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    Ok so i work for dominos as a delivery driver, i went in there and i had been told i could write off mileage added onto my car for a deduction, when i asked the lady, she danced around the subject and talked about all these other forms, and acted like we would get back to that. then, she went ahead and filed my forms without doing anything about the deductions. didnt they put it in my butt here? i could file taxes on my own for free if i didnt try to deal with deductions, so i paid 75$ to her, and she didnt even try to get me more money. do you think she f'ed me over? at least take me out to eat before you eff me that hard...

    If you are single and have over 5350 in deductions, you can itemize. keep your receipts and begin a diary of your expenses. You can deduct only the miles that you are actually delivering in your car or running errands for your boss {long story, I won't get in to the subject if you are using your company vehicle}. Now you know NOT to ever go to H&ripoff. And jackson-dimwit are just as dumb and just as unscrupulous. Just do Turbotax, FreetaxUSA, Taxbrain or Taxact. eFile on the Federal only and the free Federal eFile. Then go to your State website. You can find it in any search engine. You type in your State along with "department of taxation". E.g, I typed in Roanoke Department of Taxation on yahoo and "New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration" came up. That's the government body that collects income tax {and I believe all taxes} for the State of New Hampshire. I say all of that because several States do not charge on their website to do income taxes. So you can eFile the State return for free. If the IRS accepts your return, you should get your State back in 5 business days and your Federal in 10-15 business days depending upon how late in the season. This also depends upon the software not messing up. You have to keep checking to make sure it went through. I've bought very expensive software before (drake) and it didn't go through. I got all kinds of lies and excuses for why it didn't go through, depending upon which rep answered the phone. Do your taxes online. If your return is complex, look up an enrolled agent on the National Association of Enrolled Agents website. Click on "find an enrolled agent". Type in your city, town, State or zip. Enrolled agents are professional and have power of attorney with the IRS. Block has to cease their "business". Firstly, the firm is not to print the SS# of the client on any of the Tax software they send out. Secondly, they are not to advertise "refund anticipation loans". Not only were they never necessary, they are not ethical, the interest rate annualized - especially when you add the fees and figure them in - is outrageous. In addition, it is unwise to do what boiler room unscrupulous preparers do. Their motivation violates IRS ethics, block should not want to be associated with such unconscionable shenanagans. In the case of refund anticipation loans, the motivation is NOT to help the client. The client is seldom informed that he/she may be turned down for the loan due to a government agency seizure or the IRS wanting to examine the return. That means you pay the ERO and bank fees in vain. Here's a couple that may be decent: Turbo-tax, Tax-act and may be Tax-brain. I used Tax-act for the first time. It is slow; you have to start all over again if you want to change a business or capital gain/loss entry for example. But it is free so long as you only do the Federal and ignore all the pop-ups for upgrades. They are the last 2 of the references I listed. Unless you are in a complicated tax situation, you do not need expensive software. I found this out the hard way. Wow! One thing to watch out for: refund anticipation loans {RALs}: Don't do it. What they do is USURY and should be illegal. These "emerald" loans are just as unscrupulous as the whole life insurance companies. Instead of being remorseful and ceasing to attempt to bleed the public, they came out with universal life. What a ripoff!! Now, Block with their refund anticipation loans, instead of ceasing such things, have come out with the "emerald loans", or "green emerald loans". They want to trap you in to having no choice but to return to them. That's the same as whole life insurance. I heard more prospective clients tell me "I've put too much in to it. I can't get out". Same scenario. So don't go to Block. Here is a testimonial: "If you got an emerald advance line done from them in December probably yes {you're trapped in to returning to that outfit}. If you can, do not go to H&R Block this year. My sister got an advance done in December and she paid through the teeth this tax season. She paid almost double what she did in 2006. Also, they are not issuing checks anymore, either. They are giving the early anticipation loans now on a debit card. My advice for you is to go to a local private tax preparer who will probably do the return for under $100. They can e-file the tax return and you won't have to pay the outrageous fees. So if you did have H&R Block do an advance in December you'll have to have them finish the other part of the return for 2007. If you didn't then you won't have to return there." More on the sick joke of going to H& ripoff: "In addition, I'd try to use something like Turbo Tax. All HR Block are doing is running software and asking you the questions. When my wife and I first bought our house we were a little apprehensive about doing the taxes, so we went to HR Block. What a mistake. The guy at HR Block was asking us the questions that popped up on his computer. During this process we had a question about an item. The guy at HR Block said he didn't know and he was only putting in what we told him to put in. This cost us $150! I ended up not letting them submit the taxes electronically because I had to look up my question. What a rip off! Turbo Tax costs about $50 and does the same thing". When my ex and I went to H&dumb dumbs, we found we owed a large tax bill. They calculated penalty and interest for us. That's up to the taxpayer and the IRS!! We had claimed 4 exemptions. Then the H& dumbbell rep said "drop 'em". That's what she said. All the things you can legally do to save on your taxes; all the deductions and credits; all the ways you can save on your income taxes and you can find more ways every year. That's what she said: "drop 'em". No questions; no deductions; no asking about receipts and diaries of expenses; no list to prepare to save on taxes in future years - worse than worthless! In a subsequent year, the moron told us that we were employers and had to withhold social security from our babysitter. The limit for reporting income then was $600. We only paid around $50 to the babysitter. Yet H&R dumb dumb told us that we were employers and had to withhold tax from this poor lady!! They did not tell us to get a second opinion!!! The idiot did not know the tax law. Further, the idiot and the thief told us that their company {H&R ripoff} would graciously amend our income tax return. Then they charged us the equivalent fee without any advance warning!! They said they would do it. They did not have to; they lied. then they made it appear as if they would do it without a fee, since there was only one entry to change. The fact that they are still in business show how illiterate taxpayers are about their taxes. That's what started my business. I got tired of overpaying my taxes. I went into competition with H&dishonest and exposed them. Another testimonial. You see how this all ties together. H&R ripoff is not looking out for you, the taxpayer: "Dont! They work with the government to screw you! Yes I've had them done there. I also have a accountant friend who worked there one day and quit when she saw how they were doing people. She was trying to help save people money and her boss pulled her aside and said we don't do that here!"

    If you are an employee, you can only deduct your mileage if you can itemize your deduction. If you are single, you must have over $7,400 in deductions for it to be worth itemizing. Itemizing includes interest you pay on a mortgage, taxes on a house, state income tax you pay, charitable donations and some other items. I doubt you can itemize, in which case H&R was exactly correct in not pursuing your deduction for mileage. After H&R does your taxes, you are not required to pay their fee if you are not satisfied. If you did, Oh Well, you learned a lesson one might hope.

    There are a couple of hurdles to get over before an employee can deduct their mileage. Depending on how much you drove, it may not have been worth it. Take you return back to the office and have someone else review it to see.

    I don't doubt it, they cheated me out of at least $300.00, and then they charged off more than what they said they would. I have been going there for years and they lost me as a customer. I have to re apply so I get what they wouldn't and I was entirely entitled to, They just have a get it over with and collect the fee attitude. I'm never going there ever again.

    First of all the only way you can deduct your miles if it is your business, second of all you didn't have to pay her if you had you w2s in hand you could of walked like a man

Where is my best chance to be approved for a home equity line of credit?

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    Leslie Hudson
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    Heidi Ritchie
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    Harold Brown
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