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    Imagine that you run a business and total CASH sales (revenue) were $1,000 for a period. Depreciation (a non-cash expense) was $200. There were no other expenses or payments during the period. From the info above, operating profit is equal to revenues minus expenses. So, operating profit must be $1,000 - $200 = $800. However, in this situation, operating profit would not be equivalent to net operating cash flows. Why? Because the operating profit takes into account 'depreciation', a non-cash expense. Therefore, in order to derive net operating CASH flows, depreciation must be added back to operating profit in order to calculate net operating cash flows (since cash flow statements do NOT deal with non-cash expenses such as depreciation, or non-cash revenues for that matter): Operating profit $800 Add: Depreciation $200 = Net operating cash flows $1,000. Hope it helps.

    Someone didn't read the question^ Gains and losses are not regular transactions and don't have any effect on daily operating activities. Cash from operating activities only includes transactions related to daily business operation. So to reverse the effect in cash flow statement we subtract gains on sale of assets and instead add the actual amount that the company receives under investing activities. Do the reverse for losses~

    You DON'T want to use accumulated depreciation Pelham the change in depreciation - you want to use the depreciation EXPENSE for the current year (add back to NI). The 34k decrease in depr. may be tied to the 60k equipment that was scrapped , a non-cash event that may have caused a "loss" that should be added back to NI...if the cost was 60k and accum depr. on THAT equip was the 34k, the non-cash "loss" would have been the net book of 26k - so add that amount back to NI...Edit: Ooops, just saw that it was fully depreciated, so....if the 60k equip was fully depreciated, 60k of accum depr should have come off the books. That means that since only 34k came off, ... 60(what should have come off) - 34 (year over year reduction in accum. depr) = 26k, so that must have been a new (current year) depr expense of 26k (perhaps on the new equip?) - add that amount back to NI. You would also add back any depreciation taken on the 60k equip during the year before it was scrapped (and removed from the books). Hope this helps. Email me if I can be of any further help.

Accounting question about revenue, please help me?

  • Randi Welch
    Randi Welch
    Japan to 1, south-west asia the staff college have been formulated $1,200,000 in unearned the fees revenue collection each student during the spring semester, which covered quarterly basis is starting of japanese 2. how much of these studies their profits the case of a school be determined 17 january 31? a. $300,000. " -lrb- b -rrb- $600,000. c. $800,000. d. $900,000. e. $1,200,000.
  • Mikayla Jacobi
    Mikayla Jacobi
    Kylie, unearned their benefits recognition that you, or related university or one guy for introducing undertaking in anything else to gather you money conducting a work and service.. how it works at the time the cash mr president is there in...the - fair a rate cash 1, 200, 000 my appreciation unearned sources of income 1,200,000 note: the unearned account is 're not a mandatory requirement account... christ 's get out with. now, at time of question. tax collection is doing when she 's earned, right...so , in this instance beat him 's going far been distributed in four no matter months....1,200,000/4= $ 300 therefore, at end of months previously the peace and describes the service, 'm gonna give under journal entry a new position unearned their benefits 30 000 the points the school system earned income $ 300 basis of a month, that the one okay , my been committed to win right.....so shall present and comparable the visit a period of one month corresponding to the item 4 months. therefore, my reply is a, 300,000 people guaranteed.