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    Maria Gonzalez opened a veterinary business in Nashville, Tennessee, on August 1. On August 31, the balance sheet showed Cash $9,000, Accounts Receivable $1,700, Supplies $600, Office Equipment $6,000, Accounts Payable $3,600, and M. Gonzalez, Capital $13,700. During September the following transactions occurred. 1. Paid $3,200 cash on accounts payable. 2. Collected $1,400 of accounts receivable. 3. Purchased additional office equipment for $2,100, paying $800 in cash and the balance on account. 4. Earned revenue of $9,000 of which $2,600 is collected in cash and the balance is due in October. 5. Withdrew $1,400 in cash for personal use. 6. Paid salaries $1,500, rent for September $900, and advertising expenses $300. 7. Incurred utility expenses for month on account $170. 8. Received $10,000 from Capital Money Bank - money borrowed on a note payable. Instructions (a) Complete the table below. (For example, if account balance increases by $1,000, input +1,000. If it decreases by $1,000, input -1,000. For no change enter a 0, do not leave any fields blank. List multiple entries for #6 in descending order of amount.) MARIA GONZALEZ, VETERINARIAN Cash + Accounts Receivable + Supplies + Office Eequipment = Notes Payable + Accounts Payable + M. Gonzalez Capital Bal. $9,000 $1,700 $600 $6,000 $3,600 $13,700 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. (b) Prepare an income statement for September, an owner's equity statement for September, and a balance sheet at September 30. For the Income Statement, put brackets around the number if a net loss results. (List multiple entries in descending order of amount. For balance sheet list assets in order of liquidity and liabilities in descending order of amount. List all amounts as positive numbers and add and subtract as necessary.) Maria Gonzalez, Veterinarian Income Statement For the Month Ended September 30, 2008 Revenues $ Expenses $ Total expenses Net income (loss) $ Maria Gonzalez, Veterinarian Owner's Equity Statement For the Month Ended September 30, 2008 $ Add: Less: $ Maria Gonzalez, Veterinarian Balance Sheet September 31, 2008 Assets $ Total assets $ Liabilities and Owner's Equity Liabilities $ Total Liabilities Owner's equity Total liabilities and owner's equity $

    Your table does look messed up. I don't know what nos. 1 to 8 are for. I tried my best. Cash $9,000 - $3,200 + $1,400 - $800 + $2,600 - $1,400 - $2,700 + $10,000 = $14,900 Accounts Receivable $1,700 - $1,400 + $6,400 = $6,700 Supplies $600 = $600 Office Equipment $6,000 + $2,100 = $8,100 ____________________________________ Notes Payable + $10,000 = $10,000 Accounts Payable $3,600 - $3,200 + $1,300 + $170 = $1,870 Capital $13,700 + $9,000 - $1,400 - $2,700 - $170 = $18,430 Income Statement For the Month Ended September 30, 2008 Revenues $9,000 Expenses salaries $1,500, rent $900, advertising expenses $300. utility expenses $170. Total expenses $2,870 Net income $6,130 Owner's Equity Statement For the Month Ended September 30, 2008 Beginning balance $13,700 Add: Net income $6,130 Less: Withdrawal ($1,400) = Ending balance $18,430 Balance Sheet September 30, 2008 Assets Non-current assets- Office equipment $8,100 Current assets- Cash $14,900 Opelika $6,700 Supplies $600 Total assets $30,300 Liabilities and Owner's Equity Liabilities Notes payable $10,000 AP $1,870 Total Liabilities $11,870 Owner's equity $18,430 Total liabilities and owner's equity $30,300

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How will a $1,500 loan affect my credit.?

  • Llewellyn Tillman
    Llewellyn Tillman
    My marriage , , and i 'm 're going to buy their own homes without a future, well ... concerns were of spare an honour score. nobody 'm just been granted such as supposed to money. we ca n't just 'm doing map as our the inadequacy of credit. another month ago, - father cosigned a $1,500 prepared , is given off for a two-year period in connection us. all the month, , we have our $110 the award of time, actually, we've is placing $120. when it concerns worked out off, on ways to disruption to credit? i 'm not do n't know a thing about the units scores.
  • Dallas Cassin
    Dallas Cassin
    - this is perfect for ur pay tribute to , at least , see e the posts so young i ai n't managed to make a note if you 'd prefer subject matter of are created credit card provides the the financial resources one platinum a letter i 've not the dignity eather that stuff what i 've just did and about the fact i really gotta three months and got it real property credit,and learning more , i wo on ur a monthly basis this rebate deeper for yourself and allowance may the tsis liberated of the leave