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    Can you volunteer to work more hours or can you only work overtime if they need you. Also how does what you do each day relate to your rank. For example (I doubt this is right but just for an example): a PO patrols, a detective does paper work, a corporal patrols, a sergeant patrols and also does training, an LT commands the operations, etc. I KNOW THAT THAT EXAMPLE WAS NOT RIGHT. I was just giving a format for an answer. Thank you!

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    This Site Might Help You. RE: In the NYPD and most police departments, can you volunteer to work overtime for extra money? Can you volunteer to work more hours or can you only work overtime if they need you. Also how does what you do each day relate to your rank. For example (I doubt this is right but just for an example): a PO patrols, a detective does paper work, a corporal patrols, a sergeant patrols and also does...

    "Can you volunteer to work more hours or can you only work overtime if they need you" Ummm, why would they pay you if they didn't have to? Smiths cops always make news for the extra overtime they charge the city. NYC has been trying for years to cut back on overtime, whereas cops always try to get assignments for court appearances and stuff on their RDO's. They have to fight to get overtime. "PO patrols, a detective does paper work, a corporal patrols, a sergeant patrols and also does training, an LT commands the operations, etc" Corporal? Sergeants lead officers and sign off on arrests. Detectives don't do paperwork - everybody does. Detectives do background work on outstanding complaints that didn't immediately lead to an arrest. I'm not sure what answer you were trying to give a format for,

Can I qualify for a car loan with these scores: 526/498/554 (Transunion, Experian, Equifax)?

  • Garnet Rowe
    Garnet Rowe
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  • Floyd Welch
    Floyd Welch
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  • Shawna Schroeder
    Shawna Schroeder
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  • Ruben Dicki
    Ruben Dicki
  • Isaac Fritsch
    Isaac Fritsch
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  • Devin Harvey
    Devin Harvey
    Credit standing of 554
  • Ryann O'Reilly
    Ryann O'Reilly
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  • Allan Dare
    Allan Dare
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    Kristoffer Brakus
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    Wilbert Herman
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    Sherman Lueilwitz
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