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    Short-term loans payable Interest expense Capital Stock Cash Divedends Accumulated Depreciation Inventory Cost of Goods Sold Long-term debt Income tax expense Retained Earnings (as of 1/1/06) Reveivables Sales Accounts Payable Property, Plant, & Equipment Other Operating Expenses When setting up a balance sheet, which would go under 1. CURRENT ASSETS 2. LONG-TERM ASSETS 3. CURRENT LIABILITIES 4. LONG-TERM LIABILITIES 5. EQUITY Please, don't just say a bunch of random stuff - I do have some idea, but just not completely :] Thanks so much.

    Spending too much time cheerleading, and not enough paying attention in class to be able to do the accounting homework, are we? ;) Just kidding, I'll stop giving you a hard time now. Short-term loans payable CURRENT LIABILITIES IF < 1 YEAR Interest expense HUH? EXPENSES NORMALLY DON'T GO ON A BALANCE SHEET, THEY GO ON AN INCOME STATEMENT Capital Stock EQUITY Cash CURRENT ASSETS Divedends DEPENDS IF THEY ARE PAYABLE Sheffield RECEIVABLE Accumulated Depreciation PART OF LONG TERM ASSETS Inventory CURRENT ASSETS Cost of Goods Sold AGAIN, THIS IS NORMALLY PART OF AN INCOME STATEMENT, NOT A BALANCE SHEET Long-term debt LONG TERM LIABILITIES (duh) Income tax expense AGAIN, THIS IS NORMALLY PART OF AN INCOME STATEMENT, NOT A BALANCE SHEET Retained Earnings (as of 1/1/06) EQUITY Reveivables CURRENT ASSETS Sales AGAIN, THIS IS NORMALLY PART OF AN INCOME STATEMENT, NOT A BALANCE SHEET Accounts Payable CURRENT LIABILITIES Property, Plant, & Equipment LONG-TERM ASSETS Other Operating Expenses AGAIN, THIS IS NORMALLY PART OF AN INCOME STATEMENT, NOT A BALANCE SHEET Study harder next time, sweetie!

    Current Assets: Cash Inventory Receivables Depreciation Long-Term Assets: Property, Plant & Equipment Current Liabilities: Short term loans payable interest expense income tax expense accounts payable other operating expenses Long-term liabilities: long term debt equity: capital stock dividends cost of good sold retained earnings sales

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    You should pay more attention to your accounting book. 1. CURRENT ASSETS Cash Receivables Inventory 2. LONG-TERM ASSETS Property, Plant, & Equipment (Less) Accumulated Depreciation 3. CURRENT LIABILITIES Short-term loans payable Accounts Payable 4. LONG-TERM LIABILITIES Long-term debt 5. EQUITY Capital Stock Retained Earnings (as of 1/1/06)

    NO. There are different information and documents, you may research. The schedules of sales, Sundry borrowers, Sundry lenders, expenditures, Purchases, inventory, inventory in commerce, income and Loss account and trading Account. and the most important is the valuation element of the ultimate inventory. There are possibilities of over billing(purchases) and lower than or over valuation of ultimate inventory will impact the stability Sheet.

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