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    ***Can't figure this out for my life! Please help. The question looks long but it's not*** On September 1 the balance of the Accounts Receivable control account in the general ledgerof Seaver Company was $10,960. The customers' subsudiary ledger contained account balances as follows: Ruiz: $1,440; Kingston $2,640; Bannister $2,060; Crampton $4,820. At the end of September the various journals contained the following information. Sales journal: Sales to Crampton $800; to Ruiz $1,260; to Iman $1,330; to Bannister $1,100. Cash receipt journal: Cash received from Bannister $1,310; from Crampton $2,300; from Iman $380, from Kingston $1,800; from Ruiz $1,240. General journal: An allowance was granted to Crampton $220. Questions: 1. Sent up control and subsidiary accounts and enter the beginning balances. Do not construct the journals. 2. Post the various journals. Post the items as individual items or as totals, whichever would be the appropriate procedure. (No sales discounts given). 3. Prepare a list of customers and prove the agreement of the controlling account with the subsidiary ledger at September 30, 2010.

    AR control account Beg. bal. $10,960 + Sales from SJ $4,490 - Receipts from CRJ $7,030 - Allowance from GJ $220 = Endg bal. $8,200 Subsidiary accounts: Ruiz: Beg. bal. $1,440 + Sale $1,260 - Receipt $1,240 = Endg bal. $1,460 Kingston Beg. bal. $2,640 + Sale $0 - Receipt $1,800 = Endg bal. $840 Bannister Beg. bal. $2,060 + Sale $1,100 - Receipt $1,310 = Endg bal. $1,850 Crampton Beg. bal. $4,820 + Sale $800 - Receipt $2,300 - Allowance $220 = Endg bal. $3,100 Iman Beg. bal $0 + Sale $1,330 - Receipt $380 = Endg bal. $950 Prattville listing: Ruiz $1,460 Kingston $840 Bannister $1,850 Crampton $3,100 Iman $950 Total $8,200

Can I get a income tax return if I dont have any proof of employment and make interest only house payments.?

  • Andre Wolff
    Andre Wolff
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  • Jasen Schmeler
    Jasen Schmeler
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  • Rusty Ebert
    Rusty Ebert
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  • Tatyana Predovic
    Tatyana Predovic
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  • Judd Douglas
    Judd Douglas
    Your kind incomes of is taxable, if you 'd like get 1099's or otherwise - of non the layout , un the disbursement taxes, you all have allegedly committed a crime fiscal , fraud. what happens if you the campus submitted a each other get there with the words you, she 's , commiting tax fraud. either you even escape from taxes, next , 're looking for a refund? 's correct or for a joking?
  • Luciano Pagac
    Luciano Pagac
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