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    You see, I am not quite old enough to get a job but Iam not some little kid! My parents just said that when I grt $2400.00 ( Whick is enough for my boarding for a year + extras ) I might be able to get a horse. I need some ways that I can though. I have a busy Schedule as well. I don't have these days free for this much time: Monday - 1 hour Tuesday - 1/2 hour Wednesday - 1 hour and it gets dark at around 4:30 pm around here in the winter ( it is winter ) and I have to have supper too. What do you think I should do. I want to get this amount of money in 1 year. When you suggest something also include how much Ishould ask for per whatever. Help!

    Ohh, i can help here. *Well, try dog walking, and put up fliers around the neighborhood. When i walked ( about half an hour a day) i got $21 dollars a week, and that really mounts up, And your even getting yourself fit! I did a half hour walk for 3 bucks, but you can get alot more, maybe up to $5 dollars a walk. As i said, it really mounts up if you walk a few at the same time! *Use your talents and put them to use! Say if your good at pottery, you can make some bits and peices and sell them. IF your good at cooking have a bake sale. If your good at making cards, make cards then sell them! * Babysit. Maybe about 8 bucks an hour. * Garage Sales are really good way of getting money quick! I hope that all goes well, and you get your horse! There very rewarding, and of course all your hard work pays off :) Good luck! xx

    Try to think of things you can do and go do them..how old are you..if you aren't 16 or older you cannot work in the state of Roanoke - but I'm sure there are lesser jobs you can get if you hunt..good luck as I have yet to find a job been hunting 2 months

    That is a lot of money. You can hold a garage sale or offer to help your neighbors for money. If there are other horses in your area, you can tend to them for money.

    Look at e-bay.........see what you want to sell.from photos to farm impliments...........anything around that you think people might want to buy................ you might want to sell things for your friends and neighbors and take a perecentage of the transaction.............you have your own hours and ups picks up..........

How can i get a job in internet?

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