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    I am applying next year. I am looking for a college that fits all of my interests and is around my academic qualifications. I want a school with more than 7,000 students, good at men's and women's basketball, good at football, has a good med-school placement rate, has a good academic reputation, has a good local atmosphere. I have a 4.0 unweighted GPA/ 4.53 weighted. 32 composite ACT. 3 AP classes. A school that will provide scholarship money would be great. I'm from PA. I'm thinking about: Penn State, Ohio State, Vanderbilt, University of Virginia, UNC, Michigan State, University of Michigan Which would be best based off everything above? And if there are any other schools you would suggest, please do so! Thanks!!!!!

    Well, all of those schols meet your requirements. If you're aiming for scholarships for merit, then Michigan State, Ohio State, and Penn State are going to be better bets. I would rate you as a safety or a very strong target applicant for all three of these, so you're not only likely to get in but also likely to get scholarships from them. The others (UVA, UNC, UMich, but not Vandy) are three that I applied to this year, and man, it's a hike at all of them. I got into UMich under Early Action (this is where I'm attending next fall because I'm from MI), got rejected Early Action from UNC Chapel Hill, and cannot afford UVA. Note that UVA and UNC Chapel Hill guarantee to meet 100% of financial need; however, this isn't how much you say you need. It's all based on government projections, which are always higher than you can actually afford to pay. If I had to pay what the govt. says I can, my family literally would not eat. Vandy is tough to get into as well, but I can't say much about it because I just don't know. UMich offers little financial aid besides loans for both merit and need based. UVA and UNC will at least offer good packages for need, but because all the applicants are so good, there's little merit-based. Evaluate your financial situation and judge accordingly. If you are looking mostly for merit-based, then these three (UMich, UVA, UNC) would be bad choices. If you think that need-based is something you'll qualify for, then maybe try for UVA and UNC a bit more. I can't really say one way or another on Vandy. As far as academics, UMich, UVA, and UNC are all rated in the top 5 publics in the nation (along with UC Berkeley and UCLA), so you really cannot go wrong. Vandy is strong, too. All four have great med school placement (UNC in particular is known for its med school and undergrad prep for it). In terms of "college town" feel, I haven't seen Nashville, College Park, or Columbus, but I will offer some analysis on the other 4: -East Lansing (MSU)-Basically, MSU is East Lansing. There are a few bars and a couple shops, but for the most part, MSU is rural and has nothing there except the college. This paves the way for a very pretty campus with many trees; however, with so many students, the campus is GIGANTIC. It takes an hour or more to cross the campus, and some students complain that it can be 40 mins to class. Also, the social life is mostly drinking. -Ann Arbor (UMich)-Very nice town and cosmopolitan beyond its population. For a city, it's fairly green; however, UMich leaves something to be desired in aesthetic beauty. A2 has many nice bars and a roaring football scene, but the college isn't pretty like MSU, UNC, or UVA. Many artistic performances (A2 is sometimes called the arts capital of MI) in town. Drinking is prominent, but many UMich students don't drink. Of the Big 10, it's the least party oriented. I'd take my analysis here with a grain of salt as this is where I'm going, so I obviously fancy Ann Arbor :) -Charlottesville (UVA)-It's a small city, and for the most part, the social scene is based around the campus, not the city. You get a sense that UVA is isolated in a bubble, something that I did not like about UVa. Additionally, it's kind of preppy, and greek life is said to rule the social scene. Football isn't as popular here as at UMich or MSU (really sports in general). Chapel Hill, Prattville (UNC Chapel Hill)-Beautiful town, aesthetically pleasing campus. Not too spread out, but not too tiny either. Very quaint southern town with a definite "southern feel" to it. Ribs are a big thing (it's NC; what did you expect?). Drinking is prominent, but there are other things to do in town, too. I hope I could help a little bit.

    Those are all good schools, although UVA and UNC-Chapel Hill are hard to get into if you're from out-of-state. Depending on how far you want to travel, some other schools to consider are Indiana, Wisconsin-Madison, Notre Dame (although not much of a bar scene there), Maryland-College Park, Duke and Wake Forest. Wake is smaller than your 7,000 student limit, but they have Division I sports, a lovely campus and a friendly atmosphere. If you're planning to visit UNC, you could easily visit Wake, Duke and N.C. State on same trip because they're fairly close together.

    Any of these schools sound good. I would consider your location, financial needs, and major. Some people choose to go to a junior college first to get expericence and learn how college works. You don't want to be overwhelmed to quickly. Also, dorm rooms and housing are expensive and you may not like the options you have (for example community bathrooms or roomate situations)

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  • Judy Brakus
    Judy Brakus
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  • Jovanny Abshire
    Jovanny Abshire
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  • Joannie Corwin
    Joannie Corwin
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    Johan Morissette
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