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    I don't care about the fees, I will have the 4k in cash by May 2010 but I have to pay my college tuition for the spring semester by late January. I have two credit cards, one with Capitol One and one with Bank of America. I have never gone over my limit and all my transactions are paid off...I just really have an emergency.

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    I doubt it. Some banks will let you go over the limit a little but many are changing their policies because of recent economic problems and regulatory changes. I doubt that they would let you go to double or triple your limit. Also, your minimum payment will be 2% - 5% of your balance up to the limit and 100% of the excess over the limit as well as any over limit charges. If you don't pay the minimum, it gets reported to the bureaus as a missed payment and your credit gets trashed. You don't have to pay the tuition by late January. You have two options. One, just don't pay. The only thing they will do is add a late fee (which you said you don't mind) and put a lock on your records. So as long as you pay up before you need to register for the following semester or need a transcript, you're OK. Better still would be to talk to the bursar's office. Every college anyone in my family has ever dealt with has had some kind of payment plan with reasonable rates and fees. Put 1800 on your cards and defer the rest with the college.

    Depends on the type of card...I have a Capital One card that asked me if I wanted a service where I could go OVER my credit limit...basically meaning it would get approved, but I'm sure there are a lot of fees that go along with an over balance amount. It would be best to ask your school to bill you in months. I went to U of Prichard and I was able to do that. Much more manageable.

    You're able to repay the $4 hundred stability and not use the two card except you have an emergency. for each $10 charged to a card you are able to shop lots greater. The previous adage of pay with money or shop you cash till you will pay is the suitable thank you to stay your life in case you ever elect to own a house and stay different than that, debt loose. stay removed from the credit enjoying cards, they're a seize at any activity value.

    No. Unless one of those is a debit card, in which case maybe, but you will have all kinds of fees.

    Sorry not going to happen will be denied within 30 seconds after you scan it

    99% of the time it will be declined. They will only let it pass when you go $50-$200 over, not $3,000.

    You might be able too but it would be best to call them and ask for a credit increase to be sure.

    No, you cannot. That's what card limits are all about.

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  • Anabelle Willms
    Anabelle Willms
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  • Javonte Beer
    Javonte Beer
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  • Gilberto Daniel
    Gilberto Daniel
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