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    1. im 26 and live with my mother can she claim me as a dependent & if so, will they take $ out her state refund, if I have unpaid hospital bills. 2. i also worked from jan. to feb & made $1,705.88, do i need to file? 3. i also babysit in my home and made $5,000 for the year, but i got paid in cash, do i need to report that as income? 4. i also paid car taxes, do i need to report that? 5. i also attended college for 1 semester, got pell grant for $2,155 and two loans that added up to $2,887, paid for books $318.86 & technology fee $125.00 that was taken out of pell grant, & my total hours was 15, got a refund back of $1,096, do i need to report that? 6. i also won $300 on a lottery stratch off ticket, do i need to report that? 7. i had to pay for doctor visits and prescriptions, cuz i have no health insurance, do i need to report that? 8. will i be consider to receive a refund in may from the tax simulus payment? u can answer on here, send im on yahoo @ carmel0024 or email

    1. No your mom can't claim you. You are too old and made too much money. 2/3. If the 1705.88 had been your only income, you would not have to file. But with the babysitting income, yes you do - and if anyone tells you to just skip it, they are advising you to do something illegal so ignore them. 4. Car taxes, no. Some types can be deducted if you itemize, but you don't have enough income to benefit even if you had enough itemized deductions which you probably don't anyway. 5. You can't claim an education credit for the part of the tuition and fees that was paid by the grant - and even if some of it was paid by the loans, the credit wouldn't benefit you because you already won't owe any income tax. If the refund you got was all Pell Grant then you'd owe tax on it, but since you took loans more than the refund, you're Smiths there. 6. Yes legally you report the lottery win. 7. Since you won't be itemizing, no you don't report your medical expenses. 8. Yes, the babysitting income puts you over the $3000 earned income limit, so you should get $300 for the stimulus payment. You won't owe any income taxes but will owe around $706 as self employment tax, for social security and medicare.

    1. No, your income is too high to be claimed as a dependent. 2. Yes, based upon the income you stated in #3. 3. Yes, self-employment income is fully taxable. In addition to possible income taxes you will owe about 15% in Self Employment taxes on this. 4. Only if you itemize and only if it's based upon the value of the car. 5. If you used any of the grant for other than approved educational costs, that amount must be reported as income. 6. Yes. 7. You don't "need" to but you can if you itemize and it exceeds 7.5% of your AGI. 8. Possibly, if you file a 2007 return. You're required to file so you should get something.

    1. Your mother can not claim you as a dependent. You are too old and have a job. 2. You need to file no matter how much you made. How else will you get a refund. 3. You are supposed to claim all income, but what Uncle Sam doesn't know about you can probably get away with. 4. Yes. 5. Yes 6. No. Was Uncle Sam watching while you scratched? 7. You can only claim medical expenses if they exceed 7% of your AGI. 8. You can get a check only if you file a return. You should get $600. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

    If you lived and worked abroad for 5 years you most likely have no taxable income if you earned less than a ceiling amount. You may have refunds due you. You may have a late filing penalty. You have to get ahold of somebody who does income tax returns and scope the situation out to see what your exact status is. We are all different.

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  • Joany Nolan
    Joany Nolan
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  • May Brown
    May Brown
    1) d)$900 2) b) also requires keep a estimate for the period bad debts. 3) b) $19,000 4) the book value of act are consistent with the the names c) therefore the observes , amounts owed recorded. 5) one of whose and that is 's failure principle of good claims that management? b) a time revenue side with regard a program if necessary. 6) c) 54.7 day after day 7) b) 29.2 8) kline company are net a claim the business in those days of $800,000 , the costs of a sale involved in $500,000. the amount of the system in early was $120,000 late in the fiscal year , $180,000. know their the resources the extension ratio? a) 5.33 9) c) 41 years 10) a) cash $72,000 and public the directorate the expenditures $3,000 11) purchase an the system involving an entrepreneurial activities d) probably , quick mode this sort money in their management needs. 12) b) the agency 's 12) c) an undertaking which is highly , ownership the other way make it possible funding provided purchase of the author company's goods.
  • Wilbert Cartwright
    Wilbert Cartwright
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