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    Hello, I'm from Long Island Roanoke and I recently got a summer part time job and first ever job at a local dog grooming/boarding place. I started work yesterday on Friday and I do 2 hours both on Friday and Saturday. Today the lady was handing out the money in cash and I think she was screwed things up dividing up the money to everyone because they were deciding "who owes what for lunch". I was not a part of that thing, I was just waiting to punch out my card and wait for what the lady gives me. On my application I wrote that I was expecting at least $9 or $9.50/hr. The place is closed now and I have to wait until tomorrow to call. Is such a low hourly fee normal for such places or did they try to scam me?

    1) Never take a job without it being clear exactly how much you'll be paid. 2) Did you receive a pay stub? If not, you need to ask for one. 3) Your employer isn't allowed to deduct random lunch money from your pay. 4) There is nothing illegal about being paid in cash. However, you should receive pay stub showing the dates of the pay period, hours worked, rate of pay and an itemization of all deductions. 5) It is possible that the $12 is for a prior orientation or training session and has nothing to do with the hours you worked Friday/Saturday. However, without a pay stub, there is no accounting for what you're being paid for. REQUIRE that she give you a legitimate pay stub. If she can't/won't, then you're outta there.

    What you would like to be paid or expect to be paid is NOT what you ARE paid. You have a right to ask for a certain amount but, it does not mean you will get it. You will get what they tell you they will pay you, and nothing more. I find it hard to believe that anyone would accept a job not know the pay scale. When you ask about it tomorrow, ask to see what they deduct for taxes and social security. If they refuse to show you their calculations, go to the Dept. of Labor and file a complaint. I would be suspicious of illegally hiring you and you will get no credit at all for your work, just what they want to give you under the table.

    $12 for 4 hours of work? Your basically making $3 an hour and I'm pretty sure that's that the min. Wage for Roanoke idk what it is for Roanoke I'm in Fl and min wage last time I worked for a min wage job was when I was 17/18 and I made about $8.05 an hour . Something about that place isn't right and you should definitely look into that. Because you're being screwed .

    There are a lot of taxes and fees that apply to a new employee's first paycheck which may be why you got paid less. Whatever the case. I would have a word with your manager about it.

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