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    Please read the job description carefully. Our Finance and Accounting business process outsourcing (BPO) capability provides a clear path to achieve high-performance finance operations. Our value proposition is simple: To bring substantial value to client's outsourcing requirements by Lowering Costs, Improve Processes, Increase Revenue, Quality Improvements and Strengthen Customer relationships. JOB POSITION We are currently seeking part time employees (Virtual Administrative Assistant) for our ever-growing Accounts Receivable Department. This position offers you a good pay ranging from 11.5% of processed transactions as they are steady and continuous with an average transaction amount of $2,500.00. You can handle as many as 3 transactions in a week as most payment are made install-mentally. The pay is great enough to encourage you to work hard and efficiently while it's more than enough for Ernst & Young United States to stay in business. As part of our ongoing Multi-Level Marketing Network, we seek capable individuals to work for us as our Cash processor. You can easily make $1000- $2,000 or more in a week by working for us as Sub-contractor in your geographical location, you will be in charge of receiving payment on behalf of our affiliates and Small business organizations that are registered under us. JOB RESPONSIBILITY The mode of operation goes thus; you will be receiving transaction payments from verified buyers which will be mailed via secured courier services, you will have this payment processed and have the processed payment transferred to the suppliers/vendors or directly to the company. Note that NO form of investment or start-up fee is needed or required from you and this job will take only 1-3 hours of your time per week. REMUNERATION Your pay is 11.5% of the amount received from the buyer and all charges during the processing will be deducted from the 88.5% balance. This makes your pay a fixed 11.5% of the total amount processed. You can handle as much as 3 or more transactions per week and on 3 (three) transactions you're sure of earning nothing less than $1,000 weekly. The best form of payment used are business cashier checks and direct bank transfers as they are guaranteed funds and are confirmed and readily available on the spot. They are not the only means used but they are the best for this process. Most of the buyers we work with are those we have previously handled successful transactions with, new buyers are verified and confirmed before the linking process occurs. The working hours are flexible as all you will be doing is processing of transaction payments and completing the transaction to the suppliers. You will be required to check your e-mail regularly for transaction updates. Working with us will also not disturb your other jobs, (If you have any) as we require that applicant only have easy access to the internet so as to be easily reachable and respond/carry out instructions sent to them efficiently. Kindly read out our frequently asked questions (FAQ) 1. Do I have to pay money to get this Job or spend my money in completing it in anyway(s)? No! You don't pay a cent to work. 2. Is there a training period? It is a description of duties. 3. Do you send a W2 form or a 1099 form for tax purposes? No, all transaction payments are pre-taxed and handled by us. 4. Do I contact the buyers, vendors/suppliers or both? No, you do not. Contacting buyers and vendors require you to have been working for us for at least 3 months. 5. Is the number of transactions I can handle limited to 3(three) in a week? Your efficiency will determine if you will be able to handle more. 6. Is there a pay review or the pay is fixed at 11.5% permanently? Over time and transactions, highly efficient assistants get to partner with us, not in rights but in pay as we adjust and conform to a 15% per transaction pay structure. 7. Do I handle actual goods paid for, mailings or receive anything in the mail aside the payments sent to me for processing? No, all you do is to process transaction payments from buyers and direct to the right department (Vendor/Supplier). Your resume was submitted and your information filled at the time you applied. However, you will be required to show your continued interest in this position by sending the following information. Full Name: Mailing Address {No P o box}: City: State

    100% scam. There is no job. There is only a scammer trying to steal your hard-earned money. The next email will be from another of the scammer's fake names and free email addresses pretending to be the "secretary/assistant/accountant" and will demand you cash a large fake check sent on a stolen UPS/FedEx billing account number and send most of the "money" via Western Union or moneygram back to the scammer posing as the "supply company" while you "keep" a small portion. When your bank realizes the check is fake and it bounces, you get the real life job of paying back the bank for the bounced check fees and all the bank's money you sent to an overseas criminal. Western Union and moneygram do not verify anything on the form the sender fills out, not the name, not the street address, not the country, not even the gender of the receiver, it all means absolutely nothing. The clerk will not bother to check Smiths and will simply hand off your cash to whomever walks in the door with the MTCN# and question/answer. Neither company will tell the sender who picked up the cash, at what store location or even in what country your money walked out the door. Neither company has any kind of refund policy, money sent is money gone forever. When you refuse to send him your cash he will send increasingly nasty and rude emails trying to convince you to go through with his scam. The scammer could also create another fake name and email address like "FBI@ gmail.com", "police_person @hotmail.com" or "investigator @yahoo.com" and send emails telling you the job is legit and you must cash the fake check and send your money to the scammer or you will face legal action. Just ignore, delete and block those email addresses. Although, reading a scammer's attempt at impersonating a law enforcement official can be extremely funny. Now that you have responded to a scammer, you are on his 'potential sucker' list, he will try again to separate you from your cash. He will send you more emails from his other free email addresses using another of his fake names with all kinds of stories of great jobs, lottery winnings, millions in the bank and desperate, lonely, sexy singles. He will sell your email address to all his scamming buddies who will also send you dozens of fake emails all with the exact same goal, you sending them your cash via Western Union or moneygram. Do you know how to check the header of a received email? If not, you could google for information. Being able to read the header to determine the geographic location an email originated from will help you weed out the most obvious scams and scammers. Then delete and block that scammer. Don't bother to tell him that you know he is a scammer, it isn't worth your effort. He has one job in life, convincing victims to send him their hard-earned cash. Whenever suspicious or just plain curious, google everything, website addresses, names used, companies mentioned, phone numbers given, all email addresses, even sentences from the emails as you might be unpleasantly surprised at what you find already posted online. You can also post/ask here and every scam-warner-anti-fraud-busting site you can find before taking a chance and losing money to a scammer. 6 "Rules to follow" to avoid most fake jobs: 1) Job asks you to use your personal bank account and/or open a new one. 2) Job asks you to print/mail/cash a check or money order. 3) Job asks you to use Western Union or moneygram in any capacity. 4) Job asks you to accept packages and re-ship them on to anyone. 5) Job asks you to pay visas, travel fees via Western Union or moneygram. 6) Job asks you to sign up for a credit reporting or identity verification site. Avoiding all jobs that mention any of the above listed 'red flags' and you will miss nearly all fake jobs. Only scammers ask you to do any of the above. No. Exceptions. Ever. For any reason. If you google "fake check cashing job", "fraud Western Union scam", "check mule moneygram scam" or something similar you will find hundreds of posts from victims and near-victims of this type of scam.

    The first paragraph makes it obvious it's a scam. The paragraph is made up of words which do not make sense. It's all just jargon. The job description involves paying in a cheque from customers. A 5 year old could do that. Why would any company need to pay anyone 11.5% just to pay in a cheque. Of course it's a scam.

    Scam and/or criminal activity. This "job" most likely involves stolen money, forged checks, money laundering. a job that does not require any skills yet pays well? You are offered a job without an interview, for a position where you'll be handling large amounts of money. Need any more signs that this is a scam??

    Please tell me that you really didn't need to ask if this was a scam..... if you receive an unsolicited job offer via email it is a SCAM... do NOT post your resume on any website except a businesses secure corporate site, that you initiated contact with, and they gave you specific instructions to use their site.... never respond to any email such as this and never include any personal information in an email....

    Sorry to say, but yes this is a scam... Do not share any of your personal information with ANYONE.

    A scam that could land you in federal prison.

    Yes, it's a real standard scam.

The amount Mr. Jones has to pay to the bank on a loan of $5,000 for 2 years at 11-1/2% is _______.?

  • Sammy Hintz
    Sammy Hintz
    Out two steps for say to that this: the great way: $5,000 x 11.5% is tantamount to $575 x 2 = $1,150 (simple interest) of the difficulty of way: $5,000- pv, 2 n, 11.5 i/yr health care $6,216.13 - $5,000 corresponds to $1,216.13 (compound interest) all right , fine day.