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    Im a mom of 4 3 in school and 1 home with me. I have the little girl 3 days a week and like no more than 25 hours. Her brother 6 comes after school. Im already watching a girl 9 after school 2 hours a week 25 a week. Hopefully the mom will see what a good job im doing and give me more money! I just want to make enough to buy my husband something so hes not always paying!! Please help!

    You are doing this from your house? Have you thought about not charging by the hour, but just a full day or half day rate? I am an almost licensed childcare provider so I know how much paperwork you have to do and I understand. If the parents are ok with it knowing how much experience you have, then good for you. I charge a full day rate and then a 1/2 day rate. My 1/2 day rate is if they are there for less than 4.5 hours. So if they came for only 2 hours it is the same price as 4 hours, since they are taking up the spot of a half day child. If they hired someone to come to their house (where I am) they would pay at least $8 an hour, unless it was a teenager. You are not charging enough it sounds. Just a thought for you with the half day thing.

    I would not take any children without having a contract. I am a Day Care Provider also. I charge 3.00 an hour per child. If they are not full time, I charge a flat rate of 75.00 for anything less then 30 hours. I charge 130.00 for up to 45 hours. Otherwise it is just not worth it. See what the family can affford. If both parents work and they seem well off, get a contract going and just let them know that you will continue care but you are bumping up your rates. If they go somewhere else, then find more kids w/ an ad in the paper. Chances are they will stay since there children are comfortable there. Or, wait til after the Holidays and do the contract. Especially if you are a good provider and you are feeding them balanced meals. Good Luck!

    First of all "Are you a licensed daycare provider?" If not then, by rights you can not charge what day cares charge. They are licensed for a reason. I am not saying you do not take good care of these kids, but if you are going to charge the same for care as a licensed place, then why not take their kids to some where that the state has inspected and continues to do so? Also in-home licensed day cares typically charge a bit less than centers, because they have less over head. I have had the same licensed in-home daycare provider for 11 and a half years, my oldest is no longer with her, but my youngest is full time @$75/week, & 9 yr old is part time @ $25/week. I have been blessed with an amazing woman! She does all kinds of learning activities with the kids, storytime, & stuff like that. If you are not licensed, check into it & go for it, then you can easily raise your rates. Also, in Saraland I know they have special programs for daycare to help with food expenses & such. Check with your local social service agency about it, they can tell you what you need to do.

    No offense, but you might as well be sitting for free. Here is the important thing for you to understand, these children are in your care when their parents cannot be. You responsibility is HUGE! and you should be paid for the responsibility at hand. Nothing less than 5.00 an hour should be paid for any one caring for a child. You need to get rid of the low paying people that you are babysitting for and put an ad out to someone who truly wants their child taken care of. The people that you are sitting for, are paying what someone might pay to have their windshield washed in 2 minutes. If you feel like you want to stick with this particular family you need to have a serious talk with them. My daughter is a nanny, I can tell you that she watches 3 children. 2 children Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 8-3 $350.00 /week the 3rd child she has Tuesday and Thursdays, $150.00 7-5. The $1.50 to 3.00 range would be an evening teenagers rate if you were simply going out to dinner or something. It is not a full time babysitter rate. One that is responsible daily for the care of their children on a permanent basis

    That is WAY too low, although I guess part of it depends on what part of the country you're in and if you're in a city or out in the country. I a nanny, but do evening babysitting on the side to supplement my already good salary. I charge a minimum of $10 an hour for 1 child and usually get more like $12-$15. I make $13/hour at my regular job plus bonuses and benefits for a total of $32,000 a year. A way to up your fee may be to tell her that you just can't afford to do it for $1.50/hour anymore because of food costs (if you're providing her child's food) and that you will need to increase it to $2.50 an hour. She couldn't get care that cheap at a regular daycare- and I'm sure she knows that. If she leaves you, just post ads in public places and get a new kid to watch and start them at your new, higher rate! Good luck!

    I would say that you are shortchanging your self. If this child isn't potty trained thats no problem but you should double you rate. Does this child feed herself, Do you provide meals, and is the parent providing the diapers, wipes etc. $3 an hour would make you $75 a week. And that is more than a discount compared to what daycare or preschool would charge and some of them have the nerve to charge more for potty training.

    You are very cheap (no offense) I once was in a bind and I had to leave my child with some (not trained, just a mom friend) that watched my son for 3 hours 3 times a week for a total of 9 hours a week and she charged me $75. After 2 weeks I found someone else.

    I'm a nanny 3 days a week for an avg of 8 hours a day,and i make $100.00 per day. i am also a babysitter 2-3 nights a week and make anywhere from $10-$15/hour. i am only 18 but have a ton of experience. i dont know how you can only get $1.50/hour... maybe daycare is different.?

    We pay our daycare provider $100/week to watch our daughter fulltime. She is usually there for about 8 hours, sometimes less, sometimes more. We pay full $100 for holiday weeks as well. This works out to be about $2.50 an hour. She charges $80 for the 2nd fulltime child. Just tell her that your rates have gone up. Just like people in jobs get raises and inflation goes up, your rates are going up. Simple as that!

    Well it depends on if you are a licensed facility and where you live. I mean if you are just trying to help the girl out then you are really doing her a favor. I use to pay between $125 and 150 a week for my infant son to be watched and that was 40 hours a week. I live in California. I was only makin minimum wage then too. It really depends on what you are willing to accept, and if it is on a drop in bases, or a set schedule, because alot of facilities charge more for drop ins as well.

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  • Paula Wolf
    Paula Wolf
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    Eden Becker
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    Marilyne Littel
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    Tyrell Denesik
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    Angela Deckow
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    Helene McClure
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    Kareem Rogahn
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    Florida Casper
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    Boyd Lesch
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    Halle Turcotte
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    Zoila Jacobi
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