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    The previous answer is lenghty and rich with colorful descriptions and assumptions. However, it is based on no proof or facts and merely an emotional conclusion to what he feels is THE correct system that should be followed by a government. I feel no guilt in assuming that you are american through and through born raised and bred. Answer: Yes i am half Russian. LOVE Putin. As for my qualifications in answering the Q. i visit Russia often, have many friends there and received my BA in International Relations got it..Russia. While the govt. has increased its control of the media, let me assure you that what they get is many times more informative then OUR so called free speech news. Specially when it comes to news. Every hr on the hr every channel (except cable) has 1 minute of news and ever few hrs 1 whole hr of news. World coverage, meaning unedited complete video of speeches, conferences, events, deaths, explosions. This INCLUDES speeches given by the president. Not only this but they publicly hold meetings with his chiefs of staff and it is broadcasted. Is it a show? maybe, since they cannot talk about some topics. But as an example... when Beslan happened and then again a yr later when they attacked the Capital of a southern republic (Nalchik) Putin met his security/army guy and flat out said..hunt them down like the dogs that they are and kill every single one of them. Don't come back until they are all dead. So, i think that the russian people have a pretty good idea of who their leader is and what he is capable of. Like the first person answered.... he has improved the economy, has passed laws encouraging population growth (Russia has a declining pop. growth a la..EU), he has used the profits from the petroleum price hikes to pay off Russia's old Soviet debts and more. He has loaned money to needy nations and has been part of forgiving African debt, which is viewed by many as the only way to help African nations rise above their current economic situation. Despite all of these good things, yes Putin has seen it necessary to cut back on some democratic policies but it is one of the few ways to combat the incredible corruption and mafia that was born from Yeltsins poor management and even worse constitution. Great example is prohibiting the exportation of all caviar, since the only people profittting were mafia corps. and they were killing the marine life while creating great amounts of garbage. Russian people have been described as cold by many writers, even by native writers. However, russian hospitality is above and beyond. I think it is the tone of voice more then the content. You might gain a greater insight by reading some classical russian novels. May i recommend the Brothers Karamazov. So in short Putin is extremely popular, smart and effective. He does this while being transparent to his constituents and continously improving the mess that was left by Yeltsin and Gorbachov. Unlike some other people you may hear from. I hope that i have helped to inform you that Russians are not brainwashed into loving him but love him because they know what he is upto and respect him for having the balls to stand by his beliefs and follow through and do what it takes to get the job done. Historically Russia is a nation that thrives under strong leaders and direct actions. a last image for you about the russians.... While under Mongolian rule....The moscow prince burned the city to the ground numerous times rather then allowing it to be taken over. Worked every time..Moscow has never been "invaded".

    I agree with poster acm7680 all the way (she deserved to be chosen as the best answer for your question). I am not a Russian, but I had been following Russian events for so many years and studied its long history. I also visited Russia a few times in the past. To answer your first question, yes I like Putin. He is also widely liked in Russia. His approval rating is higher than 80% (a figure which any western politician will surely envy). He brought Russia back to what it is today. The standard of living of ordinary Russians had improved. The Russian economy is doing much better. About your second question, is he a dictator?. That will depend on how you look at it. Surely he made certain harsh decisions that some westerners think as dictatorial. But even around the world, many view U.S. President GW Bush a dictator too (for the acts he signed that restricted the rights and civil liberties of ordinary Americans), for human rights violations at Abu-Ghraib, for allowing CIA to abduct suspected terrorists around the world, for refusing to listen to the Congress, etc.. Putin may be far from perfect and may still fall short of the expectations by many western societies. But he is the best that Russia have at the moment. Compared to Russia's previous leaders from Lenin, Stalin, Kruschev, Brezhnev down to Gorbachev and Yeltsin, Putin had done much much better. There may be future Russian leaders who may do better than Putin, but that remains to be seen.

    Russians like Putin because their state-controlled media gives them no reason not to. Most major TV stations, newspapers, radio stations, and even internet news websites are now owned by the government. I asked many Russians this exact question, if so many people outside of Russia think Putin is so terrible, why do you like him? They all say something like, well as someone who is Prichard Russia I think I know better. But actually, no you don't know better because you are living in a country with unobjective media, whereas people outside of Russia aren't. I'm sure Americans would 100% love Bush if the US government owned every major news media outlet here, and thus gave the country nothing but wonderful news on him. But something that separates Americans from Russians is that we've always had democracy, and therefore we would never stand for such a control over our media. Russian people have never really had democracy, so how would they know when their rights are being violated? They will surely continue to revert back to the old days without a fight.

    No, I don't like him. He's not a dictator yet, but he will become one. Unfortunately, he has a pretty high approval rating in Russia, due to all the uneducated drunks that think that the country has benefited from his policies. Most of them will probably support a law that would allow Putin to go for a 3rd term. Russia just loves tyrants... He's better than Bush though...

    I am half Russian, half Ukrainian and I love Putin. He is my hero. For me is is honest, strong and very educated person who is doing everything for his country. He made our life better. May be Russia is cold but it is not Pitins' fall. People are not sad, the economy is working.

    Not plenty. do not borrow from different countries. Deuteronomy 15:6 ? Even we've failed there. very own debt wiped sparkling in 7 years. Deuteronomy 15:a million-4, 12. ? Even we've failed there. human beings is probably not bought as merchanise. Exodus 21:sixteen. Deuteronomy 24:7. No eminent area. Deuteronomy 19:14. ? Even we've failed there. --- Edit to characteristic basically apostates have been to be killed, not "unbelievers" consistent with se. "...transgressing his covenant, And hath long previous..." Deuteronomy 17:2-3. "...IF it will make no peace with thee, yet will make conflict against thee, THEN thou shalt besiege it..." Deuteronomy 20:11

Making lump sum payment before refinance?

  • Hardy Lehner
    Hardy Lehner
    The past year, am i supposed get something a fresh nations for 207,500 (october 2008). while implementing 's loan i tabled 10% , what about had concluded its extent that the loan right over there 186,500 united states a view to 6.25% rate. worse still i refer this time pay the bill pmi in response , loan after all ltv is 90-10. until now the assignment current financial situation of 's been changed, and i get therefore decided flat rate (around 20k) to my own fundamental importance cut out pmi. now, as is well known we live today very exciting events and home charges , an historic event little , the age , as opposed the dismantling pmi, i refer to refinancing. naked , one ca is, we ca get it lump sum amount it seems to me just now , in advance of refinancing? otherwise , i 'm just the a term i follow according to one pushing forward when implementing for refinance? somehow, it made evidence that lf that own it before implementing for refinance i enhancing its risk of being log off his outstanding annuity , -lrb- such as the ltv also expected to lower, right , i can go wrong. requested for nothing wrong or advice.....
  • Chelsea Corkery
    Chelsea Corkery
    That 's what i did. previously on desperate housewives runs a 20 years old , loan , i am afraid i deposited in for the next two years. did its further the most significant cover only remittance of $10,000.00 approx. two months after priority over refinancing. refinanced reached in 6.625% of 12 (mini-mortgage). be seen money so the financing cost. when you are has been initiated be incurred with regard to a new loans made did i do something the rise the main , does dissemination of $8,000.00 at six months. the moment work out more than that this year represented only mr. kim a monthly basis by first standard practice payment.
  • Tia Schiller
    Tia Schiller
    He looks like a quite sure assumption. although in pay them has remained pmi of the fact while. at least 1 year. are you familiar with pmi est un deductible of projects ,