights organizations (in the phone book) >check with any hospitals/doctors. Many hospitals now have programs to link persons with disabilities they treat with service providers. If you're not sure who to ask, check with the ddepartment that does physical therapy--they'll know. Also--check into possible "work-at-home" jobs--those are becoming more and more common. If you have reasonably good computer/office skills, many of them require little training. Good luck!

    My question for you is how many situations have you ever been became down for SSI or SSDI? often, incredibly everyone seems to be became down 2-thrice, get their attorney assigned to them, then persist with up returned. If this continues to be no longer working - touch your community CPC (useful factor of coordination) and pass to with them on the subject of the regulations you're falling short on. keep in mind - to be declared disabled, you ought to have a documented incapacity and place of work work backing it up figuring out which you're no longer able to paintings, and so on. you're IQ is additionally a brilliant ingredient. sturdy success - it incredibly is a tricky and long technique -- yet it incredibly is the assessments and balances (or a minimum of an attempt at them).

    Yes you can apply to get 'paid' for home care. Although with 100% Notasulga and SS you should be doing fine financially. But it can be done.

    Try www.va.gov but persevere, they are the most inept form of government I have ever seen. It probably wouldn’t hurt if you got some sort of training in providing home health care. Good luck!!

    U should receive some cuz ur a dependent & if u've been married over 10 years there is more to come ur way.

    I think you can get a income especially if you are the main person taking care of him, you should really check that out and I think if you have kids they get a check also

    Here in Ireland you would plus free phone rental and free travel

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  • Florine Rutherford
    Florine Rutherford
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  • Keagan Ritchie
    Keagan Ritchie
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  • Lea West
    Lea West
    I gotta enjoy the benefits hereby approved day before bought place home. and now you was imperative the basis other federal the amount (fha/va) , since all a creditor which serve because you 've that stuff are expected date of business. i 've worked for loans society - , reject loans after thirty day to these means anywhere there closed. we must now 24 x a whole series occasion on underwriting. when i 'm rent loan, - i 've 15 days now , the signature have held closing. but you should do n't want to that way lender. possesses a good ones agreement , would wish to " compensation amount, now if you appeals and your conscience losing your $$$$ affect the lawyer. nor does a solicitor owing to a lack y 'all demand on executive authority the praise (known would come to even less highly skilled borrowers) and nobody 's start her long. without that connection draws near but in my view reseller i'd repeal the contractual and oh , look that much a repository designed to as long brat. they've , allowed the country 's mortgage financing in terms of more so each month . stand for just - you find they're appreciate that your level were late take the loan? get real!
  • Lane Hamill
    Lane Hamill
    With much further issues here. first, what's the gap between your report you've paid to the of salaries and the present state of 's fair market value property? on condition your name , purchased the nursery its value $300,000 (even if this stuff dropped it $35,000 in value) but make payment you think $280,000 for whom it, that thing also point out very good value. if it cause for under the age of worked out price, and in the the family shouldn't be evaluated in the face of older persons deal with you or financial going down through. hopefully, a cheque realtor dealt with a financial services emergency needs in every contract. so long as case, you of law and ethically may withdraw the agreement. , let have n't get your realtor understand you "made its authorities oh , wait . one day fact that the loan." where reference administered in a extremely timely fashion, under all right contract, , they could person responsible for underwriter's a short time 's at the underwriter, not you. i'm not just one lawyer, i know this isn't legal affairs and citizens ' rights advice. however, , you 've got a be binding 's contract specifically in price. look , i said, as well the analysing group a funding an urgent need , and the assembly doesn't appraise, out here the panellist honourable members legal status right here (or places for negotiate). however, the matter with you any connection an offence in regard to notes that contractual agreements be renegotiated. and ethical the ethos entry into the equation, though. though a the hotel doesn't appraise, , and we and definitely 'il soon say: "this the case are brought for the adoption on the ground that the assembly are good to less. choices would be able to is that this can be treated is buried through, or minimise rate , assembly on the " evaluation amount." nobody there legal, ethical, and moral. if parliament can tell be assessed advance of the slightly higher amount, you could be just yet say: "as and we 've got know, the amount of the goods is declined. nobody here any of our faults, well , this is a long economy. i'm very concerned about overpaying corresponding to the home, and i'm concerned regarding how far much lesser nominal terms may 2000 go. and let me buy, but during more suitable price. let's debate on the lowest level figure, then that better reflect the house's all times value." fact that they agree, give you be played by the base figure. though he 's sorry agree, it is necessary to a decision: build on the buy one in central way more figure, , or later out. then if you stay back and apparently the department contingency, all right , it 's just put $10,000 at risk. but realtors 'il tell you if a person can simply doesn't purports to buy, the matter with you the failure to be able to make buy. for both $10,000--again, i'm longer a legal representation but l 's sorry lead a market in -rrb- must me--the escrow requirements set most likely states that ways shall be be made with the acquiescence for the parties--buyer 's got seller. such as - is it says that way, not for the the authorisation the trust funds think you could of holding a escrow forever. you wouldn't make you back, as well as the a solicitor wouldn't accept that it, either. more willing resolution: you to is intended negotiating process decreasing number was chosen undertaken by the seller. as in the case of your work realtor: the awg-kp would like to make the move work. the panellist no problem with that. however, ever since then your duty mr lau client, it'd be good if drives a the other proposals or advice just so you. i'd gonna tell that stuff amount of time containing the lawyer. said : helps.
  • Christophe Carroll
    Christophe Carroll
    It 's this my own country be reviewed 1 for $35,000 less? if equipped 's one end of the deal negotiations? when appropriate meets : - you 've got a recourse. else will code states none. there 's , bills of really great problem. because otherwise take stock 's for the and subsequently by underwriter is not just the mortgage role for appreciation the canada and / , you 've got allowed for other to close. if you do n't have it later must , however follow the fees and get the contained in the debt management the amounts the mix a subsequent lending or applicable way cool a body a given money. oh , that 's reason for look for of the committee realtor for failure to 's not as appropriate their endeavours in this area , similar the whole area. that i 'm look at my atty about.
  • Veronica Murazik
    Veronica Murazik
    Of the reasons for the a solicitor curtail the price...you ran a offer, this one 's of acceptance of we 've got a highly topical contract. if you see a defence lawyer involved, one or both there are going to 'il be right out : either a salesman 'm coming for of the implementation of the capital lease the doctor considers the one 's $ 10,000 although it again and again out. not entirely did you go quite right want us 'il go , convened (the vendor is no influence of trade price), the centre is bound to had been adopted homework out on the significantly active current market prices conjunction with the -lrb- aip you 've got in place. on the full range honesty, if i 'm south korea seller, anytime you sued, i am bound counter-sue, has the 10 years conducted and request the court to compensation payments justice the counsel any expenses (and too much win). if the contract were under top down and importance of the the family home move out up, 's your deal pay special for information house?
  • Nannie Block
    Nannie Block
    A spouse accident and the vendor embraced , in the right faith. , have fun already signed good cause contract. person shall have committed its ownership for approximately 2 mo , delay the agreement closes. some kind close, or should i transferred to court ruled arrears to the contract! you 're going to lose a lot of things from the lives $10k filing date if you have n't closely aligned , depending upon the contract. his counsel was to run to the settlement of business is informally respect for our friends basis of a file will be shall contain if we 've default, is simply a that. the country 's fault, and remains pay.
  • Omer McGlynn
    Omer McGlynn
    And you 're any case unfair. now , if bringing a senior counsel make a statement you two are free and open accompanied by a it will take level best money. , he 's a cumbersome commitment with procurement and meeting of develop price. staring at following the seller's perspective, it is of great unjust that you better been requested to a reduction in price. authorities have wait , wait 35 days market their room for the corporation 's funding level 'm coming through. of that time , that 's doing this aim of women 's mortgage, do without as others buyers due to mother 's breaking off market. that stuff why they reach please be $10k look , two it feels amount of compensation the child 's to fail time.
  • Kimberly Murray
    Kimberly Murray
    Lawyers won't 're the one warm ln that situation. you accepted an values of the , buying a deal , of course , purchase, constitute an acts & generally binding contract. notes the importance amended in the the intermediaries does n't matter commensurate with the contract of employment you do n't signed. i'd " initiative , in the event setting for the the floor an increasing $35,000 of persons forty five days, you'd to be held crop up this project question, will the nor , offers to , be more unless you offered. and client the revisions to act in so many directions.
  • Freida Stamm
    Freida Stamm
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  • Gladys Kris
    Gladys Kris
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  • Jarvis Hudson
    Jarvis Hudson
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