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    Ok... I am only 14 years old. I am a freshmen in high school. I have just been thinking about my future. Most of my teachers say that it's about time we think about what we are going to do with our selfs. But others say I am a little to young to be thinking about this. But I don't care. I get preaty good grades, Not straight A's but mostly A's and B's with usually only 1 C and that is like always in math, something I need to work on. But any way I was thinking about going into the USAF. My brother is in it. I was thinking about going to a cheap collage (because I do not have money to get into a good one) and then enter the AF and become an officer. I think that is all you have to do to become an officer? I am not sure. Well If i have a friend that is a guy or girl, and they want to go into the AF too, can we like stick together though most of the AF prosscess like basic or something like that.... What if I had a boyfriend that went into the AF also? Can we like stick together?

    P.s. I know it is service before self, but I was just wondering. Because I whouldnt want to have a boyfriend in the AF but we whould be always apart. And can someone tell me how to be an officer? And is it even worth going to college if i have to get a loan? And what do I have to major in? Or should I just be enlisted? I need to knwo what im going to do in my life?

    Alright you asked a lot of questions here lemme start with the enlisted corps. If you go enlisted you can still do the buddy system as far as I know, All it really means is that you will do basic together but after that it no longer comes into effect unless you both chose the same job. JROTC only helps enlisted ranks, if you have a minimum of three years in it and can prove it at the time of enlistment, then you will go in as an E-3 instead of the standard E-1. You can also get E-3 with 60 semester hours of college at the time of enlistment, or if you join for 6 years you can get it. I don't recommend going for six. Start with 4 and see if you like it. I never met any 6 year enlistee who didnt regret it. Also if you do enlist with JROTC, please for the love of god never ever mention it again while you are in the service as JROTC is a freakin joke once you are in. Now the Officer corps. If you want to be an officer you have to meat the minimum requirements, First and foremost obviously is that you need a 4 year bachelors degree. Secondly that degree usually needs to be something technical like engineering, unless you are going to be a professional (ie. lawyer, nurse, doctor). Secondly you have to obtain a commission through an approved route: Officer Candidate School (OCS)- You apply after college, extremely competitive and the second hardest route to commission. Reserve Officer Training Course (ROTC)- This you would take at your university and is generally the easiest route to commission. United States Air Force Academy (USAFA)- You apply either your sophomore or junior year of high school. This is the hardest way to commission and is extremely competitive. If you have any more questions feel free to contact me.

    You have some lofty ambitions there, young lady...First item on the agenda is to finish high school and do as well as you can academically...Doing the Jr ROTC thing is good - it will give you a good idea on the military way of doing things - especially giving and following orders...You will have a head start on adapting to the military lifestyle...Also, these days, most middle and senior managers in the enlisted ranks have almost, if not more, classroom education as the officer corp...Sr. NCOs (E7 & up) usually have a college degree...Your training plus any college courses you may take while on active duty would allow you to get a degree very quickly while on active duty. When you are a senior in hs, check with a recruiter about the "buddy" enlistment program...It used to be that "buddies" would go thru basic training together...It is very unlikely that you would be with your buddy in tech training since you each would probably have different aptitiudes to satisfy military needs. All the best to you from an AF Vietnam vet

    These are all good questions...Give me a minute to answer them. First of all, good for you. I'm glad that someone here understands the purpose of Yahoo! Answers and is using it as such. Also, bravo for thinking about your future at such a young age. Please forgive me, I forget what it's like to be 14. Your grades will be important if you plan to apply for college. If you have good enough grades you can apply for scholarships so you don't have to pay for the entire tuition. Student loans aren't soo bad because you don't have to pay for them until you graduate. Going to a good school is very important, and will help you later in life. As for becoming an AF officer there are a few things that need to happen. You must either go to one of the military universities, preferably the AF Acadamy and be commisioned after graduation Notasulga you can get a 4-year degree (or more) then apply for Officer Training School. Since I am enlisted, I of course prefer being enlisted though I would like to get paid what the officers get paid. I do the same job as the Captains I work with, but they get paid much more than I do...and they're incompetent. For enlisted basic training you can do the "buddy program" where you and your buddy/boy friend can get set up to go to basic training together and if you have the same tech school and you don't get recycled you will go to tech school together. You have a very long time to think about these things and the rules might change by the time you get a chance to sign your name on the dotted line. Work hard in school, get your degree and enjoy your life. Have fun, whatever you choose to do. You'll be doing for the rest of your life...or atleast a few years. Cheers!

    First, the Air Force isn't fading away. If some thing, its function in war is increasing. The battles of the long run is probably not fought at the seas via a floor Navy. Certainly floor troops might be wanted, however the big majority of harm might be triggered from the air. The diferences among an enlisted man or woman and an officer are those: Enlisted body of workers volunteer for provider. They don't acquire commissions, and most commonly haven't any tuition levels. Officers are commissioned. They practically with out exception have tuition levels. Officers provide orders to enlisted body of workers. Officers are "awesome" to enlisted body of workers. What you are going to do together with your son, must you select to enlist could be your crisis to remedy. The navy does now not child take a seat, its enlisted body of workers or their offspring. Do I feel it is a well thought? I are not able to reply that for you. All I can say is that it was once the proper determination for me.

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