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    I am ready to get my permit and follow up with getting my license but i need to get a few questions answered that google and bing could not answer. 1.how much dose it cost to get my learners permit. (as close to exact as possible) 2.how much dose it cost to get my license. (as close to exact as possible) 3.how long is the written exam for the permit, and how many days is the course i need to take for the permit. again i will give 10 points to the 1st person to give the rite answer with details.

    You CAN find all of this information on the actual Louisiana DMV website....but here ya go 1. 24.50 CASH 2. 24.50 CASH 3. The written test includes 30 general knowledge questions covering rules of the road and Louisiana driver’s license regulations and 20 road signs questions. You must score a minimum of 80% on each test to pass. (you can take as much time as you need, it is not timed) you take your pick of a 6 hour class or 38 hour class

    La Drivers License Test

    1.A. LEARNERS PERMIT 15 YEARS OLD Please take your certified birth certificate, Social Security Card, certificate of successful completion of a 38 Hour Drivers Education Course approved by the Department of Public Safety & Correction or the Department of Education to a local Office of Motor Vehicles. If you do not have the original Social Security Card, you will need to provide an additional secondary document. Your parent or legal guardian must accompany you with picture I.D. In case of joint custody, only domiciliary parent may sign. If a minor is accompanied by a mother who has since re-married, the mother must present documentation to show the connection in the names, such as a certified copy of her divorce decree and new marriage license. You will be required to take and pass the written and vision tests. Fee: $24.50 (Fees may vary at the local office) CASH A 15 year old cannot get an Intermediate license until he/she is 16 years old and has had the Learners Permit for a minimum of 180 days. This license will enable the minor to drive while being accompanied by a licensed parent, guardian or licensed adult at least age twenty-one or older. 2. REQUIREMENTS Class A, B, C (CDL) App Fee Handling Parish Approximate Total 4 Yr License $15.00 $41.00 $0-3 $59.00/+$5 each endorsement/+$8 for MC 4 Yr License (Orleans) $15.00 $51.00 $0-3 $69.00/+$5 each endorsement/+$8 for MC 3.How many questions are on the written test? A. The written test includes 30 general knowledge questions covering rules of the road and Louisiana driver’s license regulations and 20 road signs questions. You must score a minimum of 80% on each test to pass. Here is some info that you might need! Good luck! Merry Christmas

    Well my question is... Why were you driving in a car with alcohol, without headlights, ab expired license, and expired insurance? I mean really? Could you not have not fixed any of that? I mean surely you could have gone to the license bureau sometime before your license expired? It doesn't take that long. You could have gotten rid of the alcohol before you went driving. And as for your headlights you should have bought new headlights. They aren't that expensive, and it doesn't take long. This is all stuff that you could have prevented. So i think that you should get a Pretty bad charge. And loose your Scottsboro (You technically didn't have it anyway).

    You get these questions answered at the La. DMV website

Verbal loan agreement question?

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    Margarita Schaden
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  • Jadon Wyman
    Jadon Wyman
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    Virgie Weimann
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    Minnie Osinski
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    Dakota Huels
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