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    I don't have a bank account, please don't judge. I have a prepaid Mastercard through H&R Block that I have my payroll check direct deposited to. It works just like a bank account in every way except for the fact that I don't have a physical bank to go to. My taxes are also loaded onto this card every year. Today, I received my financial aid refund check from my school in the amount of $1495.76, so I was out on my lunch break and tried running by Wal-mart to cash the government issued check there since I have so many times in the past and have never had an issue. Today, the cashier handed me a little receipt that said my transaction was declined due to "reason 2" and to call this Certegy company at the bottom of the paper to find out more info. I go out to the car and call the number and they pretty much say there is nothing wrong with the check, but it just did not meet their "criteria" and this is for preventative purposes only. I am pissed because I could really use the cash since there is a flaw in our payroll system at work right now causing a 2 week delay in receiving our payroll checks, therefore, putting me at a month without getting paid. I don't have a bank account, and I'll just be honest, when I was 18, I was young and stupid. I accepted a check from someone who claimed to be from overseas and was moving here to do a study abroad program at my school and wanted to take over my apt. lease. They sent me a check to pay for the rent and I cashed it at my bank, Bank of America, and well basically it was a scam and I got screwed, even though, the bank held it for 24 hours to make sure it wasn't fraudulent. Anyways, I got this big overdraft notice from my bank saying I owed them funds and well frankly, I didn't pay them so they took me to court and got a judgement filed against me. Don't really know what that means, and I explained to the judge what happened and he seemed sympathetic for me but I don't suppose a judgement is something that works in my favor. Anyways, I'm now 24 years old and I tried setting up a bank account about a year ago with Wachovia and the lady at the window basically explained to me that I'm on some bank "watch" list and can't setup a bank account without paying back the money I "owe" to Bank of America. This sucks really really bad, therefore resulting in my only being able to have "prepaid" cards and cashing my checks at Wal-mart or the grocery store down the street (the grocery store wont accept a check over $700.00 or I would go there). SO, my question is if I take the check to the bank listed on the check, which is Wachovia, will they be able to cash it or will they try and take it and give it to Bank of America since I owe Bank of America money?

    Walmart couldn't cash it because they can only cash checks for $1,000 or under. There are no more Wachovia's; they are part of Wells Fargo now. Go to your local Wells Fargo. You'll need 2 forms of ID; a valid picture Roanoke and a debit card or credit card (or your automobile insurance card or paper)... that second form has to have your name and a valid expiration date. They will also require your thumbprint. And there may or may not be a check cashing fee. It all depends on how the account is set up; on their end. If there is, be expecting about $7.50

    Such a long question. Yes, take the check to Wachovia, they will cash it for you at no charge. If there is a charge, the teller could have made a mistake (since it's from their own bank). So make sure you dispute the charge. Then again, they could have new fees for this. They will not check to see if you owe bank of america money.

    Pay the bank back. By not paying them back, you basically stole from them. That is wrong. This will haunt you until you pay it back. So take care of it now. At some point, they may even garnish your wages, meaning they will take the money directly from your place of employment after you've earned it, but before you get paid!

Cityline financial group?

  • Dennis Lubowitz
    Dennis Lubowitz
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    Earl Turner
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    Arlie Mertz
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    Lenore Breitenberg
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