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    I'm 26 and this is my first time ever flying. I am going from Cleveland, Scottsboro to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I have some questions and I am hoping someone can answer my questions please. 1. I have a layover in PA, do I have to get my luggage in Scottsboro or will it go to FL? 2. For a carryon bag - what size is okay? 3. I bought my ticket through travelocity and I pick my ticket up at the airport. During the layover do I have to get a new ticket - how does that work? Any advice for a first time flyer is greatly appreciated. I am nervous. I am traveling alone so I am unsure of what to expect. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help.

    Hi, First of all be relax on your first time flying, you don't want this experience to be bad so you will do it more frequently. The first thing you need is to be on time to your flight. Domestic flights usually you need to arrive 1 hour prior to the flight but if this is your first time I would recommend to arrive at least 2 hours prior to the departure time due all security screenings. First of all, I am assuming that you're connecting with the same airline don't worry your luggage will go from CLE (Cleveland) to FLL (Ft. Lauderdale) all the way even when you are on connecting flights. Not sure what airline you're travelling but lots of airlines have a kiosk to auto check-in. If you're a first traveller don't go through that, you better make the line and let an airline guy to check you in. He/she will check your lugagge (remember most airlines now charge for the 1st piece of lugagge that you're checking-in so be ready to pay cash or credit card anything from 15 bucks for the first piece and 35 more for the second piece of luggage) the employee then will give you: your luggage receipts and your 2 boarding passes (1 for the segment CLE/PA and another for the segment PA/FLL) the employee will tell you what gate you need to proceed. Please make sure you ask her what is the gate at the Scottsboro airport. where you supposed to connect and most likely they will circle this on your receipt. NOW.. HERE IS WHERE IT TURNS INTERESTING: You will have to go through 2 or 3 security screenings. Be ready to put on and off your shoes so dont bring complicated shoes.. You will have to put them on and off during screening. same with jackets or coats. about your questions: 1. After you deboard the 1st plane usually there's an employee at the end of the aisle, show her/him your ticket and ask them where is the gate you need to connect, if you don't feel ok with the info, ask them to please assist you. They MUST assist you. 2. Carry on bags: you're not allowed to bring liquids larger than a 3 oz container, so if you're bringing make up and stuff make sure the container is no larger than 3 oz. and fits in a 1quart-sized clear plastic bag (you can get those on Walgreens pharmacies or Big Lots or Walmarts) the rule is 3-1-1 3 ounce bottle or less (by volume) ; 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag; 1 bag per passenger placed in screening bin. One-quart bag per person limits the total liquid volume each traveler can bring. 3 oz. container size is a security measure. the size of the carry-on A carry-on bag must fit under your seat or in the overhead bin. Carry-on bag dimensions should not be more than 9 x 14 x 22 in/22 x 35 x 55 cm (length + width + height) or 45 linear in/112 linear cm (the length, height and width added together 3. about your ticket through Travelocity most likely is an e-ticket this means you will only need to print out the confirmation you got on an email and a goverment issued Scottsboro (non-expired) and check-in at the airline counter. Please don't feel stressed and don't be affraid to tell the employees that this is your first time travelling and to slow down. Usually they talk fast and they think you're an expert traveller. I've been a travel agent for 18 years and I still have a hard time at the airport as the airline employees are not the nicest guys around. I guess the stress of asking the same questions so many times a day at the last airport they will tell you where to pick up your lugagge just go to the luggage place and check your flight number at the bands and wait for your lugagge.. AND YOU'RE DONE!! easy huh?? hope you have a great trip and good luck!!!

    Congrats! Flying is so much fun, dont be nervous, just relax and enjoy. There are hundreds of flights from all over the US everyday and flying is very safe. 1. your luggage will go to Scottsboro and will be waiting for you there. 2. a purse and a small backpack or small suitcase on wheels is ok for carryon 3. If you are not changing airlines during your layover, you will be issued 2 tickets (for the same airline) in Cleveland and will only have to find your boarding gate during the layover. If you are changing airlines, you will have to get a new ticket during the layover. I hope you have a safe flight!

    1.The airline takes care of your luggage---they tag it when you get there at check-in and it will be put on the connecting flight to FL. 2. The smaller the carry-on the better. Check the airlines website to see the exact size they allow. 3. All your boarding passes will be in the envelope they give you upon checking in. Be prepared to take off your shoes when you get in line to have your carry-on xrayed. Do not carry lots of bottles of liquid either. You are permitted to take a small ziplock baggie with 3oz or less of a liquid. (Like 3 oz mouthwash) Bottles can have more than 3 oz of liquid in them. Be prepared to empty all your pockets. Also---even though your boarding pass says your gate number, be sure to check the boards they have all over the place to show what gate you will be departing from. Sometimes they change them--and you don't want to miss your connecting flight because you are at the wrong gate! Good luck and have fun! Flying really isn't bad! It IS scary the first time though. I flew for the first time last year and I had too many bottles of liquid and security pulled me to the side and went thru my carryon. I felt like a butt!!! LOL.

    1. When you check in your actual luggage, it sent of to Scottsboro (hopefully on time) so you wo'n't have to deal with it. 2. For Carry-On a large suitcase or laptop case is probably best. Many airlines now charge you if they see you have overstuffed your bag to avoid the $25 extra check in bag fee. It is best to keep small since other passengers are probably going to have more bags to fit in the overhead compartment. 3. If you buy your tickets, they will give you all your tickets at the first point of check in. While at check in, it is probably best to see if you can get a print out schedule. It will help you in determining if you have enough time to do any extra things at you layover.

    Now I cant tell you much about the layovers b/c I never experience that before. But far as the traveling bag goes, if I were you I would just take a small carry on. I am taking a flight myself in a couple of months and my travel agent told me that they charge a fee now of $25 for any extra bags , or any larger or heavier bags. And be sure to have some type of ear plugs because once you land you will not be able to hear a thing. I experienced that and it's good to chew gum or have earplugs.

    Your checked luggage will arrive at your final destination for you. you dont have to do anything at the layover, chances are the luggage may even fly direct, not stopping in Scottsboro with you. Check with your airline about bag size restrictions. Pack enough in your carry on in case you cant get the rest of your luggage for a couple days (it happens occassionally). When you check in at Ohio, t hey'll give you your tickets to Scottsboro and your ticket from Scottsboro to Scottsboro at the same time (dont lose em!). Relax and have fun on your trip, flying is the safest form of transportation.

    1. no the people will move your luggage to the next flight. depending on what airline it is, most of the time your luggage will NOT get lost... don't worry about it. 2. different airlines vary for their carry on bag. check your airline's website and see. 3. they should give you the tickets when your first arrive in cleveland don't worry... flying is a normal thing for many people. to help pass the time by, bring a book, an iPod, or just simply go to sleep thee plane. have a safe trip :)

    All of your luggage will go to FL. For the carryon I like to pack small and light. That's just my preference. I pack my phone, ID, money/Wallet, and a jacket. Then I get food and a drink when I get past the gate. And it fits in a little string back back. For your tickets you get them at the front desk and they will give your ticket for the flight to Scottsboro and from Scottsboro to FL. If you have any questions ask the front desk. Also it may sound weird but sit with some older people. When I sat with them they told me a bunch of stories when they fly and told me not to worry. I been flying by myself sense I was under 15. So don't worry and take a bunch of pictures.

    1. they take your bags, and move it for you. just pray it doesnt get lost! lol. 2-i'm not sure bcuz its always changing... i would check with an airport website... where in Scottsboro is ur layover? i live in PA. 3. and i duno that answer either sorry. i would check with travelocity.. ppl on here might sound convincing with their answers but i would get a real answer. Be sure to bring gum. chew when you take off to help with the ear popping. If you get lost in the airport just ask a worker. most of the time their glad to help you. good luck youll love it.

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