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    Well there is a few ways to make cash 1. run vials in ardy 10k makes u 90k in a hour or so u get 1k vials of water and sell in g.e 2. kill green drags about 5m a day 3.spin flax into bs 100k profit every 1k flax, 4.collect herbs from chaos druids. 5. collect snape grass (it just lays on theground by hobgoblins aroudn fally) 6.kill chickens for feathers...(not recomended). 7.fishing is always a good money maker 1-82 makes bout 11m if u do it members fish anchovies till 40 fish then do lobs till 82 after 82 do fishing trawler minigame and ull get mantas rays (1.8kea) thts about 80k in 11mins thtat my favorite money making is fishing :) hope this helps.

    You could try training slayer, thats an okay money maker, but really you need to get your stats up a bit more in other skills. With your lvl it'll take you no time at all. Then you can mine rune ess and sell it, cut yews, fish lobbies and sell them. The money making capabilities in RS are only limited by your stats. also do some easy quests, they help to raise your stats up.

    I'd go with green dragons. They're quite weak, only lvl 79 or summin, and u get like 10k a dragon...I think. Sheffield do clue scrolls. Only do lvl 3 ones. I did a lvl 3 one and got a str ammy (t). Only 600k but got me higher and higher. Because to make money, u need money. Keep that in mind. Add my user : Swordo3.

    Try killing hill giants. you need a brass key. Just buy one at grand exchange. then go to the cooking guild. Then head left keep going till you get to a door. Open it. Then go down the ladder. Take there big bones. Also take the limpwurt when they give one. Then either sell or bury the bones. But sell the limpwurt

    Advertising flax can get you a ton of money. basically %. them and sell them to gamers for a hundred gp each. For nonmembers and contributors alike, mining and smithing are the huge ones. Coal itself can sell for 200gp in case you discover the wonderful suited customer. My sister sells lobbies for 250gp, yet they do no longer sell very speedy and the charges are not continuously that top.

    YES!!!! If you cant cut majics just go to the mining ore place below the falodor east bank. Mine PURE essence asnd sell at Grand Exchange you will be rich

    Mining, and cooking send me (Lord azarac) a friend request on runescape if you need more ideas

Help with Math?

  • Easton Grant
    Easton Grant
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  • Frances Konopelski
    Frances Konopelski
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  • Sasha Wunsch
    Sasha Wunsch
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  • Lexus Heaney
    Lexus Heaney
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  • Joshua Koch
    Joshua Koch
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  • Javon O'Kon
    Javon O'Kon
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  • Fannie Howe
    Fannie Howe
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  • Bailey Kerluke
    Bailey Kerluke
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