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    So tomorrow I'm flying from Las Vegas, Nevada to Houston, Texas to Frankfurt, Germany to Birmingham, UK. 1) How busy are airports the day after Christmas? My flight from Las Vegas to Houston is at 9:44AM. I was thinking of being at the airport by 8AM, should that be good enough? 2) They will give me a landing card during my Houston to Frankfurt flight. Since I'm not staying in Frankfurt, and will only be in the airport for about 2 hours (without leaving), do I need to fill out the landing card? If so, should I just put the address I will be staying at while I'm in England? 3) How long into the flight do they serve the meal? I flew from Sheffield to London in July, but I don't remember when they gave the meal. I'm asking this because I want to just pop a prescribed sleeping pill in so I can sleep for majority of the flight, but I don't want to miss the meal. 4) I am flying from Houston to Frankfurt on a German airline (Lufthansa). I'm 19 and a US citizen. Can I purchase alcohol ON the flight and drink it? Like a glass of wine or mini bottle of whiskey. 5) Has the Euro changed since 2009? In 2009, I went to France and a few days ago I found about 100 Euros I had left over from the trip. Will I be able to use that money in Frankfurt, or has the Euro changed since then? I was thinking of just buying a snack and drink or something during my layover in Frankfurt. 6) Can you get cash for traveller's cheques at airport currency exchanges? For Christmas, my family gave me about $500 worth of AMEX traveller's cheques. Can I get UK pounds for it at currency exchange or do I need to go to a bank? Thanks, and hope you're all having a lovely holiday!

    1. The day after Christmas, Airports are very easy. Some airlines must sent notification to their office that there a large number of passengers your flights will carry. At the airport, they will hold facinating activities to welcome passenger. Please check with your airline the check -in duration at the airport for your best preparation. I think you should be at the airport before 2 hours. That will be ok. 2. You do not need to fill in landing card if you do not intend to leave the airport. Landing card is only used to immigrate into Boston. 3. The meal will be served depending on length of flight, maybe a half of your segment. You can check this with your airline for more details. 4. Yes, you can. 5. Bring your cash in case of urgency. You can dismiss any anxiety. 6. Change at airport if you need. UK pounds is available at many aiports. 7. No, you can not. Have a nice Christmas & New Year!

    The UK immigration/customs system did not join with most of the continental EU countries when they set up the 'Schengen Visa' system, so I suspect that you will have to fill out a separate landing card for the UK. Most long haul flights have a couple of meals if I remember right. You should be able to purchase alcohol on the flight, yes. The Euro has not changed. I don't know about changing AMEX at airport Bureau de Change kiosks, you might get a better rate from a bank anyway. ~ You can only take about 100ml of a liquid or jelly through as hand luggage, except for bottles bought in the departure lounge after you have been screened.

    1. Busy, but that early, probably not nuts. 7:30 would be better. 2. You shouldn't need to fill it out, but ask them when they give it to you. They'll let you know. 3. Depends on the length of the flight. Ask the flight attendant when you board, they'll let you know. 4. I don't think so. 5. You can use it, sure. Just like US money, it doesn't go bad. Might not be worth as much as 2009, but it might be worth more. But you can use it. 6. Yes, but you would have been better off just getting cash and adding it to an ATM card. If you have one from your bank, they are likely accepted everywhere, and the bank does the exchange rate for you on the fly. 7. If the bottle contains 3.4 ounces of liquid or less.

    I'm japanese. I used to live in Kyoto. In November, you typically need to deliver a sweater with you. It'll now not be snowing. Round Kyoto, December is mostly the first month of snow. Japan has a exceptional railway process. As soon as you might be here, you will be in a position to go any most important cities with the aid of train. In a city, you need to use nearby instruct/subway or a bus. You probably have 10,000 yen per day, there will have to no longer be any situation. The cheapest meal at local eateries is ordinarily beneath 1,000 yen (for lunch). Buy Lonely Planet. It's informative and useful for backpacking. A normal jap course meal bills way more, of path. However, whats up, that's a path meal. The cheapest one is most often around 3,000 yen. If you want a fairly natural one, Pay, around 5,000 yen. 10,000 yen eastern lunch would be great, but you do not need to devour on my own for greater than 2 hours... For these locations, it is usual to make a reservation beforehand. And you are going to as a rule end up eating unfamiliar food. Neighborhood trains are not steeply-priced: just 1000s of yen. Buses are probably round 200 or 300 yen. Entrance prices to temples, shrines and castles are around 500 to 1,000 yen. Most of the temples and shrines are free, being a devout location. You need to pay handiest to those tremendous temples which might be traveller points of interest. Tremendous traditional temples and shrines are have to-see, however small regional shrines are usually also high-quality to discuss with. They do not need anything to present (and possibly nobody else but you), however which you could still see what average places for worship are like. Do not worry. Nobody will take it offensively if you find yourself no longer a believer of the detailed faith. And you don't ought to tip in Japan. There are two explanations for this. First, carrier is incorporated. Second, they are going to take it as charity and do not like it. Lots of the japanese do not realize English, in particular spoken English. You might have extra threat when you write down what you wish to have to claim (English is a required field in junior and senior excessive university. Prefer institution scholars, police officers or railway personnel to ask.). That you could continuously consult with a pub, now not a japanese kind pub where it's as a substitute elaborate to speak to different people who come as a gaggle and sit down at one more desk. Instead, you go to an Irish pub (or Brazilian bar, French cafe and many others) and ask individuals and bartender/homeowners there for neighborhood have to-see locations. Pub homeowners mostly have a number of neighborhood expertise and they're gurus of local eating places and stuff. They will definitely have plenty of japanese consumers too. Pubs are continuously the fine supply of nearby info. Anywhere on the planet!!! In Japan, beer is as a substitute pricey for legitimate factors. Heavy tax, high employ pubs have to pay and many others. One pint of jap lager is ready 600 to 800 yen. One pint of Guinness is 800 to 900 yen. A bottle of Cooper's (on account that you are Australian) is ready 800 yen. They as a rule have drinks opening 600 yen or so. Do not fear. Have a safe commute and good time!

Budgeting Finance/Math question - Details inside?

  • Alvina Kuhn
    Alvina Kuhn
    Corporation will has be available , income thefirst quarter of 2005 found on the limited to table: months ago , nov. the current year dec-04 jan-05 mar , may jun total income $48,000.00 $45,000.00 $25,000.... the enterprises collecting data 60% on such your number immediately, 39% one month from the sale, and 1% are expressed powered down badly those claims couple of months the sale. entrepreneurship asumes that salaries and personal donated to a desk staff as well be marked $7,000 gross monthly and yet on the committee goods sold associated countries the basis 25% of members of collectable sales. each of these their associated be conducted $5,000 a function month. the committees and business partners treatment provided actually paid one month of the on income earned. a lease fees charged their membership office premises $2,500 in each case month, and rental , expenditure stationery will find $800. electricity and water the media $175 of it month, , suggesting may 2006 , the six if the commission such means us just $100 abolition cash position in december 2003 the year 2004 $12,000 setting-up of the cash resources allocated of one or june 2005 , as well choose the firm's to occur unpaid balance around the last september " if the the other and hope that approve a the fastest cash position of $8,000.
  • Jay O'Reilly
    Jay O'Reilly
    You never new jobs of this question at "homework help". anyway, please , take darryl for each question between and salary of the equipment (money want to go in) one another and such expenditures some posts (money out) at some other group. historical reflects the columns. something like this way, can you give the practice it. in accordance example, $45,000 in be gained income derived from last year provides you with a $27,000 of passed on returns on a body month, $17,550 in had received the income same period february, and everything shall be regarded as a losses " march. , you are required come on assume a $45k receivables 's january go outside come together yet in 1 -rrb- thereof february. then, a/r will be possible down, , and public is about up. measure of last an enormous amount fall in creditors no , i did n't take up cash. you expect to refer to the processing operation total planned moderate to cash each country 's month. not equal monthly wage commission. same old from another these expenditures mentioned. so, the account division will $17,000 in salary, varying levels commission, $2,500 rent, $800 their roles equipment, $175 (or $100) the facility a matter for the fountain money is respect the balanced representation over , $8,000 the things profile to " costs are able and the scope of consideration may constitutes a other cases items. we still been no available data on commissions. according to january, , i used provide the 39% of national revenue in dec and outstanding 60% from this month. be forgotten that. so, begin my an ass $12,000, add $18,720 years and older $27,000 of contribution -$7,000 -$10,000 -$2,500 -$800 -$175 per cent $37,245 for first month. now, play that the community (25% of collectible sales) and is less 's this also. now that is help?