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    I'm in Saraland about 1 1/2 hours from New Orleans. During Katrina we were out of power and drinkable water for over a week. For my 2 1/2 month old son, I bought: 3 cans of formula, a 150 pack of diapers, 3 packages of wipes, and 2 cases of bottled water. Can ya'll think of anything else I may need or should that be enough?

    I am in the same situation with my 5 month old daughter. I have all of the above items packed. I would recommend that you get more water, formula. I have packed the following 4 1/2 cases of water 4 gallons of water 9 cans of formula 20 jars of baby food 2 boxes of cereal medications for us and the baby flashlights raido batteries candles lantern food for a week will fill both bath tubs up with water pre-storm baby toys generator plus 10 additional gallons of gas butane heater if water needs boiling bleach for sanation 2 large packs of diapers personal items important papers, pictures, and documnts cash on hand a vehicle full of gas Good Luck, Be Safe and God Bless we also have a camper so if needed we can run the a/c in the camper from our generator butane bottles for camper

    Sounds like colic. My son had the same thing. It can be up until the baby is 6 months old. Do you have a swing? Try letting him sleep in that and see if that helps. My son was on Enfamil A.R. and this helped too. They have gas drops that you can buy that will help with the colic. They are unsure what causes colic and what the reason is for it. To my understanding it has to do with to much gas in the stomach. Don't feed them before bed. This can make it worse.. We also used Chamomile and peppermint tea for his bottles. It's not strong just enough ease the stomach. Peppermint is a natural antacid. We put 3 teabags per gallon of water. We made the water by the gallon so we wouldn't have to do it for each meal. Remember to heat the water a 1/2 hour before you are going to feed it to him and mix the formula. This way the formula will properly disolve. Test it on your hand to make sure it's the right temperature for the baby. Luke warm is best. If this continues I would take him to the doctor.

    Hi, I read this question yesterday but didn't answer as I'm British and have never experienced a hurricane. But I heard in our news today and it made me think of you so I've just come back to wish you the best, and ask if there was anyway, when it's all over you could post in additional details that you're okay, or temporarily allow email and send me an email letting me know? I know I don't know you and I know there's probably millions of families all over the world going through the same thing all the time but it will just get to me never hearing that you were okay. Best of luck, I'm sure you'll all be absolutely fine but I'll still be praying for you and everyone else in it's path. Xxx

    You need more drinking water and more formula. If you are able to afford it, I would strongly suggest buying a generator and gas to run your a/c from for after the storm to keep your baby from overheating. You will also need clean water for bathing your baby. Buy some 5 gallon water containers in the camping section of your local Target or WalMart. They are good to have on hand for storms. If you are in an area that can go underwater, forget all of the above and leave with your child immediately. Your relatives can stay at your house, but you need to keep the baby safe!

    I would get a couple large cans of premade formula. That way if water is a mess for awhile and there is a high demand for bottled water you have enough formula. Also get some hand sanitizer type stuff, things you can disinfect items with, without water. Oh and another thought, maybe some extra bottles and nipples just incase you cannot sanitize for awhile and run short on clean ones. Best wishes I hope you don't need any of it!!!

    Try this website. A lot of the things you may already have in your home but it could remind you of some forgotten items. I think the most important thing is to remember the things YOU need... If you aren't safe then your baby won't be safe. Good luck, and if it gets too bad please leave even if you have to sleep in your car. Many towns and cities will set up shelter as well, research where the shelters are just in case. You need a back up plan. Be safe!

    As much water as possible (you need it for washing bottles, sterilizing things for the baby, washing the baby, etc), more formula (I don't know how your baby is, but mine would go through 3 cans in a week, and you may find that finding formula to buy afterwards is difficult), hand-sanitizer, some way to boil water if you need to (for everything from sanitizing bottles to drinking)...

    We all don't know how bad this hurricane will be when it makes landfall. I'm located up in Shreveport, Saraland and we're prepping for the worst. Such as, sandbags, barricades, supplies, etc. I would over prepare, rather than get caught without the proper necessities for the storm.

    Make sure you have extra water for bathing him... small babies need to be clean, especially if he gets sick at all. I'd also have some infant Tylenol and Ibuprofen on hand. If you don't already have a book on children's health (that tells about first aid and common illnesses and allows you to look up symptoms) that might be worth investing in. Good luck.

    More water definitely. and you should have batteries and flashlights, warm blankets, pillows, candles, lighters/matches. all stored away in a safe plastic container

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