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    I hate answering questions where there are "arguments" made by people speaking different languages. So, let me provide basic Econ 101, so the words will be defined the way economist define them, not the way altra-conservative Mark Levin does, or those who listen to other talk show commentators, or read from right-winged webpages. Communism -- Government ownership of all the economic resources, especially of ownership, production, and distribution of private property, business, and means of creating economic capital. (In this system, the government may allow elections, but most examples in history have been dictatorships -- hardly no political freedom.) Socialism - Government owns the key industries of a nation, but still allows private property. Government can be either a dictatorship, limited monarchy, or democracy. Examples of this form exist throughout Europe, including England and France (although there is often a movement toward privitation during conservative governments). Under "socialism" there is a difference between "economic freeedom" and "political freedom." Common people under socialist systems have a little MORE economic freedom, because they won't have to worry about high costs of some essentials for life, like their education, utilities, health care, or retirement. Government provides basic services at reduced costs, whereas capitalist would expect more profit. Capitalist under socialism (those with wealth) get a little LESS economic freedom, because they cannot invest in, or make money from ownership of education, utliities, health care, or other 'industries" owned by the socialist government. But, as far as political freedom, say in England, or France, THAT is not effected by a socialist government. There are multiple parties and free elections in these countries. There IS another choice: The USA, because of it's fear of both Communism and Socialism, has a MIXED ECONOMY. When the government owns "education", or a utility, it does't forbid competition from private education, or private utilities. So, we have BOTH private owned electric companies, and some city/public owned electric companies. We have public hospitals and private hospitals in a Mixed Economy. In the USA, the turn we have taken since the New Deal of FDR was to "regulate" private industry, rather than own it. This regulation often "levels the playing field" such as when government sets a minimum wage, or mandates air-bags for all cars produced. But, ultra-conservatives equate REGULATION with socialism, or even communism. But, they are not the same. Ultra-conservatives equate environmental laws, and safety laws, or laws to help students go to school, as being socialism. Ulta-Conservatives, support PURE Capitalism, under the control of the "invisible hand" of Adam Smith, who wrote "Wealth of Nations." But, even Adam Smith did not favor unregulated capitalism. He also wrote that capitalism needs to be regulated by compassion, and concern for the community. Under Pure Capitalism (which our country never has been), there would be no laws controlling what a rich man could do with his property, or money. No zoning laws, no banking laws, we'd get something like all the fraud and scandals of the unregulated "sub-prime" housing loans. Recently read where $300,000,000 of money supposed put into escrow for burial plans has been lost by the key holder of that equity. It was unregulated, and thus stolen by those who were trusted to hold it to pay for funerals. That's the result of an unregulated market. Absolute power, leads to absolute corruption. A mixed-economy, reduces corruption, if the "regulators" are not in the pockets of the producers, or capitalist exploiting the market. So, when Obama suggests an alternative "single payer" insurance plan to help Americans pay for health problems, or doctor visits, conservatives yell "Socialism" when actually, at worse it's "mixed economy" whereby government plans compete with private plans. The "single payer health insurance plans" that I've studied, use private insurance to manage health care, but UNDER government REGULATION. Again, big difference between socialist ownership, and government regulation. If the "people", the electorate, can "regulate" then that actually gives us MORE political power and MORE economic power, than under capitalism, where only the rich can make key production decisions. It is capitalism, UNRegulated, that brings us $4.00+ a gallon gas. If capitalist owned our water utilities, we'd be paying $4.00 a gallon for water. Aren't we glad that most water utilities, are government owned? A "thinking" voter, will weigh the consequences of continued profit making by capitalist, without regulation, against the interests of the public. Sometimes the public interests should take precedence over private profit. Pell City SUMMARY: Obama and the Democratic Party supports a Mixed Economy, not Socialism. In a mixed-economy, you do not have to fear loss of political freedom. But, under Unregulated capitalism, you do have to fear losing your life, and property to terrible forces of the market, as millions may be losing their homes as we speak. And Unregulated capitalism doesn't care if millions cannot drive their cars, because market forces have put gasoline into the realm of luxury, not a necessity. When market forces gett out of wack, Democrats are willing to regulate them, whereas George Bush and John McCain have not, and will not, being in pockets of conservaitve capitalists. Regulation, I repeat is not socialism, when done inside a long-established Mix-Economy that the USA has prospered under.

    It's because they use the same wording year after year election after election and they consider anyone who doesn't agree with the GOP to be a socialist or a liberal. Their understanding of fundamental politics are solely lacking. BTW Fidel Castro does not embrace Barack Obama as anyone should well know and my link proves. It's doubtless that the people who embrace the concept of McCarthyism which pretty much most republicans do they lose more and more credability.

    I think Obama will stick to the liberal doctrine of believe in gold standard and free markets system. A democrat want to change the conservative conventional doctrine of maintaining the status quo and coupled with the evil and greedy intent of making the riches to become more richer, making the poor become poorer and die. I think Obama should take the wise men's advices to destroy the stock markets and housing industry gradually and completely. Liberal occasionally is being accused as socialist, but not quite the same at all. Obama should keep his words of making health cost will be affordable to every American, he should keep his words by making at least most of Americans will be able to get access to the American medical services and can afford to pay their bills back up by federal subsides. A good deomcrat is able to make the ultimate goal of American dream come true to all Americans. A socialist in the communist country is much different from the liberal in North America or Western Europe. Unlike the so called developed countries, China does control the inflation much better than the western world. Regardless of how Americans rated Obama, if he can make all Americans have house to live and foods on the table and healthy life, he is a good US prersident.

    I think if you did a little bit of research about socialism and then looked at Obama's platform (and even better his voting record-sparse though it may be) you might be able to answer your own question and thus avoid coming across as being "stuck on stupid" yourself. p.s. Also take a look at the political ideology of many of the individuals and organizations who support Obama's candidacy. Are you aware that Obama sought the endorsement of "The New Party" (a socialist/marxist political party) when he began his political career in Chicago? Are you also aware that the organization (ACORN) for which Obama worked as a "community activist" when he first came to Chicago is closely allied with "The New Party"? If you don't believe me google Obama and socialism or read the links below. edit: How funny, one of the previous posters and Obama supporters was both right and wrong. Take a look: "btw, socialism means giving less freedom to people and taking more control over them" (true) "it ridiculous when i see some of the comments telling obama is a socialist" (false---google or look at the links, they prove he is)

    "darker agenda" -pun intended? Scared of socialism? There are hints of return to McCarthyism is your question. Of all the economic theories, why Keynesian. It seems an inappropriate application, especially since Bush stimulus was not equated with Keynes.

    Funny Castro talked sweet about Obama. Look up socialism and get a clue!

    Lot of people with a lot of time, they spend watching news all day and just repeat what they hear those so called analysts tells without even know what that means ask them what socialism is roughly 2 out 10 would be able to tell btw, socialism means giving less freedom to people and taking more control over them, it ridiculous when i see some of the comments telling obama is a socialist lmao

    Walks like a duck, talks like a duck, parents were ducks, political mentor was a duck, earliest political supporters were ducks, has a history of hanging with ducks, platform is 'duck-friendly' and i'm supposed to guess he's a...turkey buzzard?

    How about Universal Health care for starters. Then there's the redistribution of wealth for another. Does he think this is the USA or the USSR?

    Read either one of his books and decide for yourself. BTW Sky, becoming a democrat is the first step towards becoming a Socialist.

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