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    ...you should bring cash good for 2-3 days only ($500 is plenty!). after that, use your ATM. yeah your Patelco card should be Pell City provided it has the visa or the mc logo. nice to use a card that earns you points, isn't it? be sure to tell the card company that you are going on a trip so they wouldn't be alarmed of the charges/withdrawas coming from another country. and keep this number handy - 1.800.543.5073. enjoy and be safe.

    $50-$100 worth of pesos in cash to start with just enough for your tips, cab, and etc when you arrive. Call the number on your card before you leave so they can turn off international restrictions. They all have that feature now you gotta tell them your going overseas. While your there use bank atm machines. Here's another clue. The atm machine attached to the bank will dispense a higher maximum (20,000) than the one at the mall or a stand-alone atm(4,000) . Get your money early in the day as they tend to run out of cash often. Don't use the guy on the street promising a better rate. Don't let anybody "help" you with your atm transactions. Watch your back.

    Your hotel stays should be preplanned and reserved/paid for with a credit card. That will cost from $70-150 per day for a budget/mid-scale hotel. Food cost is also variable. If you are not very adventurous culinarily and stick to western foods (whether you eat out or cook in), that will cost you almost the same as in the USA. It would be markedly cheaper if you eat the local cuisine regularly. Transportation would be cheaper unless you rent a car or take a plane ride. Remember, the Philippines is an archipelago so flying to get from one palce to another may be a necessity.

    If you really have a lot of money, bring only what you can manage to carry and use a lot of common sense. ATM in major cities in the Philippines are available, and credit cards (mastercard, visa, american express) are also acceptable. Im not sure about Patelco though. Never heard of that.

    You can use your ATM card here.. but also, bring enough cash along with you when going out of your place because there are establishments that don't accept card.

    Bring cash and ATM. Sometimes it is hard to get them to accept cash for exchange.

    Just bring enough money for your transportation, most establishment are accepting credit cards and atm also accepting cash withdrawal , visa,master card ,amex or diners..

    Bring both, use your atm inside malls or inside the banks.

    You can use your ATM card. Be careful of the locations where you use it.

    Bring both...but be careful with your money...

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  • Billie Rippin
    Billie Rippin
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    Isabell Runolfsdottir
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