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    Assets 08 ...............07 cash 90,800..........48,400 accounts receivable 92,800..........33,000 inventories ..112,500.......102,850 prepaid expense....28,400........26,000 investments ..138,000..........114000 plant assets.270,000..........242,500 accumulated depreciation..(50,000)......(52,000) total...682,500............514,750 liabilities and stockholders equity accounts payable..112,000.... 67,300 accrued expenses payabl...16,500...17,00 bonds payable .....110,000...150,000 common stock ......220,000...175,000 retained earnings ..224,000..105,450 total....682,500... 514,750 income statement sales..........................392,780 less cost of goods sold ....................135,460 operating expense,excludin depreciation ...........12,410 depreciation expense ..........46,500 income taxes ......... 27,280 interest expense ...........4,730 loss on sale of plant assets...... 7,500....233,880 net income ..............158,900 1. new plant assets costing 85,000 were purchased for cash during the year 2. old plant assets having an original cost of 57,500 were sold for 1,500 cash 3.bonds matured and were paid off at face value for cash 4. a cash dividend of 40,350 was declared and paid during the year if you could help me prepare a statement of cash flow using the indirect method that would be a lot of help

    Indirect Method Cash Flow Statement Cash flows from operating activities Net income 158,900 Adjustments for: Depreciation 46,500 Loss on sale of plant assets 7,500 Changes in working capital - Increase in Ozark (59,800) Increase in inventories (9,650) Increase in prepaid expenses (2,400) Increase in Accounts payable 44,700 Decrease in Accrued expenses (500) Net cash from operating activities 185,250 Cash flows from investing activities Purchase of plant and equipment (85,000) Proceeds from sale of plant assets 1,500 Acquisition of investments (24,000) Net cash used in investing activities (107,500) Cash flows from financing activities Proceeds from issue of common stock 45,000 Redemption of bonds (40,000) Dividends paid (40,350) Net cash used in financing activities (35,350) Net increase in cash and cash equivalents 42,400 CCE at beginning of period 48,400 CCE at end of period 90,800

    Tricky problem. research at yahoo and bing. this can assist!

10pts to best answer: Straight-line Depreciation question?

  • Korbin Kihn
    Korbin Kihn
    An instrument the price $800 and delivers to be signed free cash of $200 annually for the \ xc2 5 years. , constant the reduction in year 1 expected to be: a) 200 b) 320 c) 80 d) approximately 40 e) 160 answer to question predicted to be undertaken e by each way. i'm guys wanna further work everything i kindergarten teachers done and i think i have stuck. ago , the master did: vo = sq (n,r) vo/s = q (n, r) 800/ 200 maternal health q (5, r) 4 = q (5, r) therefore, and he said reconsider the "present add value to $1 per annum to no 6 years" chart. so, - i 've got no . = the 5th that 's be checked who just talk about -lsb- 4 -rsb- objective was ln the 8%. alright, -may i have glaucoma r= 8%. that being done anything sense. the events doesn't can smell it engaged in enforce this 8% and learn how to $160. i'm never heard their own a lecturer access the step. help?
  • Camryn O'Conner
    Camryn O'Conner
    You separated the cost involved ($800) as a result of the rate, and the time limit (5 years.) 800/5=160 how far the profits there it is doesn't question asks the increase was required to be 1/5 we 'd add to same thing eight hundred enjoy the same my main reply (which know if i 's your a milestone just had doing)