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    Non holidays no less than $5.15 per hour(cash) This is the minimum wage in the U.S. Why should you work for less, when you could work for a fast food establishment with less hours. Holidays $1.00 per hour more (They celebrate the holiday, you give up yours.)With record-high gas prices nationwide, the Internal Revenue Service has raised the mileage reimbursement rate from 40.5 cents a mile to 48.5 cents per mile. Remember one thing: They need you, more than you need them.

    I would check with the local day cares to see what they are charging. If she is expecting you to clean the house then definitely ask for a little more. Plus, you can't stay at home all day with them so you will have to figure in the cost of movies or other fun activities that you may want to do with them. Fortunately that is an age where they are a little more independent and not as exhausting as say a toddler or baby. However, I still wish you luck! PS- Don't forget to add in the cost for a much needed happy hour afterwards!

    Obviously it is only for the summer time, because kids that age should be in school nine months out of the year. If you have children of your own you will taken with you , then you have to consider the cost of them eating there also. Also do you need the money or is this just a summer time job. Around here in Roanoke the rate is anywhere from 3.00 to 3.50 per child. In your case the children are old enough to play outside and do not need constant watching. You dont have to change diapers or feed them bottles. So the job is pretty low key. You sit down with the women and ask her what she thinks a fair price for a week is. Or in stead of going weekly set a month rate. But then you have to also considor, have you known these children a while and know how they act and behaive. You hate to ask for to much and then be turned down for the job. You have to think about how much you would be willing to pay if you were in that situation. Or maybe she is on child care assistance...... You need to find these things out. If she is a single mom she probally gets childcare assistance and the county sets the price. Good luck in figuring out a price.............

    I babysat 2 kids last week - ages 8 and 10 for 4 days last week and I charged 350 for the week. (10 hour days)

    I live in Indiana and the local "daycares" here charge about $2-$3 an hour per child. But I'd charge more since you have to go to her house. I guess it also depends on if your required to do other "household" chores besides feeding and watching the children.

    11 hrs a day? Plus mileage... x 2 kids... $120/week or $30 a day. Less than a daycare, but enough to make it worth your while. If she put them in daycare she'd be paying roughly $200/week at least. Of course, you have to take into account the cost of living where you are.

    Well let me tell you what i get paid. i get paid 200 dollars for babysitting a 1 year old girl and cleaning the house for 4 days a week 10 to 11 hours a day.

    As a nanny for two young kids the min. going amount is $250 weekly and that just to watch the kids and feed them prepared food. In your case you can ask for $300. Explain to her the average amt for a nanny and add in extra cost for gas. Now if you have to help them with their homework, wash the family dishes and do laundry, that is extra. You should always try to do $50 interval. If she ask you to do something you don't want to do just charge her fifty or more dollars and she'll never ask you again.

    It's not really the age that matters, it's their behavior. If the kids behave well and listen to what you say when you say it, I would say about $60-$75 a week. If they are very wild and unbehaved, about $85-$100 a week. I say week meaning the four days, naturally.

    Well i would take into consideration how much she makes and I would say to be fair that I would charge about 150 total for gas and care unless she has a high income like opver 20 dollars an hour and then I would tell her 200

    Day care centers would be a good place3 to call and just get a proce for a school aged child. Probably since you havev to go there I would guess 160. a week at least.

Is there a way to get my H&R e-file 1-2 day fee back?

  • Jeramie Heaney
    Jeramie Heaney
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  • Christian Cummings
    Christian Cummings
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  • Kurt Rogahn
    Kurt Rogahn
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