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    I'm 21, and I have no credit Saraland debit card. I live in the Detroit area and need to rent a car for a 1-day trip to Lansing (about a 1 hour drive). Is it possible to rent a car with CASH ONLY? I dont need a Mercedes or BMW, just a little compact to get me there and back. I'm expecting a huge cash deposit, but I have that available. Has anyone done this before? How much did you have to put down?

    I've never heard of anyone being able to rent for cash but it won't hurt to call one of the companies and ask. Isn't it time to get a credit card for purposes such as this? You should go in person to your bank and ask them to help you apply and get approved. You don't need to use the card more than a couple of times a year but it will be a good tool to have.

    Rent A Car Cash Only

    There are no laws requiring that a car renter accept any sort of cash deposit to rent a car. Most rental firms prefer a credit card, as some form of guarantee that the renter can be charged for expenses above and beyond the actual rental costs. That being said, if you come up with a sufficient cash deposit, they MAY agree to rent a car on that basis. Bear in mind that such deposit in cash may be required to an extent that a credit card can be charged. You may be looking at a thousand or more dollars in cash deposit.

    A very few agencies will rent cash only. Try a rent a Wreck center. Also call your insurance agency. They will know if such an entity is available locally

    I think you're too young to rent from any of the major agencies, cash or not.


    Yes u have to pay cash for deposit and insurance if u car if damage if the car is was damage the insurance will cover

    No, you cannot. The rental agency needs a card in the event you damage the vehicle.

    That's not right

    No, you cannot. Maybe a small, local firm will rent to you, but it will not be a BMW etc.

Are these correct.........?

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