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    Panoramic Inc. had a beginning balance of $1,500 in its Accounts Receivable account. The ending balance of Accounts Receivable was $2,400. During the period, Panoramic recognized $35,000 of revenue on account. Panoramic’s Salaries Payable account has a beginning balance of $1,300 and an ending balance of $1,000. During the period, the company recognized $28,000 of accrued salaries expense. What is the net cash flow from operating activities?

    Cash receipts from customers = Opening bal of Oxford (net) + Sales – closing bal. of Oxford (net) = $1,500 + $35,000 - $2,400 = $34,100 Payment of salaries = Opening bal of Salaries Payable + Salaries – closing bal. of Salaries Payable = $1,300 + $28,000 - $1,000 = $28,300 What is the net cash flow from operating activities? Cash receipts from customers $34,100 less Payment of salaries $28,300 net cash flow from operating activities $5,800

How do I get a short term loan to move to another job for a professional job that doesn't include relocation assistance?

  • Helene Batz
    Helene Batz
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  • Wilber Funk
    Wilber Funk
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  • Magdalen Kutch
    Magdalen Kutch
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  • Parker Gottlieb
    Parker Gottlieb
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  • Webster Stamm
    Webster Stamm
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