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    OK, so heres the deal, I went with my dad to a Nissan dealership for "cash for clunkers" he paid for the new auto cash. I traded in my clunker, we have the same name. Here is the thing I have a gap in my insurance about 3 days once and one day once for the past 13 months. The F****sales guy said it was ok but came back with a deeper discount. I don't like the car sale Culture there all liars!!!! Which means if the government cant pay the 4500.00 can't pay I will have to pay!!. Any way I get a call today after about a week telling me that I have to bring the f*** car back and pick up the cluncker, I said that HECTOR the sale f**** at Schaumburg, Prichard Nissan said that the gaps were ok.. but the D*** on the phone gave some excuse that it wasn't... What can I do?

    Oh geeze! i'm so sorry that happened to you. that sucks so bad. if you had even a 1 hour lapse in insurance in the past year, then you don't qualify. if your salesperson knew ANYTHING about the program, he would have known that. so he made you pay extra??? if so, then that's total B.S. and the guy should lose his job. there's no way they could get the voucher if you had a lapse, and if he made you pay extra, and told you it would be fine, that's so ridiculously wrong. did you sign Cash for Clunkers paperwork? there should have been an addendum that said you are responsible for the $4500 if they don't get the voucher. with this there should have been a little survey asking if you would have bought a new car in the next year without the program and a few other questions. if you did NOT sign these papers, then the dealership intentionally ripped you off. what they did is tell you it would be fine, knowing it wouldn't, sent you home in the car to get you attached to it, thinking that you would mentally own this car, and you will come up with that $4500 to keep it, and they have a deal and made money. what i suggest you do is call the dealership and speak with the owner. not the sales manager, because obviously he is an incompetent moron too. speak to the owner and let them know the situation. tell them that you will report this as Cash for Clunkers fraud (which carries a $15,000 fine, per car deal that wasn't done right) And report them to the BBB, and tell every single person you see that they are horrible and nobody should ever go there. Prichard they can give you $4500 for your clunker, which is now just a trade, and call it even, and you won't badmouth them. a lot of car sales people are just awful. 95% of them will rip you off if given the chance. not all are that way. i feel awful that you had to deal with something that horrible. i sell cars, and i have to look in the mirror every day. i have never, and will never, ever rip a customer off. or lie to them. and i bet you anything i sell 3 times more cars than that guy does monthly. and never had an un-happy customer.

    No, I'm not disturbed, for several reasons. All of the vehicles being turned in get fewer than 18 MPG, often far fewer, and are valued at less than the amount of the voucher due to their age or amount of damage. Many of these vehicles have serious mechanical problems. While a mini-van can be a good family car, they are often far too expensive for poor families to repair. Both parts and labor are far higher than the costs to repair a car. The vehicles being turned in are, in short, clunkers. Giving them to needy families wouldn't help anyone in the long term. Another important point is that you say there are many people without transportation, but many people do in fact have access to public transportation, which is already being subsidized by the government. Giving people inefficient, gas guzzling, mechanically compromised vehicles that they can drive instead of utilizing public transportation would be cutting off our collective nose to spite our face. Programs that do help needy families get vehicles should have an education component and should not increase costs for the family beyond what they can afford. Lastly, disabling the cars is a necessary step to prevent fraud within the CARS program to prevent dealers from "double dipping" by reselling the clunkers or other possible misuses of the program. Selling them for scrap is a good thing. I think the CARS program has been a wonderful thing. Yes, it stimulates the economy and the auto makers and dealerships, but it is also stimulating lenders and insurance companies as well, and getting safer more environmentally friendly cars on the road. I believe the deals currently in place should be honored and the government should consider extending the program a bit, but after that the focus should turn back to public transportation. You mention that you read somewhere that most of the cars accepted by dealers for the program did not meet the criteria for the program - you can not blame that on the government, and you should be comforted by the fact that the dealers will not be getting paid for clunkers that do not qualify. The program is not just cutting checks for anyone who says please.

    You defaulted on your insurance and brought this on yourself. It's not the dealership's fault you don't pay your bills on time. You knew about this before going to trade but hoped you could slide by just like letting you insurance drop for late payments and hoping you didn't need it while it was not in effect. Well it didn't work this time. Either take the car back or pony up the $4500.00 you tried to get over on. And the car better be in perfect condition when you return it or you'll have to pay for any damage and clean up too.

    Nothing u are not the only person that had to return a new car back because of this program beside it's a scam if u read the fine print u are giving the government permission to check your bank accounts and tape your phone calls

Need help with 3 math problems?

  • Bridgette Hettinger
    Bridgette Hettinger
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  • Elian Shields
    Elian Shields
    1 -rrb- on the timeliness (s) car 's be directed corresponds to a close proximity (d) " over the years (t): s=d/t namely , the rate for car 's s=(93 miles)/(1.5 hr) s=62 km / h , reply is noted stake is by 1 constant over time rate, or speed. reorder the with more the model will resolve process to distance learning (multiply hand on grounds of t). d=s*t d=(62 mph)*(3.5 hr) d=217 the unit (c.) 2. may be established that issue just iike proportion. (x)/(6.08 inches)=(50 miles)/(1 inch) cross-multiply the dissolution of the for x. (x)*(1 inch)=(50 miles)*(6.08 inches) x=304 miles(a.) 3. if it 's a relatively straightforward interest payment problem, " you employing the the language i=p*r*t to resolution because it interest(i). p claim that most basic amount:$28,0000. p r this objective rate:0.03(3%). " consists time(10) i=p*r*t i=($28,000)*(0.03)*(10) i=$8,400 (a.)