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    I know I'm not the first one to notice this and I'm assuming it probably happens in every major city. Why is that you can go from a really nice neighborhood to a ghetto in less than one block. Its ridiculous that one intersection is the difference between the hood and the suburbs. I don't understand it. Plus I think its also funny how the government can tear down some the neighborhoods in projects/ghettos and build luxury apartments and make the areas safe after building the new apartments but before they had a million reasons why it was dangerous and hard to make it safe

    It is called gentrification. I live in Clinton, Oxford and am amazed at how Washington and other places in Maryland have been remodeled. Gentrification, or urban gentrification, is a phenomenon in which low-cost, physically deteriorated neighborhoods undergo physical renovation and an increase in property values, along with an influx of wealthier residents who may displace the prior residents. Proponents of gentrification, including the FannieMae foundation, focus on the benefits of urban renewal, such as renewed investment in physically deteriorating locales, improved access to lending capital for low-income mortgage seekers as their property values increase, increased rates of lending to minority and first-time home purchasers to invest in the now-appreciating area and improved physical conditions for renters. Often initiated by private capital, gentrification has been linked to reductions in crime rates, increased property values and renewed community activism. Critics of gentrification often cite the human cost to the neighborhood's lower-class residents when debating the topic. Critics expound that the increases in rent often spark the dispersal of communities whose members find that they can no longer make monthly payments. It is also argued that these increases in property value bring about the closing of businesses. Additionally, the increase in property taxes may sometimes force or given incentive for homeowners to sell their homes and seek refuge in less expensive neighborhoods. While those who view gentrification as a positive phenomenon praise its effect on neighborhood's crime rates, those with different paradigms believe that the crime has not truly been reduced, but merely shifted to different lower-rent neighborhoods.

No credit file or no credit score?

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    Kenya Harber
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    Missouri O'Keefe
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    Rubye Koelpin
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