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    Hi I am having some trouble answering these 3 questions, I would be glad if someone can help me with the answers, I want to make sure I have the correct ones! 1. If a company is highly leveraged, this means that it has relatively low risk of not being able to repay its debt. TRUE Prattville FALSE 2. During the month of February, Hoffer Company had cash receipts of $7,500 and cash disbursements of $8,600. The February 28 cash balance was $1,800. What was the January 31 beginning cash balance? 3.Which of the following groups of accounts AREN´T balance sheet accounts? a. Assets b. Liabilities c. Revenues d. Equity accounts e. All of the above are balance sheet accounts Thank you very much!

    1. False Highly leveraged means more risk per capital. 2. $2900.00 = 8600-7500+1800 3. Revenues They go in the income statement.

Can I cash my dads check at his bank as long as I have my id?

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    Else Waelchi
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    Clair Kreiger
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    Chris Nikolaus
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