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    I have this question for my exam and i tried to do it, but every time i get it wrong. can anybody help me please Prepare statement of cash flow for 2006. Calculate EPS, DPS and Book Value per share. BALANCE SHEETS Phenix City OF DECEMBER 31 2006/ 2005 ASSETS Cash 85,632/ 7,282 Accounts receivable 878,000/ 632,160 Inventories 1,716,480/ 1,287,360 Total current assets 2,680,112/ 1,926,802 Gross fixed assets 1,197,160/ 1,202,950 Less: accumulated depreciation 380,120/ 263,160 Net fixed assets 817,040/ 939,790 Total assets 3,497,152/ 2,866,592 Liabilities and equity Account payable 436,800/ 542,160 Notes payable 300,000/ 636,808 Accruals 408,000/ 489,600 Total current liabilities 1,144,800/ 1,650,568 Long term debt 400,000/ 723,432 Common stock 1,721,176/ 460,000 Retained earnings 231,176/ 32,592 Total equity 1,952,352/ 492,592 Total liabilities and equity 3,497,152/ 2,866,592 Income statement 2006 Sales 7,035,600 Costs of goods sold 5,875,992 Other expenses 550,000 Total operating costs excluding deprecation 6,425,992 EBITDA 609,608 Deprecation 116,960 EBIT 492,648 Interest expense 70,008 EBT 422,640 Taxes (40%) 169,056 Net income 253,584 thanks guys, i need the answer before next week

    There are several errors in your question: gross fixed assets decresed by $5790 but you didn't give notes on what happened to the assets (were they sold and for how much, what was the gain or loss?), the total current liabilities for 2005 is wrong, and total equity for 2005 is wrong. I made the following assumptions - the fixed assets of $5790 were written off/down, and the Account payable for 2005 is 524,160 instead of 542160. Cash flows from operating activities Net income 253,584 Adjustments to reconcile net income to net cash provided by operating activities Increase in accounts receivable (245,840) Increase in inventories (429,120) Decrease in accounts payable (87,360) Decrease in accruals (81,600) Decrease in notes payable (336,808) Depreciation expense 116,960 Fixed assets written off 5,790 Net cash used in operating activities (804,394) Cash flows from financing activities Cash received from issuing stock 1,261,176 Cash paid to retire L-T debt (323,432) Cash paid for dividends (55,000) Net cash from financing activities 882,744 Net increase in cash 78,350 Cash balance at beginning of year 7,282 Cash balance at end of year 85,632 In future pls post correct data, otherwise you're wasting everyone's time.

    The income assertion permits you to subtract out depreciation, amortization, and depletion while determining internet income yet those selection from different expenses in which you do not write a examine for them such as you may a telephone bill. once you artwork out money flows you're taking this into consideration - so this assertion grants methods money certainly strikes into and out of your organization.

How can i litigate against unethical student loan practices?

  • Mohamed Harris
    Mohamed Harris
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  • Arturo O'Conner
    Arturo O'Conner
    Call 1-800-4-fed-aid , and requested that them. the ombudsmen could possibly its use papers for federal states accompanying measures (such back in stafford loan).