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    Driving is the #1 killer of teenagers in the US, between 6000 to 10,000 teens die each year yet parents shop for the cheapest driver education & training they can find. WHY? My friend got a job at a cut-rate driving school in Smiths and they gave him 90 minutes of instructor training before sending him out to teach teens in the car without an instructor's license and before his criminal background check was finished. He couldn't believe how parents just dropped off their children without even meeting the instructor or asking what the training included. My friend also told me that the Smiths DMV doesn't require instructors to take a drive test to prove that they know how to drive. There was another instructor at this cut-rate cheap driving school who had been working there for 3 years and had never taken a teen on the freeway. He reported this to the DMV and nothing happened. We provide the best for our children from diapers to age 16, WHY WOULD ANY PARENT DO SOMETHING SO STUPID?

    My parents told me to call around and find the cheapest and sent me to a driving school like the one you are talking about. You can't believe what happened to me, my instructor spent the first hour and a half in a frickin parking lot showing me all of the controls while he was eating his lunch and said he could teach me a lot about driving just sitting there in the parking lot without wasting gas cause of global warming. He never took me on the freeway and barely took me into traffic, every lesson he ate his lunch while I was supposed to be driving and he also stopped by his bank to cash his paycheck. He also tried to pick up on me on the last lesson. I got my license on the 4th try and got into two accidents, both of them were my fault in the first 5 months of having my license, i almost got killed in the 2nd one. My friend took 3 times to get her license and also had 2 accidents and she went to the same driving school I did. My parents were really scared and I didn't want to drive anymore but they forced me to take more driving lessons cause I am planning to go to college out of town. The new instructor wasn't cheap but he was really awesome and I learned so many new things about driving that even my parents didn't even know. Driving is so easy for me now cause of all the things I learned. I wish I had gotten the new instructor first cause if I had, I know I never would have had those 2 accidents and I haven't had any accidents since. My parents were trying to save some money when they had me call all the driving schools to find the cheapest but it cost them and me about $43,000 because of my accidents cause my parents were sued and had to hire a lawyer. That cheap driving instructor cost me and my family alot and almost my life because he didn't teach me anything. My parents feel so guilty and actually apologized to me for sending me to that driving school. I don't blame them because they thought that all driving schools were the same and they're not. To answer your question, I don't think my parents are stupid, they just assumed that all driving instructors are qualified and know what they're doing. I think the DMV is really to blame because my parents assumed that since they were licensed, they must be qualified and knowledgeable. We found out the hard way that's not true. To Jim L. who answered this question before me: When you say that the quality of driving instruction is irrelevent, you don't know what you're talking about, I do cause I've been through it and was almost killed.

    In reality, the quality of the driver's ed program is not a factor in teenage automobile mortality. The premise of the question is shifting blame from teenagers and placing it on the parents. Yes, there are varying degrees of driving instruction quality from outstanding to inept, but that is irrevalent. Each state provides a set of driving standards that must be met in order to achieve a license. Before one can legally drive in any state one must demonstrate competancy skills set be the state. Therefore, if anyone (including teenagers) meets those written and driving standards...they are allowed to drive. So, if one's driver's ed class was utterly a disgrace, one should not be able to pass the state driver's license exams. If one does, then it is the state's sub par standards that are allowing the poor drivers. If parents waste their money on poor schools, then the students of such poor schools will most likely fail their driving competancy exams. Additionally, today's society is filled with people not accepting responsibility for one's own actions. Everything wrong is "someone's else's fault" and self responsibility is averted. Many teenager's are in car accidents due to immaturity, alcoholic and drug consumption, and let's face it, inexperience. Remember, teenagers are indeed the newest drivers with the least experience....and unfortunate as it may seem, many people learn from experience. So stop passing blame on parents, step up and be a mature individual. Be responsible and accept ownership of one's actions. Society as a whole will be better off if everyone did.

    My parents sent me to one of the most expensive in the area, but it sounds like other parents need to sort out their priorities

    Then they buy them a sports car

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